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Anti-gay singer Buju Banton arrested on drug charges

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Reader comments

  1. “intent to distribute more than five kilos of cocaine”

    But gays are evil and should be killed? Yeah, pushing drugs doesn’t do any harm at all, now, does it Mr. Banton? What a hypocrite.

  2. Pepsi wont be happy with him being caught with all that coke on him! bumbum!

  3. Boom bye bye!!! indeed.

  4. LOL @ Steve.

    Yeah, maybe he’s taking a new approach to the 70’s Coke slogan “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” and updating it to “I’d like to sell the world some Coke”

  5. It was Beenie Man, not Banton that Pepsi sponsored. Anyway, some time in prison may be a chance for Mr B to see the light and learn more about what he is so obsessed with by becoming someone’s biatch…

  6. Bishop Ioan 14 Dec 2009, 2:58pm

    What goes round comes round. Hopefully “Boom bye-bye” to his “career” and Buju getting his little bumbum in jail for a good long stretch.

  7. So he thinks gay people are evil, but thinks its OK to kill (gay people) and to kill people through the class A drugs he deals. Let’s face it, if he was caught with 5 kilos of coke, then he’s almost certainly been dealing in hard drugs for a long time. No-one deals that volume of coke without having been seriously into drugs trafficking for some time.

    I really hope he’s convicted of the crime and gets as close to the maximum number of years behind bars as possible for it. He’s just another junkie dealing loser.

  8. Well, he might find out a thing or too when he is made someone’s bitch inside and American jail.

  9. stop the aid 14 Dec 2009, 4:15pm

    He should be getting 20 years for incitement to murder, regardless of the drug offences, but I hope he is guilty and gets put away for a long time. Oh, and confiscate his assets as a drug criminal too.

  10. Don’t drop soap Miss Banton!

  11. Sadly another example of supreme ignorance home-grown in one of the world’s worst homophobic countries: Jamaica. Some stiff (pardon the pun) time in a Floridian jail with Bubba will see how straight Mr. Buju really is! After all: “He who shouts the loudest?” What a twat.

  12. Lesbian Chic 14 Dec 2009, 5:43pm

    First thanks Pink News, secondly I am Jamaican by Nationality and when I was there because of the hate I posed as a couple with my gay male straight looking friend, and this was for our own safety. Sad indeed. To shed some shocking and disturbing facts: a lot of these Artists who sing these anti gay songs are in fact gay. Not to say Buju was or not, but those with the most bark are the ones with tons of skeletons. I personally was friends, and rommate with an artist who cursed and was so outwardly intolerant of gays but his boyfriends came by all the time, lol. Just a sick mentality, I moved cause I could not stand to look at him. Hope Buju get put away for a long time makes me ashamed of my culture. uugghh. PROUD TO BE QUEER.!

  13. To quote a Simpsons character, “Ha Ha”

  14. Jean-Paul Bentham 14 Dec 2009, 6:20pm

    After a couple of orchestrated gang-bangs, Buju will become “receptive” to something really addictive and quite healthy actually, unless a condom breaks…it happens.Live and learn. Ain’t life grand.

  15. Hhhmmm…I must say the jokes on here about male on male rape are rather disheartening. Since when is rape okay (even against a homophobe)?

  16. Marie-Antoinette 14 Dec 2009, 6:48pm


    Fvck off.

  17. Funny Irony That’s My Anti-Drug ^_^

  18. BrazilBoysBlog 14 Dec 2009, 7:32pm

    Agreed about the male-rape jokes.. Not good and disrespectful of those reading PinkNews who have suffered this terrible crime. Two wrongs do not make a right.

    The GOOD thing though is that this man is going to get his legal cum-uppance for his crime. Obviously 5-kilos was not for ‘personal use’, so he was obviously dealing. A dirty low-life drug dealer scumbag preaching hatred against gays? The word hypocrite comes to mind.

    A really impressive role-model for the worlds youth? Perhaps that is something for the Grammy Award panel to reflect on as they consider their nominations?

  19. Hahahaaahaaahaaaahaaahaaaaaa…. sorry, need to catch my breath from gut laughing, haahaaahaaahaaahaaaahaaaaaaa.
    Shame we couldn’t make the “incitement to murder” charges stick but this is the next best thing. The sentance is probably longer in any case. I’d like to see him try to maintain the ‘moral highground’ now.
    I’m not usually partial to schadenfreude but in his case I’ll make an exception.

  20. How would male on male rape even fix his attitude problem?
    If anything, it’d give him fodder as to why he hates gays.
    Let alone all the emotional trauma he’d face, plus the fact actual male rape victims have a hard enough time coming forward with your views like this. :/
    Gross suggestion and not ever funny.

  21. Marie-Antoinette, you’re ignorance speaks volumes.

  22. Marie-Antoinette 15 Dec 2009, 12:27am

    Yea, like I invented prison-life.

  23. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Dec 2009, 8:47am

    By The Associated Press
    12.14.2009 1:56pm EST

    (Miami) Federal authorities say anti-gay, Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton attempted to buy cocaine from an undercover officer in Florida.
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    Banton, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, has been in U.S. federal custody in Miami since Thursday. He faces a charge of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine.

    According to court documents, Banton and two others contacted a police informant last week about buying cocaine in Sarasota. Drug Enforcement Administration agents say Banton negotiated the purchase and was observed inspecting cocaine offered by the undercover officer.

    The other men were arrested Thursday when they allegedly attempted to buy the drugs.

    An e-mail to Banton’s independent record label was not immediately returned Monda

  24. The man’s a sh!t, and deserves the bit irony of an all-male penal establishment.

    However, had that incident happened in UK, he would have walked because American police use entrapment tactics which are illegal here, (and rightly so)

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