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Would-be MP calls Tory candidate a ‘homosexual pervert’

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  1. Black Hawk Down 10 Dec 2009, 3:45pm

    Richard Carvath is a very sad chap. His website – refers to him in the third person and it appears he has followed the BNP tactic of trying to appeal to the British voter by adorning his site with a WWII Spitfire.

  2. Carvarth is an ignorant crank – in his manifesto he calls for the RECRIMINALISATION OF GAY SEX, as well as the total ban on abortion, sex education and so on.

    What a surprise, an evangelical Christian know-nothing! Of course, he’s had no coverage, because most people see him as a nut.

    If this crackpot wants any coverage in the local press, then journalists need to ask him if he accepts evolution happened, if he thinks man walked with dinosaurs and how old he thinks the Earth to be. Don’t give him any more attention than he deserves.

    If he is due to give any speeches anywhere, organise a kiss-in.

  3. Jesus F Christ 10 Dec 2009, 4:10pm

    “my motive for referring to homosexuality as a perversion is love”

    Hilarious! What an idiot.

  4. vulpus_rex 10 Dec 2009, 4:11pm

    I heartily recommend that those bleating elsewhere in this website about homophobia in political parties go and have a read of Mr Carvath’s website for a small reminder of what real homophobia is.

    A small reality check for those who adopt a Seantor McArthy approach to spotting homphobia everywhere.

  5. Here we go again, Carvath is “a British evangelical Christian” that speaks for itself doesn’t it.

  6. “Homosexuality is a perversion: that is both moral truth and medical fact”

    Don’t tell me it’s a fact unless you’re going to support it with scientific evidence or eloquent moral justification.

  7. andrew flynn 10 Dec 2009, 4:38pm

    I Knew this guy had to be a christian before I even read the article – they ALWAYS are. Its actually good that they come out and expose themselves for the weirdos they are. Saves us a job!

  8. I wonder what his views are on the forthcoming Ugandan law against homosexuality.

  9. Bishop Ioan 10 Dec 2009, 4:43pm

    He can’t, Jasper. Carvath is just another one of these fundie Christian nutters. I just read his Manifesto and my God, he wants to go back to the 60s if not the 50s! About the only thing he makes sense about is curbing the trend towards adaptation of sharia law. The rest of it, though, ought to be tossed into the nearest incinerator. My goddess, what is this man ON (besides the usual fundie hate and ignorance.

    It is good to see that politics is still the mudslinging fest I have always perceived it to be (/sarcasm). Not that we don’t have to be political, or that some mudslinging might be useful or neccessary, but this kind of stuff is out of bounds, IMO. Wow, he seems to blame most of Britain’s woes on the gays and abortion. Hopefully sensible Britons will see this ignorance and hate as exactly thos things.

  10. An “evangelical Christian”, no surprise there, then!

  11. f-Richard Carvath 10 Dec 2009, 4:51pm

    Richard Carvath is a hetrosexual pervert, god told me so

  12. It is amazing really…. The argument about homosexuality, for instance, has been settled almost 40 years ago – every scientific institution accpets it’s natural, and there is increasing evidence that sexual orientation IS in the genes. Mr Carvarth – an industrial cleaner by trade who previously worked in fast food outlets and with no known scientific qualifications, however, claims to have better infromation than all these.

    He thinks Bronze-age Palestinian peasants have more to say about this than 21st century psychological and medical experts.

    Carvarth complains he has had no coverage, and it is just as well: we don’t need Sharia-style Christianity in the UK, thanks. If you think he’ll stop with criminalising being gay, think again.

    The proper place for a person like this is on a street corner, hollering and ranting and screaming with a placard about the End Times, selling pencils from a cup, and being ignored or laughed at. Certainly not invited to a serious interview about anything.

    Tell him what you think about him on his youtube site:

  13. This ridiculously, silly nutter has done more good for the Conservative party than any number of leaflets could.
    Well done on you! The Conservatives will be delighted!
    Good to have another openly gay Conservative candidate – let’s hope he’s a good one!
    Let’s not forget, though, that there are thousands of “straight” and gay Christians out there who fully support gay people and gay marriage. The Right=wing element in any organisation is invariably hell-bent on destruction. This fruitcake is a typical, loud-mouthed example.

  14. “Richard Carvath is a hetrosexual pervert, god told me so”

    Of course you are saying this out of love.


  15. The adoption and fostering of children by homosexuals amounts to State-
    sponsored child abuse – primarily because children need to be parented by a
    mother and a father (and also because of the risk of paedophilic child abuse).9

    direct quote from his site

  16. 10 Dec 2009, 5:50pm

    “”my motive for referring to homosexuality as a perversion is love”

    I quoted this to Kitty and she merely started licking her bum. What a critic!

  17. Vulgus Regina refers to those bleating about homophobia in political parties, but he is one of those foolish tories who will not confront the homophobia exhibited when every tory MP present in the Commons voted to retain the Waddington amendment. He is blind, in denial or just damned stupid. I plump for the last. Homophobia matters more in the tory party than it does in some deranged individual, for they might form the homophobic government in the not-too-distant future.

  18. Richard Carvath is disgusting but if he wants to call another candidate a pervert he shouldn’t be threatened by the police – as is clear from their letter he hasn’t committed an offence (there is no such thing as “borderline criminal”.

