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X-Factor contestant Danyl Johnson sent home

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Reader comments

  1. Sorry( I know many love him) I couldn’t stand this bloke. He was so ‘cock’ sure he had bagged 1st place. He had the very unlikeable factor for me and many others it seems.

    i reckon Olly will win. Joe will already have a record deal and sell music, by placing Olly as the winner means theres more money to be made.

  2. Agree with Lee. I couldn’t stand him either.

    He was sooooo effected. OTT.

    I’d put my money on Olly. Although Joe is the best singer.

  3. He already has a signing with Cowell. Check back on his most recent performances, it’s all a setup… “oh dear, I’m out, never mind” type stuff.

    Plus, those eyes and the way he throws himself about, he’s clearly psychotic!

  4. he isn’t psychotic
    he should have won

  5. Olly will be third, Stacey second, and the winner will be Joe.

  6. I got a wierd vibe off him too, and he was very cocky. I want Stacey to win.

    However, I don’t watch them live, just the repeats, i’m a Strictly fan!

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