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Actor sues over Wikipedia ‘gay’ edits

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Reader comments

  1. And what’s so bad about being called gay. if the article said he was a cousin of a royal family, a prince or that he is very passionate about helping poor people, would he be suing? If a gay man is recorded as being straight, would that cause mayhem? Grow up Ron Livingston; you appear stupid for this. You just said you are not, and if no fear, then stop squabbling.

  2. “The case concerned Howard K Stern, the former boyfriend of model Anna Nicole Smith. He had been seeking damages over a passage in a book that alleged he had oral sex with another man.”
    I would very much like to know which book that was =]

  3. 7 Dec 2009, 4:30pm


  4. darkmoonman 7 Dec 2009, 4:57pm

    IMO, the real annoyance isn’t that Mr. Livinston is being called “gay”, but that Wikipedia still knowingly carries inaccurate and false data and does little to prevent known offenders who post same.

  5. wolfeyesmn 7 Dec 2009, 5:06pm

    Well, now Ron Livingston is married, so that should quell all speculation. If he is married, that means he is straight as a board. Everyone should know this.

  6. Thanks wolfeyesmn. Of course being married proves your straight (NOT). BTW my Civil Partner has an ex wife and 4 children. However I can see Mr Livingston has a valid complaint. Whether this should end up in court is a different matter. Wikipedia DOES need to be able to identify its contributors and if neccessary block further malicious editing.

  7. So if someone were ever to write an article that mistakenly calls me straight, I should sue them? Seems like a gross over-reaction.

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Dec 2009, 6:30pm

    Possibly the fact that him being gay would therefore mean he has been utterly dishonest to those close to him and living a lie, might be the at least a couple of the reasons he would be upset and want to sue.

    People should not be publishing lies about other people whatever they are.

  9. Being called gay is “malicious”? Jeez, what century is this twit living in?

  10. He should try going after the guy for this but what he is suing for seems pretty weak.

    Shame because I actually like this guy as an actor for his role in Band of Brothers. I am an Office Space fan too.

  11. Even if the allegation was that he was in a relationship with a different woman, the perpetrator is clearly harrassing this man.

  12. Godwyns, George, & Will, Please read the article. Maybe if you tried understand what is going on your comments might end up being intelligent

    This guy is being harassed by some jerk. He has a right to want that harassment to stop. The other thing no one has mentioned is the fact that the guy doing the harassing is probably gay. Is this really how we conduct are selves?

  13. While it is starting to apply less and less,
    being called gay CAN be called defamatory by some.
    Do you think when people say “That’s so gay” is isn’t defamatory to the subject it was aimed towards?
    He is being harassed, and while we all know it isn’t bad ever to be gay, the person harassing him IS painting it out to be. In a positive light, I’d be partially thankful he is stopping someone from using homosexuality as a rumor mill.

  14. How is editing a Wikipedia article “harrassing” anyone?

    Ron Livingston, a nobody, thinks he’s being treated “maliciously” by being called gay.

    Does being gay defame your character? The courts think not. Now we all know what Mr Ron Livingston thinks about gay people.

  15. This guy seems to be a twat. Kinda like his character on Sex and The City. If he is straight then just like Burger, he is insecure. HOWEVER married a co-star, a hacker so intent in saying he is gay and causing a fuss leads me to think GAY GAY GAY!

  16. Also Jay pleasa thing before posting. You haveNO idea the person changing Wiki is gay or indeed one person.

  17. I think that Wikipedia should have locked his page, as I have noticed on other pages that are edited incorrectly on a regular basis. It is about time that Wikipedia can only be edited by registered users, to save this sort of rubbish. Its getting to the point where you can no longer believe most of what you read on the site.

  18. “Godwyns, George, & Will, Please read the article. Maybe if you tried understand what is going on your comments might end up being intelligent”

    Well, Jay, patronising comments from you aside, he’s given credence to the belief that being called gay is “malicious”, and by his reaction, a lot of power and advertisement to his so called “persecutor”.

  19. agree with Kitty; who is he?(!)

  20. If Ron Livingston is not gay he has every right to object to his being listed as being gay. Why? Because it would be erroneous information. The erroneous information would also be being posted maliciously, with intent to deceive the public.

  21. Absolute NONE-SENSE Jay. I read the article and I understood it very well. If you read my comment, then you could also see the weighing of the case… and of course, even a court has agreed to such before. Mr. Livingston thinks being called gay is a harrassment, then he has little or no sense. To support him, I suggest Wiki should remove his profile altogether to spare us such lack of common sense.

    And you have no evidence yet that whoever is ‘harrassing’ him is gay nor does that person’s sexuality any factor in this. His case is petty.

    Why suing Wiki for such when they have also tried to edit it before. Wiki is know to be open source and editted by the community, thats its trend, tradition and foundation it was built on.

    Secondly, if he has nothing to fear or hide, why being jittery… Sarah Palin? Tiger Woods? May be, he fears being outed anyway…

  22. oh ffs I understand him being annoyed by a lie yes thats parts completely understandable but me thinks this guys homophobic but just won’t admit it.Otherwise why would he say being called gay is considered malicious? Step out of the prehistoric age Ron sheesh.

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