  19. What a wretched, utterly repugnant, worthless life-form he is; a loathsome antipathy of his declared values of “love, peace, truth, justice, freedom and compassion”.

  20. Robert, ex pat Brit 10 Dec 2009, 6:53pm

    Most of the perverts reside in these nujob christian cults. I suppose this moron doesn’t believe there are any perversions among heterosexuals. He’s proof that devolution exists, a classic example.

  21. Go to his blog and you’ll find he is a bottomless pit of Sharia-christianity crankiness. Take his views on abortion (and I suppose, that must extend to contraception) even in the case of rape:
    “I am opposed to all forms of direct abortion regardless of the circumstances of conception. I believe that every human being has the right to life from the moment of conception. Rape and incest are serious matters but they do not provide a justification for murder of an innocent unborn baby by abortion.”

    I wish the Salford media would take him to task more than this though. those in the area might take up this with the local newspapers:

  22. Sister Mary Clarence 10 Dec 2009, 7:16pm

    I’m surprised Simon Murphy hasn’t posted his disgust yet at this blatant homophobic.

    Blimey, silly me, the victim is a Conservative so we won’t see Simon leaping to his defense

  23. Sister Mary Clarence 10 Dec 2009, 7:18pm

    Google warning about the content on the blog I see- I’m bracing myself to be offended ….

  24. Richard Carvath is a deluded religious nutter. That’s a medical & moral fact…I speak as a non-evangelical non-christian and no-one is going to tell me otherwise! *note sarcasm*

  25. Yet again some idiot brings Christianity into disrepute! Just once, it would be nice to find the words Christian and Accepting, Tolerant, Understanding, Loving, Forgiving, in the same paragraph. I am so sick of these sort of ‘Christians’.

  26. Oh, silly you, Sister Mary! It is possible to have some sympathy with the deluded. I am sure some other deluded ones have sympathy for your deluded state.

  27. theotherone 10 Dec 2009, 8:32pm

    I commented on his site but, surprisingly, it’s not gone up.

  28. Jeff Duncan 10 Dec 2009, 8:34pm

    Online Crime Reporting

    Thank you, your Crime Report has been submitted.

    Your online report reference number is CR02-00052484 (Please note this is not a Crime Reference number)

    Your report will be forwarded to the police station covering the location of the crime and a crime reference number will be issued to you in due course. You will be contacted by an investigator in the next 72 hours.

    Return to Metropolitan Police Service homepage.

    I urge all Pink News readers to report the hate crime via the Met’s website

  29. Jeff Duncan 10 Dec 2009, 8:35pm

    Hiss vile homophobic hate remarks have STILL not been removed

  30. The irony in Richard Carvath’s statement

    “As a Christian I speak and act out of love – not hate – so my motive for referring to homosexuality as a perversion is love.”

    The fact that Mr Carvath equates hate with love is truely sad and perverse.

    O dear . . . Other Crazy Christian Crackpot on the loose.

  31. The irony

    “As a Christian I speak and act out of love – not hate – so my motive for referring to homosexuality as a perversion is love.”

    The fact that Mr Carvath equates hate with love is truely sad and perverse.

    O dear . . . Another – Crazy Christian Crackpot on the loose.

  32. Rose (25), I think you may be in for a long wait, I say that not cynically but from my own experience as a former Christian (member of my church council, studying for a degree in theology) who finally saw and couldn’t take any more the mismatch between the philosophy (something I still love) and the perversion of it that the churches represent. Being honest with myself meant giving up anything to do with organised christianity.

  33. Hmm, I completely stand by my earlier comments; and I *personally* would like to put him in a small wooden privy in the wastes of Siberia. But I haven’t found anywhere that he’s incited violence, so I wouldn’t be one to file a crime report against him.

    Whether it’s a crime or not, I wouldn’t be the one to argue against free speech, not even if it were me personally he was attacking.

    One of the quotes that came out of the Christian hoteliers v. Muslim couple the other day was from a 1999 case (Redmond-Bate v. DPP), and it strikes a strong resonance with me: “Freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having.”

    So while I loathe and hate the very air he breathes, though I would campaign against him, while I’d dearly love to throw rotten tomatoes at him in the stocks; I wouldn’t want to see him criminalised for what he’s said so far.

    1. Throwing rotten tomatoes at him is an aspect of free speach.

      Sarah – Non fundie Christian

  34. On the plus side I think it’s a foregone conclusion he’ll loose his deposit.
    What’s that they say about a fool and his money?

  35. “would-be MP”? Surely he has no chance of being elected even without these views being made known.

  36. These people are obsessed with what other people do sexually. It must torment them and for some reason seems to be a highly emotionally charged issue for them. I say this out of love.

  37. Jane, Post 32, I know what you mean. It’s only a few genuinely good Christian friends in my local community that keep me from going down the same road as you.

    I’ll live in hope, meanwhile! Shame I don’t live in Salford so I could vote against this idiot.

  38. He hasn’t committed a crime, but it doesn’t mean we can’t heckle if we see him on the street. We’re free to express our views too!

  39. Paul: absolutely!

  40. Pumpkin Pie 11 Dec 2009, 12:59am

    I heartily recommend that those bleating elsewhere in this website about homophobia in political parties go and have a read of Mr Carvath’s website for a small reminder of what real homophobia is.

