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Protesters gather outside Ugandan embassy

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 11 Dec 2009, 5:33pm

    Any update on the expulsion of Uganda from the Commonwealth and trade and aid sanctions.

    Even if they remove the death penalty it is entirely inappropriate for the UK to be funding a genocidal regime.

  2. Well done to the protesters – shame this can’t be organised on a Saturday though!!

  3. Equality means everyone 11 Dec 2009, 5:56pm

    Well done to everyone who campaigned by signing petitions and protesting.

    This Bill is hateful and evil. Killing people is always wrong. So is imprisoning people for not betraying their friends or acquaintances. The Nazis passed the same laws to incarcerate, torture (aka ‘rehabilitate’), and murder gay people and Jewish people. We have to make sure that history is not repeated.

    The evangelical Christian leaders who preach hate and supported this murderous, discriminatory Bill are perverting the teachings of their own religion and betraying the example of Jesus Christ, who preached acceptance and compassion towards all people, especially the marginalised and outcast. JC also criticised hypocritical and pious religious leaders for being holier-than-thou and for pandering to profiteering money-changers, just like these religious leaders are doing today. JC would be ashamed of what is being preached in his name today. “Do not judge, lest you be judged” he said.

  4. I’ve written to my MP and urged colleagues to follow!

  5. Patrick James 11 Dec 2009, 8:27pm

    I am very glad this protest has taken place.

    I wonder how these evangelical Christian types are so certain about the mind of the god they worship.

  6. Bishop Ioan 11 Dec 2009, 8:32pm

    I applaud these people. All of us need to stick up for those in Uganda who have little or no influence to keep this from happening.

    I’m with you, Simon, the entire bill needs to be scrapped. There is no reason to persecute LGBTQ people except that the persecutors think it will get them brownie points with whatever deity they believe in.

  7. from across the pond-guys there is a far-right religious group that operates in the Washington DC that helped in the formation of this legislation…leave it to my good ol USA to even outsource hatred lol…

  8. Jean-Paul Bentham 12 Dec 2009, 7:45am

    Dear Human Rights Advocate,

    “Your organization deserves total annihilation through a holocaust for the sin they are committing.”

    This message was emailed to me from Uganda shortly after a seminar held there in which three notoriously homophobic U.S. activists – including a board member of the ex-gay organization Exodus Global Alliance and a historian who blames gays for the Holocaust – warned parents, teachers, and lawmakers of a homosexual crusade against youth and proposed therapy to “cure” gay people.

    Since the seminar, the persecution of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Ugandans has spiked. At least ten people have been arrested on charges related to homosexuality. Parliament is considering a bill that would criminalize organizing for LGBT rights with up to seven years in prison and may make certain same-sex relations punishable by death.

    Make no mistake – the U.S. Religious Right is mobilizing globally. The same movement that supported Proposition 8 in California and is fighting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) federally is using its tactics internationally.

    And that is why the only international LGBT human rights organization headquartered in the U.S., the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), must take the lead in fighting back. In Uganda, for example, IGLHRC held a press conference condemning the homophobic seminar, is supporting local organizing, and is funding legal defense and medical care for LGBT people unjustly targeted.

    Helping to save lives and to build movements isn’t easy, nor is it without cost, which is why I am urging you to send a gift today.

    Stand with IGLHRC as we demand that the United States and all countries: Export hope, not homophobia.


    Cary Alan Johnson
    Executive Director

  9. What’s happening in Uganda may be simply the tip of the iceberg, see this article from today’s “Guardian online”:


  10. Mihangel apYrs 13 Dec 2009, 6:00pm

    there was a long article in today’s Observer about it, so it is finally beginning to appear in the MSM.

    It’s sickening that so many of these African countries are in the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth does nothing and says nothing. But they’re still willing to take our tainted aid money for their luxuries.

  11. Just tried a Google News search for ‘gay’ and got these Uganda-related pages:

    Guardian – Anti-gay bigots plunge Africa into new era of hate crimes

    Daily Monitor – US Senator joins critics of Anti-homosexuality Bill

    Ekklesia – Britain’s Methodists back opposition to Ugandan anti-gay law

    plus this one from the BBC:-

    Uganda MP Bahati defends gay-sex ‘death penalty’ bill

    Isn’t BBC impartiality so refreshing?!

