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Schools to record all homophobic, sexist and racist bullying

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  1. wow, is that an apple mac in this picture. Things have changed since my BBC spectrum. LOL

    But seriosly can schools afford Apple Macs over PC’s. Wish I could.

  2. Ours was “a” Commodore 64.

    Good News, although schools already know theres a problem and aren’t doing any thing about it, so what is this going to change?

  3. Thousands of good, caring schools already record instances of homophobic bullying on top of an already heaving work load. They don’t have to do it, you’re right, but putting the needs of children first and foremost, irrespective of Sexual Orientation, is what education is all about. Let’s rejoice that it’s becoming a law so that everyone else can keep up.
    But let’s hope this government gives them time and adequate payment to do all these extra things.

  4. It is obviously a good initiative, but it doesn’t automatically mean all schools, just those in England. Don’t forget that education is devolved so here in Wales, and in Scotland & N. Ireland we make our own policies.

  5. Yes Pink News is like the BCC, England Centric, refering to “all” or “everywhere” when they mean England. It take a NI Member of the Assembly to make repeated homophobic comments in public for NI ever to be mentioned.

  6. John(Derbyshire) 10 Dec 2009, 7:20pm

    The conservatives will be in power by September-and they will certainly drop this requirement on schools. They are indifferent to homophobia-and will represent this recording of homophobia as an administrative chore that our schools can do without.

  7. Derek North 10 Dec 2009, 7:24pm

    Christ, Commodore 64 or BBC Computer.

    My school had a couple of Sinclair ZX81’s

  8. this assumes all such bullying is KNOWN to the teachers! I assume that, as in my day, they’re ignorant of or indiffernet to most of it. But its a start.

  9. Why is it that the bureaucrats always seem to think that we can solve these kinds of problem by writing them down? Recording it will just allow us to track it, and that is IF it is correctly used. It will merely take up time when we should be spending it controlling the bullying. We need trained teams to go into schools and educate pupils and teachers. Head teachers need to be directed to accept this, and it needs to be financed. We already know it is happening, we do not need this.

  10. I agree Paul but writing them down should create some kind of league table of shame which may forces heads and parents to do something.

  11. Mihangel apYrs 11 Dec 2009, 11:43am

    if it creates a “league table of shame” how sure can we be that teachers won’t be “encouraged” not to record incidents, “for the good of the school and all its pupils”?

  12. Paul, I have been thinking the same for a while. I offer my services for the job (about to be laid off)

  13. A good move. Its only by knowing how much of this actually happens that it can be evidenced and addressed and stopped!

  14. Hodge Podge 11 Dec 2009, 6:19pm

    I don’t like the idea of some stupid 10 year old going on a list because they said something racist…

  15. What a ginger bullying? Freckles bullying? Glasses bullying? Fat bullying? Geek bullying? Shy bullying? Skinny bullying? Shorty bullying? So now some children are going to be on some state ‘thought criminal’ database for the rest of their lives coz they call someone queer or a puff. It’s pathetic. I hope most schools do the sensible thing and tell the authorities where to shove their big brother bureaucracy and get on with teaching children.

  16. Pumpkin Pie 13 Dec 2009, 12:23am

    I don’t like the idea of some stupid 10 year old going on a list because they said something racist…

    I’m pretty sure this is about recording instances of bullying, not bullies themselves.

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