    A small reality check for those who adopt a Seantor McArthy approach to spotting homphobia everywhere.

    I disagree. His homophobia is more severe, but he’s one sad individual. The party (or parties) of which you speak have power and are actively using it to vote against gay rights legislation.

    I think we should tackle homophobia wherever we find it, not just where it’s the most blatant, as it is with this woeful little turd.

    Also, what the hell made him think Sephton was a gay activist? He’s just a gay politician.

  41. If homosexuals are perverts, what are evangelical christians then? I have a few thoughts and suggestions!

  42. Simon Murphy 11 Dec 2009, 2:22am

    I condemn this Carvath guy for his blatant bigotry. What an idiot.

    Then again the Toryboy probably isn’t too upset. He’s a Tory. He’s probably well used to internalising the homophobia his chosen party offers him. They are the Tories after all. And we all know what the Tories think of gays (despite their pathetic PR exercise – namely the LGBTory group).

  43. Just before anyone here runs away with some mad idea about Christins generally let me say that I am a Christian. I also happen to be Gay. Oh, and I also happen to be a Tory supporter!

    Yeah, Yeah, I know that many of you will find that combination to be weird – that’s your problem, not mine. However, this guy, Carvath, is, quite simply put, a nut-job in my opinion. Who cares what sexuality a Political party’s candidate enjoys? Elections are about politics not about sexual orientation.

    Thank God, or whatever you believe in, that the British public couldn’t care less about his extreme views on homoexuality. Of course he’s correct in worrying about the illiberal Islamist/Sharia attempt to dominate our society but his rejection of pluralistic British society (religiously pluralistic, sexually pluralistic, politically pluralistic) won’t wash with the fair-minded British electorate. He will come last in the polls and he will, hopefully, lose his deposit.

    “Yet again some idiot brings Christianity into disrepute! Just once, it would be nice to find the words Christian and Accepting, Tolerant, Understanding, Loving, Forgiving, in the same paragraph. I am so sick of these sort of ‘Christians’ ” Rose said in her post (above). I couldn’t agree more for my Christ is just those things – Accepting, Tolerant, Understanding, Loving and Forgiving. Anything else is a mockery of Christ, an insult to God, if you believe in It, and a perversion of Love.

    Carvath is not a Christian – he is yet another believer in ‘The Book’ – a madman who thinks that God can be found amongst the paper and the leather bindings of some Bible or other. Pay him no never mind for he he is destined, as all such idiots are, to failure in the face of the Love of Christ.

  44. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Dec 2009, 8:01am

    “Then again the Toryboy probably isn’t too upset. He’s a Tory. He’s probably well used to internalising the homophobia his chosen party offers him. They are the Tories after all. And we all know what the Tories think of gays (despite their pathetic PR exercise – namely the LGBTory group). ”

    Dah-Dah ….

    Bloody hell, its like I’m Doris Stokes or something. I really can see into the future …..

    “Blimey, silly me, the victim is a Conservative so we won’t see Simon leaping to his defense”

    And as if my magic true to form Comrade Murphy wades in with another lorry load of horse manure.

    What Matthew is probably well used to Simon is bigoted narrow minded twats having a poke at him.

  45. Personally I think we have far more politically to worry about from the Catholics, who are much more organised politically and promote hate from almost within the establishment , than the evangelical Christians like this wierdo, who provoke laughter.

  46. Dinosaurs like Richard Carvath should stay where they belong… in the past.

    Talking of living in the past, am I the only one who thinks the more gay Tory MP’s the better? Am I the only one whose starting to feel that, while I don’t support either Labour OR Tory, gay people aren’t just afraid of a supportive Tory but rather they just don’t want it? Low and behold should there be a choice. I don’t believe the Tories will drops our rights. They are unlikely to sack all gay MP’s if they gain power. Surely the more there are the better things will become. Labour changed their direction in the 90’s to become more Tory, so why not the Tories?

    Too many people here live in the past. Time to get with the present to a rosy future.

  47. I’m afraid vulgar, common, ignorant Sister Mary, you do not have the intelligence of Doris Stokes. She could see something, whereas you cannot see beyond your wimple.

  48. Nice to see Simon Murphy is back on form – Tory trumps gay, so the guy deserves it. Of course, no hate form you Simon, is there?

    On a serious point, it is good to not be seeing calls for this guy to be banned or prosecuted. free speech is free speech, even if it is insulting or offensive. we must resist the Thought Police and Unwords culture that is growing in this country. Let the guy speak and see how many votes he gets (we will probably only need one person and two hands to count them).

    And who the hell is Doris Stokes? Am I not gay enough or something? Why am I thinking something about family planning???? Will I get excommunicated and sent back to hetero-land by Simon?

  49. Dear Julian, Doris Stokes was a well-known spiritualist medium some years ago. She had foresight while poor, old Mary has none!

  50. Unfortunately, the problem with free speech is that it can become hate speech, and when it comes from any church or, indeed, a so-called religious person, it can give comfort to those with a homophobic disposition and, perhaps, encourage them to give vent to their homophobia in the form of violence.

  51. Well done Doris (the artist formally know as SMC)your prediction came true!

    It takes a special, really nasty type of hypocrisy to come up with the “he’s a Tory so he deserves it” attitude towards homophobic abuse.

