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Gay journalist Andrew Pierce to join Daily Mail

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Reader comments

  1. The Halcyon 9 Dec 2009, 1:06pm


  2. (What is a ‘consultant’ editor exactly?)

    What I’m interested in knowing is, will he have to toe the line, or will he still be able to talk openly and honestly about gay issues. Let’s hope Mr Pierce can enlighten the DMs readership.

  3. What a fine example he sets…not! I wonder if the daily hate will give him desk space next to Jan Moir.

  4. Simon Murphy 9 Dec 2009, 1:55pm

    Will he be required to sign up to the homophobic agenda of the Daily Mail?

    Or is his appointment part of a PR campaign to disguise the sickening bigotry of that rag?

    I think the Mail are realising how badly they micalculated the public tolerance for naked bigotry with the Jan Moir article and are now in damage limitation mode.

    Last week the Mail ran a column by Stephen Glover which attempted to rewrite the whole Gately /Moir story by suggesting that Moir was correct and that her only fault was in the timing of her piece (he ignored all the points that people were actually complaining about ie that Gately’s death was as a direct result of his homosexuality) . The reaction to Glover’s article was not as heated as the original Moir hatchet job but it was quite clear that their readership weren’t buying it.

    If the Mail realise that naked homophobia will damage them (and their reputation as a bigotted rag has increased massively as a resulf of the Moir piece – many people who are quite comfortable with the Mail’s BNP style politics on the matter of race are strangely far less accepting of their catholic church style homophobia).

    I just hope this guy’s appointment means a change in the Mail’s homophobic agenda.

    I reckon this

  5. Well, this should be interesting!

  6. Mumbo Jumbo 9 Dec 2009, 2:39pm


    Thank you for bringing that Stephen Glover vomit to my attention. I think it’s worth sharing so here’s the link for everyone:

  7. is he crazy? the mail is a homophobic rag

  8. Simon Murphy 9 Dec 2009, 4:11pm

    The Mail is both homophobic and racist (after all let’s not forget that during the 1930’s the Mail was in favour of Hitler and the British Fascist – they have a long, shameful history in their bigotry).

    The trouble is that it is very good at hiding it’s bigotry – its celebrity news stories, lifestyle pieces, website content etc is all very pleasant and bland and appealing to middle England. Their racist and homophobic editorial policy is not immediately visible to their massive readership as they are usually clever enough not to say directly ‘White, straight people are better than everyone else!’

    However thanks to the Jan Moir article, the homophobia of the Mail is known to the entire country. And The Mail wants to keep its fascist sympathies hidden beneath the radar.

    Thanks to the Moir article this is no longer possible. I think they may actually realise that they are damaging themselves by being seen to be so blatantly homophobic. They may finally have realised how enormously out of step they are with public feeling on the subject of homosexuality; so they’ve hired this guy to help with their rehabilitation exercise.

    They are still BNP supporters however (officially they are opposed to the BNP but only because if they were to admit their support of the BNP it would be clear that they remain fascist sympathisers).

    They won’t ever admit that their Moir piece was a mistake and that they are sorry for alienating pretty much the entire country. But I reckon there may be the realisation at the Mail that if their homophobic extremism is going to damage their profits then they need to do something to address it.

    Maybe that’s why this right wing journalist is being hired. He’s probably on the same page as them when it comes to their ‘White men are better than everyone else’ policy but can help them sort out their issues surrounding homosexuality.

  9. Here’s hoping that Andrew Pierce is able to turn the Homophobic, Racist trashy Daily Mail into simply the trashy Daily Mail.
    Hmmmmmmmmm; should be interesting!

  10. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 9 Dec 2009, 4:28pm

    Pierce is a legend and a very respectable gentleman who would not have made the move lightly. He will surely bring diversity t the paper as he has a strong commitment to the LGBT community.

  11. ryan – if pierce is that committed why join the homophobic rag that is the mail?

  12. Simon Murphy 9 Dec 2009, 4:53pm

    No 10: Ryan Haynes: “He will surely bring diversity t the paper as he has a strong commitment to the LGBT community. ”

    So long as his hiring isn’t going to be used as a screen for the Mail’s homophobia then I agree.

