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Archbishop of Canterbury makes first public statement on Uganda’s anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. The Halcyon 14 Dec 2009, 11:58am

    Too little, too late Williams. And we all had such high hopes for your tenure as Archbishop. History will NOT be kind.

  2. And how much of our tax money is going to Uganda this year? That big dope Gordon Brown has now pledged another £1.5 billion of money we can’t afford to corruption and criminality in Africa. When will these ridiculous politicans with White man’s guilt learn that all this money has made backward regimes stronger and the poor and weak are the victims.

  3. Agree that its far too little too late. Why on earth could he not have condemned it immediately. There was no reason not to. Also, the head of Uganda’s Anglican church not having taken “a position” on the legislation as yet. Shows he’s no christian at all, he doesn’t want to condemn it because of his position in the church, yet he’s not prepared to say the killing of innocent people is wrong. Pathetic all round really. No wonder numbers of people attending church are at an all-time low. Smart people know that it causes far more trouble than its worth.

  4. Never trust a religion to come to our rescue! Williams is pathetic! He’d get more upset at the death of a run over cat! We mean nothing to them,all religions! So treat them with the same disrespect!! Time to stop the continious outpouring of funds to nations such as Uganda! My monthly donation to charitable groups who help Uganda amongst others,has stopped! Others should follow! Money talks!and tell them why you stopped your donation. Put the presure on charitable organisations who in turn can turn up the heat on the countrys there trying to help! When a commonwealth nation starts to treat ALL it’s citizens with repsect, then and only then, we should consider giving aid/giving donations. If this bill, or anything like it, is passed, then they should be booted out of the Commonwealth and stop all aid! Another Shamefull State to add to the list….Jamaica,Iran etc

  5. stop the aid 14 Dec 2009, 1:10pm

    It’s well past time to re-evaluate cash handouts and military aid to African regimes, particularly where much of it ends up funding the lavish lifestyles of corrupt officials and an upper middle class who seem to be popularising hatred of gays as a religious belief.

    I’m all in favour of sending in volunteers to teach, provide medical aid etc., but why is this still necessary after all this time? Are we creating a culture of dependancy by providing one third of Uganda’s income by way of aid?

    I’ve read that part of the problem is the corruption in syphoning off the aid, but if we stopped paying, wouldn’t they then have to learn to stand on their own feet?

    The other thing that concerns me is WHY DO WE HAVE 27 BISHOPS and other religious figures in the House of Lords? If we want a religious perspective on issues, do they really have to be in the legislature, and if so, wouldn’t just one from each major religion be sufficient?

  6. again Rowan tried to pander to homophobes by his words

  7. Bishop Ioan 14 Dec 2009, 2:42pm

    How nice that His Grace could find time out from bashing the election of Bishop Elect Mary Glasspool to FINALLY make a statement on the Ugandan anti-gay bill.

    Aid to African nations is a bad joke. Much of it ends up in the pockets of tinpot dictators who fund their lavish lifestyles and for arms, etc. to keep the poor down by force. Time for these countries to sink or swim.

    All in all, Abp. Williams is a sad disappointment.

  8. Mumbo Jumbo 14 Dec 2009, 2:47pm

    “Apart from invoking the death penalty it [the Bill] makes pastoral care impossible – it seeks to turn pastors into informers.”

    Too little too late and then reavealing in the same breath that it’s really all about the church and the awkward position his staff would find themselves in by facing imprisonment if they did not inform on their LGBT parishoners.

    Such fearless moral leadership….

  9. I hope something really damning comes out about the slime-ball David Bahati.

    Williams and Sentamu are hopelessly compromised by their cowardice.

  10. We should express our contempt for Williams and his religion – in fact, contempt for ALL religions. They are disgusting relics of the past!

  11. Brian Burton 14 Dec 2009, 4:55pm

    I’m a Gay Christian and I certainly Disagree tha all Religions are disgusting or even a relic of the past. Especially when thousands of us have filled the Albert Hall to sing songs of Praise and so on.
    The only thing I’m with you on this one is to express contempt for Rowan Williams, he’s weak and even Homophobic! But it’s wrong to lump all Christians together.

  12. Brain Burton – it’s claimed he used to be liberal in his views but he’s trying to pander to the homophobes so gays, lesbians and bisexuals are sacraficed to keep the church togethor,

  13. Marie-Antoinette 14 Dec 2009, 6:36pm

    Stop the aid(5):
    “It’s well past time to re-evaluate cash handouts and military aid to African regimes, particularly where much of it ends up funding the lavish lifestyles of corrupt officials and an upper middle class who seem to be popularizing hatred of gays as a religious belief.”