  12. Jean-Paul Bentham 14 Dec 2009, 8:56am

    Dave Warren made Time magazine! Ain’t life grand. Do one thing; say another = photo shoot.

  13. Bahati wants money from western world but he wants them to shut up when he is making decissions to kill his own people . what a man !!!

  14. The western world be always taken advantage of with critisism from african countries to get more and more from you . They want your money but they don’t want you to have any say even if african leaders are killing there own people . First all this money goes in the hands of the few we call leaders and goverment officials . all they do is sit in parliament and discuss how to kill there people to attract your attention and make you feel bad how you bring in western influence while they need you to help them . what a hell is that ? western countries are being abused with there aid and they need to check that up with the tirck african leaders use . There sitting on your money in parliament discussing nothing other than killing local citzens and follow them in there beds when the country is in a mess economically and politically like northern ugnada that need help how to develop it to make it survivable for people to live there like Karamoja where people are dying of hunger .You should take pic of MPS and see the difference between hungry africans and satisfied africans . No wonder they loose there minds to start thinking evil. there definately satisfied . there is no small or inshape person in the whole MP group. shame on you bahati

  15. If uganda is doing the right thing, why is it so behind economically and politically before we even go on social issues like killing people because of there orientation . if uganda is a religious goverment with death penalty laws, let them start with killing all polygamists in uganda, those who torture women, those who kill as kampala is very unsafe forget being dirty to what MPs should be caring about more . just sitting on western money planning to kill there fellow citzens and telling western aid to give them money and shut up!! wow. Bahati is powerful for sure . western countries need to look into this where africans critisize you in manners and social ethics but still want your money .Tell them how you let human nature was let free and learn from each other when people live fully there lives and become very constructive and innovative without fear unlike africans who live the culture than living the life that a human being should live to being the one life to live . that is why africa will always stay behind and suffering because people are living the real life they want to live . that is why there is homophobics like Bahati because he knows he will never live the life he wants to live and he will block it for the young generation by scaring them with western world . tell me whats good in africa than western world .dust? insects? mosquitoes?.Turturing women? men sickening wives by sleeping with millions and put it on gays .why do they let women work and be managers then if they want to keep a country very traditional?. Women are tortured and now they started hitting mens heads like what happened to a goverment official fews ago being killed by a woman hitting on his head (Mr kaziini). Its time western world to start protecting minorities targeted especially women and gays . otherwise those guys are evil, greedy which is surrounded by ignorance that has kept africa so behind and humans suffering at the expesnse of there leaders . shame on bahati with his idea istead of helping his constituency to develop.

  16. The ugandan MPS exhausted everything they would think of to develop there country and put it at a certain level to compete with the rest of the world and now the remaining is to kill citizens . They need more aid to kill people and you donors should shut up. That is the message bahati is giving . Do you here you donors . Vote for bahati. Yes we can Bahati LOL . Shame on MPS to waste the worlds(peoples) time scaring everyone on this earth LOL.Is there human beings living in Uganda to stand this brain washed MPS? anyway the kid who never eats out thinks mum is the always the best cook . God bless bahati with killings . what is the difference between Idi amins regime and this regime ?

  17. This regime has been in power for 24 years and there running out of ideas to develop there nation other than killing citzens . what a shame . kampala is messy, crime is high, traffic is a problem, gulu is suffering, karamajong are dying of hunger instead of planning to channel river nile and create irrigations in northern uganda to make it livable and instead the MPS are sitting in the parliament discussing to kill citizens . what a shame and who came up with this idea anyway . shame on the president himself to let it consume time in parliament . This is all donor money there sitting on and telling you western world to shut up when there killing .do they have even have decnt prisons to put prisoners in ? Tourists be careful of uganda as where its heading . Uganda is getting wild for some reason we don’t know . The IDI Amins is back for sure and if a teacher hates you then a student willg ot jail as the bill says . same as if the tour guide hates you or probably refuse to sleep with him then you will go to jail becausethey critisize western culture as gay when they see 2 tourist men or 2 female friends on vacation . be careful my fellow westerners .

  18. Wow, there is more Gorrillas to see in uganda because this bill was not brought up by a human being other than an animal like . an animal can kill you given a chance so do bahati. More gorillas in bwindi and more gorillas in kampala to . be careful whent they get hungary . They will need your money or food and tell you to shut up after that . be careful donors and tourists .

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