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Communities secretary promises new funding to tackle white supremacists

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Reader comments

  1. White supremists?
    Yes lets all ignore the elephant in the room as usual. This country is dying of the cancer that is political correctness.
    Why not pump a few million into curbing the ‘threat’ from old white ladies.

  2. Ladyfriend 9 Dec 2009, 12:30pm

    What about the threat from muslim supremacists like that Rahman guy? That’s just as dangerous to everyone as white supremacists. Does nobody realise that?

    And don’t anyone dare call me racist. You all saw the stuff he was saying about Islam taking over hte world and what would happen to homosexuals under their rule!

  3. @J Carter – I somehow knew I’d find a tedious comment referring to so-called “political correctness” here. No one’s ignoring a damn thing – the article makes two mentions of Islamic extremism, which I’m sure is the elephant to which you refer, including strategies in place to combat it, which are not going anywhere.

    To play white supremacists down as nothing more threatening than “old white ladies” suggests to me that perhaps you are entirely ignorant of their actions of late (aside from David Copeland, for a few recent examples try Robert Cottage, Martyn Gilleard, or Neil Lewington, and let’s not forget this little lot: – hardly harmless little fluffy racist bunnies, are they?) or, worse, that you are fully aware of what they are capable of but trying to divert attention from the issue for one reason or another. Either way, I’m glad the government doesn’t think like you; violent extremism is violent extremism, and it’s a serious problem that must be dealt with regardless of the views of the people behind it.

    @Ladyfriend – yes, as I said, everyone realises that. I’m not going to call you racist, but I am going to say you perhaps didn’t read the article.

  4. “This country is dying of the cancer that is political correctness.”

    Get a grip, for heavens sake!

  5. Ladyfriend 9 Dec 2009, 1:22pm

    I did read the article. and its all about the rise of far right groups and how dangerous they are – and I agree, they are. But when did we hear about £5million being set aside to tackle the Rahman types?

  6. Sweetie, don’t worry. That’s what we pay our taxes for. So that the authorities can deal with the obvious threats to the defence of the realm like the ‘Rahman types’. That’s what MI5 and MI6 are for, and the Anti-Terrorist dept of the police, etc. Although, it has to be said, Rahman would be the worst terrorist in the world. He’s too mouthy. He’s just a fellow traveller.

  7. I hope some of the funding will go towards keeping a close eye on the idiots of the so-called “english defense league” (& the so-called “scottish defense league” that caused a lot of street violence in Glasgow city centre recently).

  8. Stop the Aid 9 Dec 2009, 2:47pm

    I’d liktcknow more about whether extreme rightists from America are funding the Chistian Institute.

  9. Philip Davidson 9 Dec 2009, 5:08pm

    I have lots of knowledge of such groups.
    £5 million is not a lot.
    The money will go towards “administration”.

    Administration means buying “equipment”.

    I don’t know who these white supremacists groups
    they are a threat.

    The Africans woman’s social group took more than £5 million.
    The quangos are usually Bangladeshis or African Caribbean and Nigerian groups.

    All the money will go on “administration”.

    Unfortunately this is the group that act like supremacists
    when it comes to gay people. I’ve lost count of how many times I have been called a “botty boy! in it”

    The latest craze is setting up citizens advice bureau’s above shops
    that registered charities that do not actually open their doors.

    Do not worry about bees small quangos £5 million is not a lot.
    Let them buy as much Administration equipment as they like.

    In the near future we as gay people are going to have to look after each other’s interests
    if things continue the way they are botty boys.

    Bayyt boy, it means you like it up the but.

    Used in West Indies to refer to someone who is either a homosexual, or is suspected of being a homosexual. Usually is an insult. This is of course a very dangerous situation. Also batti boy and chi chi man. There are many more names. If you are still confused, listen to an Elephant Man CD. Batty boy get kicked in de face~Elephant Man.

    A term that can be commonly heard being used by Chavs and Rude Boys on London’s streets as a plain insult or as a derogatory term for a gay person.

    Batty boy also spelled bhatti boy, batty bwoy bati man and bati chick are pejorative sexual slurs.

    I don’t think they will be throwing acid in our faces just yet
    that at the moment is mainly a Jamaican thing to do to botty boys.

    Don’t worry £5 million will only buy some Administration equipment
    maybe some televisions for friends some music centres and some cars clothing and so on
    when the £5 million runs out they will owe rent electricity money and all other types of financial debts.

    It happens every single day.

  10. theotherone 9 Dec 2009, 8:07pm

    ‘Communities secretary John Denham yesterday promised £5 million of funding for police and local councils to tackle threats from white supremacists’ and only mentions their effect on only one part of the community.


    Oh and BTW: to those downplaying White Supremacist groups on this page I only have one thing to say – ‘go home your Nazi Party rally is missing it’s idiot.

  11. Ladyfriend wrote

    “What about the threat from muslim supremacists like that Rahman guy? That’s just as dangerous to everyone as white supremacists. Does nobody realise that?”

    I agree, and feel his behaviour on this site one could fit into that category.

  12. Pumpkin Pie 10 Dec 2009, 4:04am

    This is good news. It’s time to remind these thugs that extremism isn’t tolerated in this country no matter who you are.

  13. Pumpkin – extremism is tolerated when it’s Christian loonies or Catholics

  14. theotherone 10 Dec 2009, 3:21pm

    Chester: tolerated? It’s encouraged.

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