    Unfortunately rank double standards are so often the preference of the comrades.

  52. bear in mind that if we comment and comment and comment on this, Mr Carvath will just love the fact he is being talked about so much.

    Remember, he is just a nutcase with £500 to burn, because he will lose his deposit. Still I couldn’t help posting this – the guy goes around photographing girls working at massage parlours. On one occasion he was nearly beaten up for it. No wonder, because that is the kind of thing rapists and people like the Yorkshire Ripper did – From a local newspaper in June this year…

    “PARLIAMENTARY candidate has declared a holy war on a massage parlour after a bust-up outside a church.

    Richard Carvath, 33, who intends to stand against Hazel Blears at the next General Election, alleged he was verbally abused by a woman working at World Famous Babes in Swinton.

    The row took place while the independent candidate took pictures of the massage parlour from the steps of Worsley Road Methodist Church.

    He said: “The woman shouted obscenities at me and said: ‘Stop taking pictures or you’re dead.’ If you come back here again we’ll have you killed.’’”

    Mr Carvath, a staunch anti-vice campaigner, later used the photographs on his anti-prostitution blog called “Brothelwatch”.

    But bosses at World Famous Babes insisted they were doing “nothing illegal” and claimed he had abused the un-named woman.

    A spokesperson for the parlour, who would only be identified as William, said that Mr Carvath had “frightened the lady to death” by taking her picture.

    He added: “There were some workmen putting in gas pipes. They saw what was going on and they were going to intervene because he had been hanging around banging on the door of the parlour and being abusive. One of the girls was intimidated.”

    Mr Carvath’s campaign has included posting blogs condemning the parlour, photographing visitors’ cars, naming the women who allegedly work there on a website and claiming that hardcore pornographic films are made inside.”

    What a total nutcase.

  53. Poor Vulgus Regina, like the ill-bred Sister Mary, must always assume that anyone who does not agree with Tory homophobia must be so left wing that he is virtually a communist, which is what the word ‘comrade’ implies. What about those who have a great deal of time for the Liberal Democrats, except, of course, for the Bigot Beith from Berwick. Many seem unable to stomach the Waddington amendment, voted for by every Tory MP present in the Commons, which clearly assumes that being gay is a lifestyle choice and that gays can be persuaded to change their lifestyle, in effect to be converted. It was interesting to see that neither Duncan nor Herbert was present in the House for the one- hundred-per-cent Tory affirmation of such a view of gay people. Perhaps they were so ashamed at what they knew would happen that they kept away. Of course, like prospective gay candidates, they are the token gays who in no way will affect the overwhelming homophobic attitude of the party.

  54. By the way, Vulgus Regina, no one who is gay, however blinkered, deserves opprobrium merely because of his political beliefs or affiliations.

  55. Simon Murphy 11 Dec 2009, 1:12pm

    “Nice to see Simon Murphy is back on form – Tory trumps gay, so the guy deserves it. Of course, no hate form you Simon, is there?”

    No – there is no hate from me. Just common sense.

    This guy is a Tory. He doesn’t deserve to be called a pervert of course. That is entirely inappropriate (but unsurprising – what other type of behaviour can one expect from religious people.

    But let’s not forget that the Tories are a homophobic party also.

    While this Corvath guy is a deranged bigot; I can guarantee the Tory party is a haven for lower level, but even more dangerous homophobia.

    If Iain Duncan Smith gets his catholic hands on the ministry in charge of families after the next election, then any gay parents will need to get ready for the fight of their lives as Smith tries to smear his homophobic bigotry over our rights.

  56. Duncan Smith, who has considerable support from Cameron, is an evil, bigoted Roman Catholic. His church is the working of evil in the world. Simon Murphy is quite right in that the conservative think tank headed by Duncan Smith recommended the down-grading of existing rights of civil partners who have children. I have written to Cameron asking if this recommendation is to be Conservative policy, but my more-than-one request has been ignored. Therefore, I can assume that this downgrading of rights for those in civil partnerships is Conservative policy.

  57. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Dec 2009, 3:03pm

    Neville/Simon, you both need to beware – the noose is tightening on hate speech and your hatred of gay Tories falls well within the type of behaviour that the government is trying to outlaw – ironically with your full support.

    The bile you are spewing against Matthew stems purely from the fact that he is gay and yet you seem to think that just because you are gay yourselves you can say whatever you like about him.

    I hope he does make a complaint about you both as he is perfectly entitled to do, and that you get a nasty letter from the police and a threat of prosecution. You both seem so in favour of protecting the rights of gay people not to have anyone say anything bad about us, whilst overlooking the obviously fact that your own personal attacks against individuals such as Matthew are far from acceptable.

    Apparently turkeys do vote for Christmas …..

    Clearly you presume the Matthew and others have no feelings and are immune to the abuse that you direct at them because they are gay and support what you consider to be the ‘wrong’ party.

  58. When it comes to screaming bigots gay people can be the worst, esp when it comes to other gay people with different opinions.

