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‘Homophobic’ Buju Banton receives fourth Grammy nomination

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  1. BrazilBoysBlog 7 Dec 2009, 12:43pm

    ‘The Academy’ should feel ashamed of themselves.. To honour a man who promotes the murder of gay people is incredible. Shows they are totally out of touch with reality also.

  2. Totally agree with BrazilBoysBlog – the Academy should feel ashamed to lent any credit to this vile hateful homophobic pond life.

  3. This saddens me, as do rappers whose lyrics are misogynistic.

  4. This saddens me, as to rappers whose lyrics are misogynistic.

  5. The double standards are grotesque. What would happen to this tosser if he preached racist or antisemitic violence? He wouldn’t get nominated for any awards, that’s for sure.

  6. What has to happen before the ‘powers that be’ stops rewarding these kind of people? This goes beyond shameful, they’ve done it just to grab headlines but to use this kind of person to promote an event on the strength of such hatred, is deplorable!

  7. Simon Murphy 7 Dec 2009, 5:26pm

    I checked out the Media and Communications page of the Grammy website and found the following contact information:

    Barb Dehgan
    Vice President, Communications & Media Relations

    Lourdes Lopez
    Senior Manager, Communications & Media Relations

    Jennifer Keppel
    Senior Coordinator, Communications & Media Relations

    Stephanie Schell
    Coordinator, Communications & Media Relations

    They will welcome feedback on the Grammies decision to honour a man who wants to kill you.

    Their emails are as follows:


    subject Is the Recording Academy homophobic?

    Dear All

    I am writing to express my disgust at the decision by the Grammies to nominate violent homophobe Buju Banton for a Grammy for Best Reggae album.

    This man promotes the violent murder of LGBT people in his songs; he refuses to apologise for his incitement to murder and continues to incite murder and violence against gay people in his songs.

    It is appalling that the Recording Academy would choose to honour such a person regardless of the artistic merit of his work.

    Would the Grammies nominate an artist that promotes violence and murder against jewish people or black people? I think not. Why is there a homophobic double standard at work here?

    Naturally I will not be watching the Grammy Awards ever again.

    I cannot support a show or an Academy that tolerates and rewards homophobia.

    I will be passing the information about the Recording Academy supporting homophobia to everyone I know to encourage them to boycott your show also.

    Shame on the Recording Academy for their support of Murder Music

    Yours sincerely

  8. Jean-Paul Bentham 7 Dec 2009, 7:41pm

    “It’s an affront to LGBT people, and to all fair-minded people around the world, that Buju Banton was even nominated. We certainly hope the members of the Recording Academy will not bestow the prestigious honor of a Grammy on someone whose music promotes murder.”

    Need I say more?

  9. Black culture is homophobic at heart. Why are people afraid to recognise this?

    This story makes the “love music, hate racism” campaign seem quite hollow in comparison. Cheers Banjo!

  10. This man is foul.

  11. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Dec 2009, 12:21am

    Sorry, but Black culture is not homophobic at heart. How can anyone claim otherwise?

    I believe that granting a Grammy for inciting hatred, homophobic or not, is making a mockery of Art.

  12. Simon Murphy 8 Dec 2009, 11:01am

    “Sorry, but Black culture is not homophobic at heart.”

    Perhaps not.

    But Jamaican culture is certainly homophobic at heart.

    It is a savagely backward country where roaring mobs (assisted by the police) regularly lynch gay and lesbian people; and then the blame is placed on the gay people by the population.

    It is a disgusting country that should be immediately kicked out of the commonwealth and all British money sent there in aid should be stopped.

  13. It’s stating the obvious, I know, bu bears saying again:

    Would any member of a White Supremacist organization inciting the murder of blacks have the slightest chance of a Grammy nomination?

    There’s a very sick double standard operating within this organization.

    Major US organization GLAAD have started a petition to protest this offensive individual’s nomination for an award, Please sign and ask others to do so too:

  14. Perhaps we should be contacting the sponsors ?

    Hit them where it will really hurt them In thier pockets ?

    Delta, MasterCard Do they know that they are sponsoring homophobia ?

    What have we got to loose ?

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