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Comment: Why Uganda’s homophobic legislation must be stopped

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Reader comments

  1. Daniel Edward Pitt may blog wherever he wishes, but a good editor needs to go through his work and make it worth publishing. His sentiments are lovely, but his end result is a failure to finish the article

  2. I wouldn’t go that far, Rahman – clearly you’re as mad as a box of frogs. He needs to tone it down a bit, but it’s not quite as excessive as you make out. Mind you, being as mad as a box of frogs probably makes it hard for you to see clearly through those big homo-hating spectacles you appear to sport.

  3. The repeat postings… I was joking, but you are mad, aren’t you? Ooodear. What do we do? Madgayhater, anyone?

  4. Simon Murphy 7 Dec 2009, 1:47am

    F*** off Rahman.

    Rahman is a troll – do not respond to it.

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 7 Dec 2009, 1:57am

    Thank you Daniel Edward Pitt. The situation cannot be overstated.
    One gay man has already been tortured to death.

    Check out the iglhrc website for the heading “Public Protests Worldwide on Uganda Anti-Gay Measure”.

    It’s worth every minute to listen to the 2 pod casts found there:

    1) by Cary Johnson, Executive Director of iglhrc on VOA News
    2) by Anna Maria Tremonte from Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC), on her daily programme “The Current”.

    It really is the wrong time for Uganda to be targeting a minority group, and the American “Family” are depending on the world’s apathy with regards to Africa to set up an extreme right-wing regime which they can then hold up to the world as an example.

    The American “Family” is the evangelical equivalent of the Vatican’ “Opus Dei” which proposes to spread homophobia through the elite of our societies.

    How many of us have even heard of the book entitled “The Pink Swastika”, for example?

  6. Thank you for those mp3 recommendations, Jean-Paul. Listening to Cary Johnson right now. Surely other countries of the world should stop aid or introdude sanctions if such an evil, discriminatory and repressive law is ever introduced? How can they not?

  7. I think every word Daniel says is correct. I let my mostly straight work colleagues know about this because the mainstream press won’t mention it! They were appauled! The UN shluld impose sever sanctions if they dare to enact this evil legislation which frankly makes section 28 look like the vicars christmas message in proportion!

  8. Just stumbled on a Youtube linked news article in which the NARTH inspired author of the book sited by Ugandan authorities as justification for all this (one Richard Cohen) attempts to defend himself… He gets totally picked apart by Rachel Maddow the interviewer.

  9. This article from Time states very clearly that it’s “Christians” and their evangelical homophobia who are the “genesis” of the legislation. It mentions Rick Warren, remember he was chosen by Obama to administer his swearing-in oath. What utterly foul people they are.,8599,1946645,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily


  10. Omar Kuddus 22 Feb 2010, 2:00am

    In a country governed by backward people, we need to change this, we need to presure them…..that’s the essence….That is what the worls LGBT community has to pesuruise its government to do.

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