  59. There have been no personal attacks on Matthew Sephton. I have made it plain on Post 54 what I think of that. Here is the post again: “By the way,…., no one who is gay, however blinkered, deserves opprobrium merely because of his political beliefs or affiliations”. However, you, Sister Mary, are deserving of opprobrium for your manifest failure to accept, or indeed consider the homophobia inherent in the Waddington amendment.
    Attacks there have been, and deservedly so, on politicians who are demonstrably homophobic and who choose to recommend the down-grading of rights which currently exist for people in civil partnerships.

  60. Patrick James 11 Dec 2009, 4:55pm

    vulpus_rex writes:

    “I heartily recommend that those bleating elsewhere in this website about homophobia in political parties go and have a read of Mr Carvath’s website for a small reminder of what real homophobia is.”

    The nutty-foaming-at-the-mouth kind of homophobia expressed by Mr Carath is very unpleasant but it is not as threatening to LGBT rights as is the comparatively quiet and calculating homophobia which we see in politicians like Iain Duncan Smith.

    If the Conservative party wins the general election I think this quiet and calculating homophobia will manifest itself differently from previous administrations.

    For national policy I suspect what we will see is a reinforcement of the Conservative ideal of the family. This will take the form of financial advantages for families that fit the Conservative view and disadvantages for those that don’t.

    For international policy I think we will see a “looking the other way” at homophobia in other states. We can see that even in opposition, the Conservative party has formed a small grouping in the European parliament including the Polish Law and Justice party which is extremely homophobic. This represents a massive boost for homophobia in Poland. Because the Conservative party’s European grouping is so tiny it has brought huge prestige to the Law and Justice party who form one of only a few parties within it.

    So, “looking the other way” is not necessarily a passive way to promote homophobia in other countries, it can be very active. A political party can form alliances as the Conservative party has done which “look the other way” at the activities of others and in so doing actively promote those activities.

  61. Patrick James 11 Dec 2009, 6:01pm

    Squidgy writes:

    …am I the only one who thinks the more gay Tory MP’s the better?

    No you are not. I am a Labour party supporter but I welcome LGBT parliamentary candidates for all parties including the Conservative party of course.

    The current Conservative party is revealing a great deal of homophobia, in Europe, by way of the creation of a small parliamentary grouping including the Polish Law and Justice party, which is extremely homophobic. Also we can see in the Conservative party’s choice of shadow cabinet that deeply homophobic individuals are to be given very powerful positions if the Conservative party is to win the next election.

    This creates a dilemma for Conservative party parliamentary candidates. Do they make a stand against this homophobia in the Conservative party or not?

    In the comments pages of the Pink News blog we see some people in a group called “LGBTory” which I assume is a Conservative party group for gays, actively whitewashing the Polish Law and Justice party, telling us that there are not homophobic etc.

    So it would appear that those individuals, be they parliamentary candidates or whatever, have chosen not to fight homophobia in the Conservative party, but in fact to use their sexuality as a means to disguise that homophobia.

    Squidgy also writes:

    Am I the only one whose starting to feel that, while I don’t support either Labour OR Tory, gay people aren’t just afraid of a supportive Tory but rather they just don’t want it?

    As a gay man I would love to see supportive Conservative party parliamentary candidates and I say this although I am a Labour supporter. However it seems that the Conservative party parliamentary candidates are not supportive of LGBT rights in any meaningful sense.

    Squidgy also writes:

    Labour changed their direction in the 90’s to become more Tory, so why not the Tories?

    It is more accurate to say that in the 90s Labour changed their direction to become more like the Democrats (in the US of course) and over the 80s and the 90s the Conservative party changed their direction to become more like the Republicans (also US of course).

    The Conservative party is now a “low state/high family” party like the Republicans in the United States. This means that they wish to decrease the involvement of the state in people’s lives, such as social welfare etc, but increase and promote a Conservative ideal of the family.

  62. Brian Burton 11 Dec 2009, 6:08pm

    There has been dangerous radicals in British politics since time immamorial and that much wont change. These radicals can only make headway during the times when voting apathy applies.

  63. theotherone 11 Dec 2009, 7:17pm

    He neville: you bullying SMC again? You going to accuse him of passing as White again? You going to accuse him of being a disgrace to His race?

    You going to be a racisae fvck again?

  64. theotherone, I do not care what race or gender this thing called Sister Mary is. But what I do think is important is for an individual to be honest to himself and to others. It seems, from what others tell me, that is not the case with the so-called Sister Mary. Dishonesty in this way is not acceptable. To pretend to be anything other than what you are is to call in question anything that you might say.

  65. theotherone 11 Dec 2009, 7:52pm

    funny I thought you where accusing him of passing as white? Isn’t that racist as he’s never done so.

  66. theotherone 11 Dec 2009, 7:56pm

    to quote you neville: ‘The incredible black/white/male/female Sister Mary Clarence.

    In that case, Eddy, the notion that a black man could masquerade as a white woman in so-called holy orders is distasteful in the extreme. I have always thought of the black nun, Sister Mary, as a particularly vulgar person of very limited intelligence. In fact he/she comes over as being quite deranged. It will not be possible for anyone to take him/her seriously ever again. This, to me, revelation must be posted on every single thread on which she/he has the temerity to appear. No one can take him/her/black/white to be a real person anymore!’

    since you’ve got the time to post here then can you do me a favor and pop back over and answer my posts on that thread? And while you’re at it ask your friend eddie to do the same.

  67. As a Salfordian (Matthew Sephton is not one) I can safely say we’re all wise here to Richard Carvath and his views and we’ve endured and laughed at him for quite a while now.

