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US Christian student group fights for right to ban gays

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Reader comments

  1. The irony is delicious. Does the christian group feel it’s being discriminataed? Diddums

  2. thats all the world needs, Fundamental Christian Lawyers. In this day and age.

    I would like to state for the record, I have no problem with religion, unless it is being forced down my throat, as this clearly is. Discrimination is not free speech.

  3. It is just amazing that they think they have the right to say somebody is ‘immoral’.

    They might do well to remember what Jesus said “Let he who is without sin….”

    Read more of the Gospels and less Romans I, children!

  4. A Christian lawyers’ group is a disgrace to the profession. Religion is the enemy of reason – and the enemy of gay rights.

    For those in the UK, there is a lawyers secular society (Google it) which combats the influence of these tiresome and backward people. For those eligible I commend it to you.

  5. “US Christian student group fights for right to ban gays”


    I wish to God that people, especially in the gay media, would stop repeating this LIE.

    They are NOT fighting for the right to ban gays. THEY ALREADY HAVE THAT RIGHT! What they ARE fighting for is the right to be officially recognized and FINANCIALLY SUBSIDIZED by a PUBLIC university that has a school policy against such discrimination. The school is NOT demanding that they change their policy. They are only demanding that they change the policy if they want to be ENDORSED by the school and financially sponsored by the school.

    Do people not recognize this VERY relevant and important distinction?

    This is like how the media, including the gay media, reports that Massachusetts is “forcing Catholic charities to place children with gay adoptive parents”. That is a complete LIE and we do ourselves and our society a great disservice when we repeat it. Massachusetts has told the Catholic church that they have EVERY right to refuse to place children with gay people but they DON’T have the right to take PUBLIC, STATE funds to subsidize their discriminatory agency. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?

    PLEASE, STOP repeating the talking points of the VERY SAME PEOPLE (anti-gay, fundamentalist Christians) who are bringing this bogus lawsuit and presenting it as a “fight for their religious freedom”. Everytime YOU misrepresent the facts YOU help them spread their lies and YOU help to increase sympathy for their nefarious cause.

  6. How pathetic. Don’t they feel big without someone to pick on?

    Presumably they have detailed questionnaires that they give to straight students about the number of sexual encounters they’ve had so that they can judge whether they’re ‘immoral’ or not? No, didn’t think so….

  7. Why would anyone want to be a member of such a group of people who will simply be nourishing and reinforcing each other’s bigotry? Why not instead set up a liberal Christian group in opposition to theirs? There may well be many young Christians who would prefer the liberal group and that may well marginalise them and ridiculise them.

  8. Zeke, what are you on about? Either way, these groups are discriminatory. What is remarkable is that they have the ‘right’ to be so as long as they can afford to fund themselves. Mmm. The KKK, National Front, Nazi Party…. history is full of privately funded bigots. They’re in great company.

  9. I think the point Zeke was trying to make was that the article title made it sound like the college was not even allowing the organization to exist. There is a big difference between the college telling the organization it cannot exist and simply not funding it. Not funding an organization sounds a lot more “reasonable” than not allowing it to exist (which could actually be used to fan the flames of claims of “anti-Christian” discrimination).

  10. SamH, Exactly!

    And Rose, like it or not, in America people have the right to believe what they want to and to form clubs and organizations with others who believe as they do. They also have the right to exclude members based on their shared beliefs, and as PRIVATE clubs that don’t receive PUBLIC endorsement or funding they most certainly should have that right. They should NOT however have the right to demand that they receive endorsment from, or financially supported by, public institutions for their discriminatory policies.

  11. It always pisses me off when Religious groups are cornered they play the “im being oppressed!” card. If they do manager to get off the hook for their bigotry under their umbrella of freedom from society’s ways then what needs to happen is a dang Atheist group on that same campus and they gotta do an exact mirror image of what that “christian” group is doing. If they can go “no gays at school!” and they get allowed to, then why not have a group going “no Christians at school!” right up there beside them? and hey its still free speech in that same logic!

  12. America – Land of the Free…. What a Joke!

  13. the title is “US Christian student group fights for right to ban gays” The group exists and wants the right to be officially recognised as discriminatory.

    But, anyway, lets not be bogged down in semantics. The real point is that it’s a disgrace that they should behave that way. Christianity is not supposed to be about exclusionism. They’ve lost their way from the start.

  14. normally the loony Christians proclaim they want free speech etc yet they want to stomp on others speech and rights and they never see why they are in the wrong

  15. Ladyfriend 9 Dec 2009, 12:32pm

    Has the First Amendment ever been used to protect any real freedom? Or is it always churned out as a way to impose something nasty like this? Have Americans thought of amending their first amendment?

  16. The student group should not be stopped from existing, but they should be prevented from aquiring funding from the university. Just as much as the student group has the right to bar gay students, so does the university have the right to bar such a group. I say give the student group the right to bar gay students, then use their own logic against them and argue that the university then has the right to bar the group from university funds and official recognition.

  17. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Dec 2009, 5:49am

    As an ex-catholic, I can see clearly what Rose (13) is saying and I must agree with her.

    “But the Christian Legal Society’s lawsuit contends that the law school’s actions are unconstitutional and violate the student group’s rights to free speech and the free exercise of religion under the First Amendment.”

    Perhaps this is the crux of the matter, and I saw it coming. As long as religious groups project evil on others in order to justify their beliefs, the freedom of speech of one group will be up against the freedom of speech of another.

    Is this how we want to live in the 21st Century? There is good and bad in everyone; how difficult is that to understand?

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