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10 December 2009

  • 10th December 2009

    Nearly half of New Jersey Catholics support gay marriage 49

    Non-religious people were most in favour of gay marriage

    8:05 PM — A poll of Catholic voters in the US state of New Jersey has shown that just under half are in favour of gay marriage. The lowest levels of support were found among evangelical Christians.

  • Comment : Peter Tatchell calls for a global human rights index 22

    Peter Tatchell suggested there should be a global human rights index

    7:49 PM — On Human Rights Day 2009 we see a world where LGBT rights and freedoms are violated everywhere. Only a tiny minority of countries have anything close to legal equality and protection against homophobic and transphobic harassment, discrimination and hate crimes.

  • Austria’s parliament legalises civil unions 5

    Couples will be permitted to have civil unions

    5:28 PM — Austria's parliament has approved legalising civil unions in the country. The law will come into force on January 1st 2010 but bars gay couples from some rights, such as adoption and fertility treatment.

  • Sperm donor wins access to lesbian couple’s son 13

    The man won access to his son (Photo: D Sharon Pruitt)

    5:18 PM — An Irish man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple has won the right to see the child. The Supreme Court heard that the gay man donated sperm to the couple three years ago when they were friends.

  • Would-be MP calls Tory candidate a ‘homosexual pervert’ 106

    Matthew Sephton is standing as the Tory candidate for the seat

    3:30 PM — An independent candidate for Salford and Eccles has received a police warning for calling a gay Tory candidate a "homosexual pervert".

  • Schools to record all homophobic, sexist and racist bullying 16

    Schools will be required to record anti-gay bullying (Photo ttarasiu)

    3:02 PM — The government announced today that schools will be required to record all incidents of homophobic, racist and sexist bullying. Schools minister Vernon Coaker said that all schools will be legally required to comply with the new rules from September.

  • Uganda ‘to remove death penalty from anti-gay bill’ 29

    Uganda will reportedly drop the harshest punishments

    2:48 PM — Uganda will reportedly drop plans for the execution and life imprisonment of gays. An 'anti-homosexuality' bill has been passing through the country's parliament but according to news agency Bloomberg, some of the most drastic measures will be removed.

  • TUC announces new coalition to tackle homophobia in football 4

    Tackling homophobia in football

    1:58 PM — The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has unveiled a new alliance to help stamp out homophobia in football. The Professional Footballers Association, Pride Sports, Kick it Out, Schools Out, the LGBT Sports Network and the Brighton-based Justin Campaign met with LGBT TUC representatives yesterday.

  • New Jersey’s gay marriage vote cancelled 4

    New Jersey Senators will not vote on the bill today

    12:20 PM — The state Senate vote on gay marriage in New Jersey has been cancelled. Democrat sponsors Raymond J Lesniak and Loretta Weinberg reportedly withdrew the bill from today's agenda because it was headed for defeat.

  • Elton John and Judy Garland ranked top gay icons 10

    Elton John was the top gay male icon

    11:48 AM — Elton John and Judy Garland have been ranked as the top male and female celebrity gay icons respectively. The poll of 5,000 gay men and lesbians found that the majority of male gay icons were gay themselves, although those on the female list tended to be straight singers such as Kylie and Madonna.

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