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Illegal cab driver guilty of raping gay men in London

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Reader comments

  1. Wonder what “substantial” means in this case…

  2. BrazilBoysBlog 9 Dec 2009, 3:01pm

    I would expect it will mean 10 years plus….

  3. Robert, ex pat Brit 9 Dec 2009, 3:07pm

    That should shut the islamic bigots up for a while.

  4. Yes, well, I wouldn’t hold my breath on it, brazilboy.

  5. what does his religion have to do with the crime.. quite a bigoted comment really.

  6. Reality, I think you’ll find that raping men is not high on the ‘must do’ Muslim list.

  7. Robert, ex pat Brit 9 Dec 2009, 9:49pm

    Martin, exactly. His cult is one of if not the worst, up there with the roman cult, denigrating and dehumanising us ad nauseum. Reality….you obviously don’t think religious cults aren’t bigoted, let alone hypocritical. They invented it. Take a look at the history of how religious cults have treated us for two millenia, ongoing in fact.

  8. Fascinating. A Muslim raping gay men.

    By the way, Comments on the following thread have now reached SIX HUNDRED. Yes, that’s right: 600 comments! Gotta be the longest thread ever on PinkNews surely?

    And we sure sorted out the Muslim “Rahman” on that thread. Thrashed him good and proper, such that he has finally fled.

  9. did steven gately’s sexuality have a bearing on his death? did michael barrymore’s sexuality have a bearing on the incident in the pool. No. but if i said yes you would all be up in arms brandishing the word homophobia.. yet you are so casual in suddenly identifying and focusing in on someone’s faith in relation to an unrelated crime. do you know the facts. how do u know this rapist was even religious, he may have given up or renounced his religion? identifying his religion by his name and colour and then making wild assumptions and lurid fantasiies of what they may beleive and stereotyping a religion (20% of the worlds population. 1 billion people ) is as bad as racism and homophobia .. yet as is evident here… just because you are gay does not mean you are cant be bigoted .. these comment boards are a good lesson in that.

  10. Reality, the rapist’s name is Mohammed! In other words, he’s a Muslim. But Muslims, particularly the Rahman Muslim who has been insulting and baiting gays and lesbians on this site, frequently do not acknowledge that any Muslim could do such a vile thing. FACT.

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