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Spain apologises for 1970s jailing of gay man

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Spain, a truely liberated country.

  2. It’s a start.

    Now they need to find the “Catholic monk” and ‘offer’ the mediaeval cretin ‘re-training’ …


  3. @ Keith — most definitely!!!

  4. “Most definitely..”…?
    Yeah! Most!! .. AndySam #3.

    It was a Spanish religious order that I was in, as little more than a child, in the late 1950’s.

    What a load of nonsense.

    It was there that the priest told me to go for electric shock therapy treatment when in the late 1950’s I told him that I thought I was ‘homosexual’ – having just discovered that word – and thinking to my ignorant little, 1950’s self..

    “Hmm? That word describes me! I’ll go and ask Father Superior Posterior what it means…!”

    Like a scene from a ‘Carry-on’ film…Ha!

    “Carry on up yer Cassock..!
    “Carry on, Cloisters..!”…Ha!

    Talk about naive! Hahaha..Ooooooopppppssss!

    What a garsoon..!

    He nearly shit his kekkies, the daft clodhopper and I was out the door quicker ‘n you can say .. “Oi Vey ! Maria..” ..!

    I left the Church, needless to say…toot-sweet..and sort of ‘persona very non grata’..!

    (St.) Antonio Maria Claret, Archbishop of Havana, Cuba and the founder of that particular religious order in the 1800’s must be spinning in his casket, nowadays, at just how ‘gay’ things have gone in his beloved Spain and in his life’s work, Cuba.

    Just the price of them.


  5. Well, that’s good. I didn’t expect the Spanish apology.


    Among their weaponry are tolerance for all sexual orientations, an almost fanatical devotion to the human rights, and nice blue suits !

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