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TUC announces new coalition to tackle homophobia in football

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 10 Dec 2009, 3:52pm

    I don’t know why this issue is so complicated.

    An instant remedy to homophobia (and indeed racism) in football is to stop all games where the fans are engaging in homophobic or racist chanting and award the match to the team of the player being verbally abused.

    Football is like a religion for many suppporters. If they realise that homophobia or racism will cost their teams matches then they will not engage in such behaviour.

  2. I’d rather the TUC dealt with homophobia in the work place. These people spend 2-3 hours at a game once a week as against 40 in the workplace where many practise their bigotry all day long.

  3. @ Simon – Seems simple enough, but what happens when fans of both teams engage in homophobic chants? Does it go into extra time?

  4. It is telling isn’t it, that the football authorities are not fronting this. I suspect they don’t care.

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