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Elton John and Judy Garland ranked top gay icons

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Reader comments

  1. Not at all suprised by the women on the list, but the men? Surely Noel Coward should be up there with Oscar wilde and wot about John Barrowman??? (ALAN CARR an icon!!???)

  2. Dusty was a lesbian. It’s well documented after her death so not sure why she’s not mentioned. Madonna is a known Bi-Sexual and should Lily Savage really be in the list as it is a man dressed in dress. Not female or a trans of any sort.

    My fav lesbian at present is Claire (from Channel 4 racing)

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 10 Dec 2009, 10:16pm

    Aw, Judy; right on top where you belong, sweetheart:

  4. Um, I think the word ‘icon’ has been somewhat devalued here (or else completely misunderstood).

    So, Elton John – a ridiculous-looking weeble man who made a couple of good records between 1972-74 wins out over… Oscar Wilde!

    That’s priceless too – Mike lamenting the fact that Alan Carr’s made the list but also lamenting the fact that John Barrowman HASN’T! Barrowman’s a total t*t. At least Carr’s funny (though he’s no icon). I don’t understand the criteria to be honest. If just being gay and famous is enough, then why isn’t Jeffery Dahmer on the list?

  5. Denis Nzioka 11 Dec 2009, 8:50am

    Elton deserved it. Period. And so does Judy. By the fact we have ‘straight’ folks in this list goes to show that our presumptions may not be wrong about them. Just a thought. (-:

  6. Mihangel apYrs 11 Dec 2009, 9:47am

    “gay icons” = luvvies and entertainers!!

    Are we so shallow that we can’t appreciate and respect people who have either done something worthwhile for gay people (eg Leo Abse), or who were outstanding in their professions (Turing)?

    No we “venerate” people who are just famous!

  7. Can’t help wondering what the average age of the Old Folks Home they asked was for this survey… 70?

  8. ChristoRay, you are intitled to your own opinion, but Barrowman is a very popular guy and a good role model for young gay men that you don’t have to be a limp wristed psudo Larry Grayson these days to be gay!

  9. Jean-Paul Bentham 13 Dec 2009, 3:39am

    It strikes me as so strange that Elton John is appreciated everywhere except in his own country. We love him here in Canada; the guy’s a musical genius.

  10. To paraphrase Morrissey, this list “says nothing to me about my life”. Are we to take from this list that to be iconic one must have relied heavily on drugs to get them thru’ their lives and performances, been a drama queen, bitchy? That’s a great message to send out. This list shows more negatives than positives. Thanks but no thanks.

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