    Yea right, tell that to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund who have seized Africa’s natural resources as interest on the incredible amounts of money loaned to African dictators who do enjoy living high while the masses starve. And there is a woman in there who needs a new pair of shoes, don’t forget. Guillotine anyone?

  14. Why do people expect Rowan Williams to exercise moral leadership to protect gays and lesbians?????

    Rowan Williams is a member of a group of deluded people who believe, despite all the investigations of science, that there IS supernatural life here on earth, that there is a “God” at work here on earth, that there are angels, a Devil, and that somewhere round here there is one very crowded place called “Heaven” which is full of people who have died but who are still “living” but in a different form!

    Why do people expect someone who believes all this shamelessly invented gobbledegook and voodoo to show fearless leadership?

    Someone who believes the nonsense that Rowan Williams believes is quite clearly simple-minded and incapable of real bravery.

    One has also to bear in mind the rumours that long before Rowan Williams was elected Archbish of Canterbury he frequented gay cruising grounds in Cardiff. How true this is, I don’t know.

  15. Thank god for small mercies. They don’t come much smaller than the arch-lashup of Cretinbury.

  16. Jean-Paul bentham 14 Dec 2009, 7:08pm

    Who cares? Pass the popcorn.

  17. It seems sadly true that the most vicious homophobes are those who are closet gays. They suppress their own homosexuality and then to prove to the world that they are not gay persecute gays.The sponsors of the bill in Uganda are probably like that- as indeed are many church leaders.

  18. BrazilBoysBlog 14 Dec 2009, 7:43pm

    A shameful display by the Archbishop. Again, just goes to show that all religions cannot be trusted. Where is the ‘love’ preached by these false prophets? More lies…

  19. Father Andrew Gentry FCSF 14 Dec 2009, 8:03pm

    Your Grace go back into your study and polish your staff. No one is listenning and no one cares what you say! Be a good little anglican primate and enjoy your irrelevancy along with your playmates in “the Communion”

  20. I think its just further proof that we have to look out for each other, because no-one else will, even those who profess to dedicate their lives to helping people such as the church.

  21. At last the two faced bigot has said something—good old flock for demanding it, the coward would not do it off his own back for fear of upsetting the murderers

  22. So-called Progressive Religious Leaders cannot have it both ways anymore! We cannot allow them to bash us on one side of there mouth and not support us as full human beings as god intended,and then make sweeping statements that they disapprove of these hateful, violent laws on the other side. The gay community needs to start making these leaders accountable for what they say and what they do!

  23. The delay was unforgivable as is the tameness of the comments. If this is the best the man can do, he should hand over control to another Bishop, namely Emily Bishop of Coronation Street. Christian and and non-Xtians alike would benefit from her leadership. And no, I’m not joking… The present incumbent really is that bad.

  24. Stopping aid to Africa would be blaming the people of a continent for the actions of a single government. Aid does make a huge difference, it’s often the only thing stopping families from starving to death. The Department for International Development (DFID) do not simply hand the money to the president and say “do what you want with this” and have been known to deliver it directly to schools.

    In 2007, Malawi was delivering food aid to Zimbabwe after Robert Mugabe ruined everything. When a country with as little wealth and resources as Malawi is delivering aid to other countries, I don’t think there is any compelling case for us to stop.

    I absolutely agree that the Ugandan bill is stupid and outrageous and Rowan Williams should have be condemning it, in the strongest terms, several weeks ago; but I don’t think this is a reason to question our support of schools, hospitals and food-aid projects. If anything it strengthens our ties and improves our hand when it comes to putting pressure on governments that so plainly refuse to protect their own citizens.

  25. Mihangel apYrs 15 Dec 2009, 12:40pm

    the wider population will continue to support this homophobic crap until they realise ais is tied to civilised behaviour: ie we TELL them why it’s been cut and suggest they pressurise their priests and politicians to change. Once we see signs of this then maybe resume aid, otherwise I don’t want my pink pound supporting people compicit in such bigotry. I know it will hit some innocents, but to do otherwise lets people off the hook: charity isn’t a right.

    Another point is that by suppying aid it allows the thugs in govt to milk their treasury and strut the world stage.

  26. The last thing we need is a dithering Archbishop who is afraid of splitting the church on moral issues and not brave enough to take a leap of faith(pardon the pun) and call the bluff of these African Churches!

  27. I agree with the majority of posters that organised religion is outmoded, corrupt and an eager supporter of oppression and human rights violations. And I am afraid I still find it outmoded even if thousands of Christians can head to the Albert Hall to get their faces on TV on Songs of Praise

  28. As none of you could even be bothered to turn up at the protest about this, you have a bloody cheek condemning someone who has protested. Shame on you and don’t hope for much from the Africans, their culture is not as ‘advanced’ as ours.

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