    Knowing the Mail it’s possible that in future they can print viciously homophobic articles (and they have a track record on this – Melanie Phillips; Jan Moir; Amanda Platell etc) and then turn around and say ‘Oh but we employ Andrew Pierce, how can we be homophobic’

    Let’s hope the hiring of Pierce isn’t the journalistic equivalent of some moron saying ‘How can I be homophobic? SOme of my best friends are gay.’

  13. @ Ryan: He’s very obviously NOT commited to any LGBT community whatsoever. If he were, then he would not have even considered working for such a hate-filled rag fit only for use as toilet-paper.

    As to his respectability, I’m sure the right-wing bigots he associates with think so but they are doubtless the only ones.

  14. Derek North 9 Dec 2009, 8:35pm

    I tend to think he has been brought into the DM fold as a patsy to placate the crap that ensued with Jan Moir’s vitriol.

    It will be interesting to see what happens….

  15. Without even knowing his sexuality, I assumed he was gay having seen him on Sky News along with their (presumably) gay newsreader.

  16. In post war Europe Nazi collaborators had their head shaved in public. This man is no different.

    If you consort and collaborate with THE ENEMY (the mail), then YOU ARE THE ENEMY!!!!!

  17. Pumpkin Pie 10 Dec 2009, 4:19am

    Isn’t the Telegraph the paper that referred to somebody’s civil partner as his “boyfriend”? Super.

    As for that Glover article, it’s nice to see that people (or at least the ones who are commenting) are wising up to the nasty little bigots.

  18. Patrick James 10 Dec 2009, 4:59am

    Simon Murphy writes:

    “Will he be required to sign up to the homophobic agenda of the Daily Mail?

    Or is his appointment part of a PR campaign to disguise the sickening bigotry of that rag?”

    He might be. However there is a difference between the staff of the Daily Mail and, say parliamentary candidates for a political party.

    After a while Andrew Pierce’s role at the Daily Mail will not be of great significance to its readers or the paper’s profile in itself. At present it is a news story but it will stop being a news story.

    What matters I think is what Andrew Pierce does at the Daily Mail. What would be terrible would be if he were to emulate the behaviour of the LGBTory group, to use his own sexuality, as they seem to do, to whitewash homophobia.

    The phenomenon of the LGBTory group in the comments pages of this PinkNews blog is quite exceptional I think. I have never seen an out LGBT group behave as they do. Historically it was true that closeted LGBT people would work against the interest of LGBT people. I remember very well particular individuals in the Unionist party in Northern Ireland who were like this and I know there were others in the major parties of the UK, indeed very likely there still are.

    However it seems this LGBTory group is breaking new ground in actively working against the interests of LGBT people by their whitewashing the activities of the Polish Law and Justice Party.

    I think that is still a very exceptional activity.

  19. Pumpkin Pie 10 Dec 2009, 1:25pm

    I’m glad somebody else brought up LGBTory, because that’s very much what I thought when I read this story. I just didn’t want to risk de-railing this thread with another party politics argument!

    Being LGBT means little. Your actions – in these cases, what you are doing to support your fellow LGBTs – are what count. There’s a huge difference between fighting for rights and being a shallow PR excercise.

  20. Simon Murphy 10 Dec 2009, 5:17pm

    Well it’s crystal clear to anyone not in the Tory Party, that the LGBTory group are nothing more than a PR exercise designed to fool people into thinking the Tories have changed their homophobic spots; while at the exact same time Iain Duncan Smith and Philippa Stroud (senior people at the heart of the Tory Party) are actively campaigning to remove the rights of LGBT people.

    LGBTory have no commnet on this at all – proving how they are nothing but a PR exercise and how utterly ineffectual they are. At the Tory Conference this year – they were banished to the very fringes of the conference just in case the Tory grassroots heard about their existence.

    I suspect this Pierce guy is in the same situation at the Daily Heil.

    The only trouble for the Daily Heil is that the furore caused by the Jan Moir article is not going to be forgotten and if the Heil attempts another article like it they can expect the same reaction – whether the Pierce is employed as the house-gay or not.

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