    Is it not OBVIOUS the Tories are simply using this local loony to draw attention to their own miserable election camapign?

  68. Simon Murphy 12 Dec 2009, 1:29am

    Mary Clarence says: “You both seem so in favour of protecting the rights of gay people not to have anyone say anything bad about us, whilst overlooking the obviously fact that your own personal attacks against individuals such as Matthew are far from acceptable.”

    I have not engaged in any sort of personal attack on Matthew Sephton so quit peddling that lie. I don’t know him personally and I have never made any comment about him on a personal level.

    Are you suggesting perhaps that potential MP’s should not be questioned and criticised about their party’s shoddy record perhaps? That’s a very sinister suggestion if it is in fact what you are saying.

    LGBTory does not seem to have any sort of role other than a networking place for gay Tories. They have no opinions on any matters relating to LGBT people. They seem to simply toe the party line.

    They cannot even comment on whether they think Iain Duncan Smith’s efforts to reduce parental rights for gay parents is inappropriate. How utterly pathetic is that?

  69. I share Siomn Murphy’s concerns to be hnoest.

    Although right now, I need another whisky

  70. The level of personal attacks of regular contributors on each other, in this page, is quite saddening.

  71. Brian Burton 12 Dec 2009, 1:18pm

    Well I’m a Gay Christian and proud of it But I would Join any Political Anti-Tory Alliance. You cannot take the EAT out of EATON and this country needs Cameron’s Clan like it need a hole in the head. Now I would vote for Simon Murphy as ‘Atheist Pope’ but I had enough of the TORYs for eighteen years, especially when they were cought with their pants down and Secretaries having Tory Babies. All Tory ,Labour and Lib-Dems are Total Scumbags!

  72. He has a new entry, even more hate filled on his blog for today (Saturday). I gritted my teeth and wrote him a short but polite paragraph about why he wanted to promote hatred towards a dull and respectable middle class couple like my husband and me. I will be interested to see whether he publishes it.

  73. I am a Salfordian, too, but politically unaware – as in ‘dead from the neck up’ about polly-ticks.

    But there IS a vote goin’ for nowt if anybody wants it..?

    I usually use them for shopping lists at that nice Mr. Sainsbury’s little shop on Regent Rd..

    Has anybody any suggestions as to what I can do with my vote.?

    (I have a feeling in my waters that I may live to regret that question.)

    My pussy goes to bed at 9pm, the watershed, so please have due regard to the Animal Rights Act (1971) as amended; she is an old pussy and cannot turn the television off herself or my laptop.

    After 9pm, you may feel free to tell me, in any language of your choice, from AngSax. to Zulu where precisely I may effectively use my vote.


    ORDSALL…not far from 16C. Ordsall Hall currently under a massive refurb. for Spring 2010 ….and well worth a visit……thought I’d get that one in.


  74. re post 72. He did publish it. Wonder if he’ll answer it. May I suggest that others might like to offer him their views too?

  75. Richard Carvath 12 Dec 2009, 9:58pm

    Gayboys are welcome to submit comments to my blog but please note that I simply cannot respond to everybody as I just don’t have the time. Whilst I’m on, I’d just like to say I love you all and I recommend men to female readers of Pink News and women to male readers. Also: Love your bum! Sit on it, poop through it and wiggle it on the dancefloor but, whatever you do… don’t try to use it as a pussy! Keep your bum (and mouth) a widge-free zone and live a lot longer (and enjoy better health and greater happiness).

  76. One lost deposit…comin’ right up..!

  77. Where is Black Mary (formerly known as Sister Mary Clarence) in all this?

  78. Brian Burton 13 Dec 2009, 7:41am

    Black Mary has gone to water her Black Narcissus she cultivates so well!

  79. Richard Carvath wrote

    “Also: Love your bum! Sit on it, poop through it and wiggle it on the dancefloor but, whatever you do… don’t try to use it as a pussy! Keep your bum (and mouth) a widge-free zone and live a lot longer (and enjoy better health and greater happiness.”

    . . . . . . .

    Richard you appear to make the assumption that all LGBT people practice anal-intercourse. This is not the case, it is however the case that some heterosexuals practice anal-intercourse just as some homosexuals do.

    Richard . . . do you go around telling heterosexuals not to use their bum as a pussy and to keep their mouth a wedge free zone as you so put it?

    Richard . . . why are you sexualising LGBT people?

    Richard . . . Do heterosexuals only practice vanilla sex? in your world?

  80. #79
    Exactly, JohnK

    Just what I was about to say but you beat me to it and good for you.!
    Homosexuality, Mr Carvath, is about so much more than who puts what where; it is about….well, what’s the point…..

    SALFORD…….Don’t come bangin’ on my door; I’ll be out.

  81. Thanks Keith

    . . . Ketih do you think Mr Carvath consitutents should be made informed that he frequents LGBT news sites, dispensing patronsing and misinformed sexual advice?

  82. Sister Mary Clarence 13 Dec 2009, 2:21pm

    Brian if you have any sense you won’t embroil yourself in Neville’s racist crap mate.

