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07 December 2009

  • 7th December 2009

    Bollywood’s first gay love scene 6

    The film features a gay kissing scene

    5:27 PM — An upcoming Bollywood film will feature what is thought to be the industry's first gay love scene. I Am Omar, one of four short stories which make up the film I Am, focuses on male sex workers and homophobic police officers.

  • Trans woman facing deportation to Malaysia 28

    Ian and Fatine Young are appealing for her to be allowed to stay in the UK

    5:25 PM — A trans woman who lives with her husband in Derby is fighting to be allowed to stay in Britain. Fatine Young, 38, fears she may be jailed if returned to her home country of Malaysia.

  • Lesbian wins ‘substantial’ payout for partner’s death

    The case was thought to be a legal first

    4:17 PM — A lesbian whose civil partner died after her cancer was wrongly diagnosed has won a landmark case for compensation. Tina Lane, 42, of Dorset, died of ovarian cancer in February.

  • X-Factor contestant Danyl Johnson sent home 6

    Danyl Johnson lost out on a place in the final

    3:06 PM — Danyl Johnson was voted off the X-Factor last night. The 27-year-old bisexual singer lost out on a place in the final, leaving the three would-be winners Olly Murs, Joe McElderry and Stacey Solomon.

  • Actor sues over Wikipedia ‘gay’ edits 23

    Ron Livingston is suing over the edits (Photo: Mark Binmore)

    3:04 PM — An American actor has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to stop an unknown hacker calling him gay on Wikipedia. Ron Livingston, the Stand-Off actor who married his co-star Rosemarie De Witt last month, has been plagued by a user of the site who keeps changing his personal information.

  • London protest to be held this week over Uganda’s anti-gay bill 3

    A protest will be held on Thursday

    1:20 PM — A protest has been organised this week in London against Uganda's proposed law to execute and jail gays. Activists will gather outside the Ugandan High Commission in Trafalgar Square on Thursday, which is also International Human Rights Day.

  • ‘Homophobic’ Buju Banton receives fourth Grammy nomination 14

    Buju Banton has been nominated for a Grammy award

    12:12 PM — Buju Banton, the Jamaican reggae star who has been accused of inciting hatred towards gays, has been nominated for a Grammy award. The singer had a string of gigs in the US cancelled this autumn after protests from gay groups.

  • Gay Tory candidate selected to challenge Hazel Blears 229

    Matthew Sephton is the chair of LGBTory

    11:48 AM — A gay Conservative candidate has been selected to challenge Hazel Blears for her Manchester seat. Matthew Sephton is the chairman of the party's affiliated gay group, LGBTory.

  • Spain apologises for 1970s jailing of gay man 5

    Spain formally apologised for the conviction

    10:58 AM — A Spanish gay man who was sentenced to three months in jail in the 1970s has received an official apology from the government. Antoni Ruiz, 50, was jailed in 1976 at the age of 17 after coming out to his parents.

  • Archbishop of Canterbury criticises lesbian bishop’s appointment 40

    Williams said the appointment raised "serious questions" for the Anglican Church

    10:36 AM — The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has criticised the election of a lesbian assistant bishop in Los Angeles, saying it was a threat to the cohesion of the Anglican Church.

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