    Its somewhat ironic that on a story about the bigotry of Richard Carvath you start having a dig about the colour of my skin

  83. Richard Carvath has a bad case of potty mouth. If he spoke to me like that he would lose a lot more than my vote.

  84. Brian Burton 13 Dec 2009, 5:36pm

    Carvath is the PERVERT on this thread. Can you imagine A crud like this been elected? He is BNP posing as an Independent and if elected, he’ll rejoin the BNP. CARVATH IS A PUBLIC FRAUD!

  85. #81

    I wouldn’t bother, John.

    SALFORD people are, like people most places, just salt o’ t’ earth and just want to gerron with their lives.

    They’ll already have seen thro’ it.

    The huge SAINSBURY’s here is full of the ‘lads’ doing their weekly shop….some of them outrageously camp.

    Does anybody ever look twice?
    They are too bizzy, pushing their kids round in the trolley and watching their own weekly shop adding up pound by pound.

    Dafty Mr. Carvery needs to address issues other that what 2 boys do together under t’ doooo-vay and deffo needs to stop with the dispensing of spew-rious medical, psycho-analytical, 4th.C advice.

    He needs to get ‘down to earth’ where his hoped-for future voters are.

    Why worry; he has already lost his dee-pozzit.

    I wonder if M&S have bra’s big enough for tits like that.


    Talkin’ of carveries…
    May I recommend ‘The Squirrel’ on Devonshire Rd., Blackpool (Bispham end)
    It is bloody good value…

  86. It is unfortunate that the unpleasant comments of Sister Mary Clarence and theotherone have led to the closure of postings on ‘Gay Tory candidate selected to challenge Hazel Blears!

  87. I entirely agree with that.

  88. But there will be much baiting of the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence in the future. Many, no doubt, will look forward to attacks on her mistaken ideals!

  89. Impartial Observer 14 Dec 2009, 12:28pm

    Dear Joe,
    My dear, don’t you think you were being slightly partisan by attributing all of the blame for the closing of the other political thread to Sister Mary Clarence and theotherone?

    My dear old mum taught me, “never discuss politics, religion or class with friends, lest your friendship ends.”
    The wisdom of her words rings down through the years.

    At the root of the rather personal attacks in the closed discussion was a simple difference in voting habits. That was no excuse for the brutal and intensely personal attacks that ensued.

    As was pointed out by the unfortunate Jose who unwittingly wandered into the discussion, the racism was staggering and was enough to convince Jose to flee and never return.

    Despite my own gentle admonition, the racism, classism and transphobia continued unabated.

    As incomprehensible as it might be to Neville, Eddy and Sharon that a gay person would wish to exercise their democratic right to vote for a political party other than Labour, it is no reason to abandon all decency and resort to the level and extent of personal insults and prejudice in evidence in that discussion.

    Sister Mary Clarence and theotherone are undoubtedly not angels but they were subjected to unacceptable levels of sustained abuse which was horrifying to observe. I would hope that Neville, Eddy and Sharon might reflect and perhaps see that they went too far in their goading on this occassion, then extend a polite apology. If only to salvage some of their own reputation as civilised people.

  90. Perhaps,impartial observer, I was being a little harsh on Sister Mary, but I am not really used to dealing with ill-bred people, one of which is what she has shown herself to be. I think that the three individuals singled out by you for comment have merely been trying to get between a fool and his folly.
    It is interesting to look at this comment of Danny’s which encapsulates very well what Sister Mary and theotherone fail to comprehend:
    “The pro-Tory comments here really highlight that we are in fact living in a throw away society, where yesterday never happened and voting is something akin to the X-factor. Redtop newspapers (and a few broadsheets) tell the populace, Labour bad, Tory good, and the cretins swallow it. Amnesia is a a very bad thing for LGBT people, especially when it comes to the Conservative Party. Let’s not forget folks that this is the same party that is constantly shouting that it intends to put ‘family’ at the heart of its agenda should they get into power. And if you innocently think that the Tory notion of ‘family’ includes LGBT concerns, then just listen to Cameron as he explicitly defines its hetrosexuality at every press & tv call. You just don’t feature and once they get into power (as they will) look out for that freeze on all manner of equality and rights issues. You can then thank your lucky stars that you had 13 years of Labour government which introduced the most far reaching LGBT legislation that this country has ever seen. So bear in mind when you cast that ballot for a Tory that it was Labour who ensured that you, as a LGBT person, now feel self-confident enough (protected by Labour legislation)to vote for a party who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

  91. theotherone 14 Dec 2009, 4:21pm

    so you can’t act decently Neville.

    I’ll appoligise for calling you names (I’m sorry I swore at you too) but I’ll still consider you a racist until you prove otherwise.

    And to joe: I was seeking to defend the board against Racism. Perhaps I went overboard but I do not consider Racist abuse to be acceptable even if I do disagree with SMC’s politics.

    If you disagree with someone’s politics you say so you don’t misrepresent them (as I was when constantly referred to as a Tory voter and SMC as a Christian,) engage in Racist, Classist and Transphobic attacks.

    I’m sad that the thread has been closed too and I hope that no comments are deleted because, unpleasant as they where on both sides, they where said and a record of them should stay.

  92. theotherone 14 Dec 2009, 4:23pm

    If I could comment in a purely political sence regarding Neville’s post:

    the throwaway society may also choose to forget that in the late 70’s Labour wrecked the British economy and people responded by turning to extremist parties. Are we not seeing the same thing happening today?

  93. theotherone 14 Dec 2009, 4:31pm

    actually in retrospect I’m glad that the other thread has been closed down.

    Hopefully it’s poison won’t infect the board in general.

  94. Brian Burton 14 Dec 2009, 5:12pm

    What a lot of F.cking stupid name calling and TIT for TATS and inhuman behaviour in general from all you arse-wipes on this thread the lot of you and give it a F.cking rest!

  95. I’m Christian, and Christian like him give us a bad name. He can have any opinion he wants, but right now, he is judging another person, now, since he isn’t God, that’s not his place, bad Christian! oops, now I’ve gone and done it.

  96. theotherone
    I do find your comments now much more reasonable, but I think that anyone would have been hard put to think that you were anything other than a Tory. It certainly was not clear from what you said. I am not surprised that people constantly referred to you as a Tory voter. I am now glad to see that you are no such thing.

  97. Black Hawk Down 14 Dec 2009, 6:49pm

    How sad it is to see people here fighting and hurling abuse at each other. I’m sure any homophobe reading the comments will be pleasuring himself with glee at the way in which some people here are choosing to wash their dirty linen in public.

    This article is about a would-be MP calling a Tory candidate a ‘homosexual pervert’. Isn’t that what we should be talking about rather than indulging in ad hominem attacks?

    I note Hazel Blears has condemned Carvath’s hate speech and she stands by Matt Sephton – – we should be doing likewise and putting party politics to one side for the time being.

    We shouldn’t give homophobes the opportunity to divide and rule – United we stand. Divided we fall.

  98. Adrian Tippetts 14 Dec 2009, 7:06pm

    Well said Black Hawk.

    Mr Carvath can’t stop thinking about me at the moment if his blog is anything to go by. He claims I won’t ‘debate’ him, even though he refuses to defend his unsupported claims at any point, when challenged. He is so allergic to criticism, he has disabled comments on his 1-star rated YouTube video. He cannot take it. Just for the record, I’m delighted to take this wingnut on any time. In case it gets rejected on his comments page, my response is below:

    “Why should Channel M be a megaphone for fanatics like you in the first place? They deal with serious news and informed opinion, not deluded village idiots. You are just not qualified to make any claims about human psychology, that’s why I doubt they will be interested in you.

    Act like an adult, and explain all the whacko unfounded claims you made in your unreviewed, unpublished and unpublishable ‘book’ which you seem to have cobbled together from Christian Institute pamphlets and extremist American propaganda. The claims are listed for all to laugh at in the comments thread on the Salford Advertiser. Explain how you know they are true. I don’t think you can.

    And keep your nose out of other people’s private affairs, which do not concern you. That’s all there is to be said in your case – no debate required.

    But if any media outlet is foolish enough to give you any airtime – then fine, anytime. Put a proposal to them and see how far you get.


  99. Black Hawk Down 14 Dec 2009, 7:34pm

    Hi Adrian,
    I see he wrote a really nasty piece likening you to a chimpanzee and claimed, with a caveat, that it was satire. I don’t know where this stands in this regard to libel law but I would guess by stating it was satire he has gotten away with it. And I guess with the free speech amendments with regard to the homophobic hatred laws in the Coroners and Justice Bill, he is exempt from prosecution.

    Perhaps setting up a ‘media watch’ campaign against him, he could get caught out and a sound complaint to the police could me made when he trips up in his arrogance?

    btw – Keep up the good work on the Grauniad and here on Pink News

  100. theotherone 14 Dec 2009, 8:14pm

    I’m glad that sevility has broken out on this thread if not the last one.

    I’ll accept your apology but I’d suggest that you owe SMC an apology without any ‘humor’ attached – a truly sincere apology for calling him ‘Black Mary’ amongst other things.

    Then we can let it all ride but Neville – I will be watching you.

  101. theotherone, Thanks for that. I saw your comment on the Waddington amendment on the other post. Do look at my two postings there, the second of which includes a quotation from ‘Pink News’

  102. Adrian Tippetts 14 Dec 2009, 8:53pm

    Thanks BHD – It seems Carvath has imploded. Instead of answering criticisms, he resorts to playground innuendo and wallows in self-pity. When people do that, the argument is over.

    The people of Salford aren’t stupid. Until now he has been able to get away with presenting himself as a concerned citizen, posing with babies, visiting schools and talent contests. But now, his extremist views and hatred of gay people is there for all to see – on his blog, on Google for ever and ever.

    Why he wants to argue with me on TV is a mystery – he knows I will askm all these questions again and again until I get an answer.

  103. theotherone 14 Dec 2009, 10:29pm

    adrian: are you sure he’s not masturbating over the idea of matthew sephton taking him on in (ahem) ‘live debate?’

  104. Adrian Tippetts 14 Dec 2009, 11:49pm

    Quite possibly! :-)

    He can dream on, because a Virgin Birth is more likely. Who wants to waste their time in debate with a know-all, know-nothing, no-contest and nobody, who thinks that the Book of Genesis is a real account of human history?

  105. Robert Aimes 15 Dec 2009, 7:44am

    Posted a comment to his blog for “approval”.

    Something along the lines of medical intervention and or sectioning.

    At least he will have the pleasure of reading it before deleting it.

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