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Guardian: Uganda is unjust and infamous

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Reader comments

  1. Well done to the Guardian, and also credit is due to Tim and Jim at for constantly updating about the situation in Uganda over the last 9 months.

  2. Robert, ex pat Brit 5 Dec 2009, 3:43pm

    The genesis of this proposed legislation in Uganda can be layed squarely at the feet of three American religious right wing ultra conservative republicans who have travelled to Uganda several times and who belong to a cabal known as The Family, with a location in Washington DC politicians on C Street. These three and the politicians who belong to it, are trying to set up right wing christian theocracies around the world, including America. The three ringleaders have conveniently distanced themselves from it of course but its not over as this story unfolds.

  3. Robert, ex pat Brit 5 Dec 2009, 3:46pm

    My apologies, I meant to have said…’with a location in Washington, DC used by similarly minded politicians, mostly republican and a few conservative democrats who live there while in DC.’

  4. Once more, ignore Rahman’s trolling.

  5. Well done, the Guardian. Having read of this on UK Gay News and read the comments of many Ugandans in their national papers, I find it deeply unpleasant. I don’t believe that isolating Uganda will put Ugandan LGBT folk in any more danger than they presently will be or are already in and countries like this need to be shown that laws such as this will lead them to be isolated from the world and bereft of any economic aid they now receive. It is not enough to say “Naughty, naughty, you really shouldn’t be doing that.” States such as this do not and will not listen.

  6. The Guardian is my main news source and the reason is because of pieces like this.

  7. Robert, ex pat Brit 5 Dec 2009, 8:43pm

    Rahman, we’re going to buy copies of the Quran and use it as toilet paper, how does that grab you, moron? F__k your equally f____ed up primitive religious cult too!

  8. Mihangel apYrs 5 Dec 2009, 9:00pm

    they will squeal “white colonialism – give us our money”

  9. Jean-Paul Bentham 5 Dec 2009, 9:52pm

    It’s a question of Human Rights to life. Uganda will never get away with it, and those American evangelicals are in the process of turning the entire world against them…the Family, indeed.

  10. Its odd that The Guardian have written this editorial. They support Swedens suggestion of cutting aid. Yet this years Guardian christmas appeal is for Uganda

    I agree with Swedens suggestion and find the Guardian to be paying lip service to the LGBT community while raising money for Uganda….hypocrits

  11. Rahman. For someone who is muslim and “straight” you sure spend alot of time on gay websites.

  12. What hypocrits the Guardian are! I wonder how mutch of the aid money will be spent on scaffolding to hang gay people?
    Cut this caveman country off! They are as bad, if not worse than Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

  13. Bishop Ioan 6 Dec 2009, 9:45am

    Put a sock in it, Rahman! Uganda’s putting a death sentence on GLBTQ people will not save innocent people from HIV. In case neither you nor the Ugandan government (as well as those jerks from the Family), in Africa, HIV is an overwhelmingly heterosexually-transmitted disease.

  14. A surprisingly large proportion of published comments to the Guardian are disparaging of LGBT-related stories. I guess the readership are generally apathetic or even hostile on gay rights and equality.

  15. I think they may have ran out of witches to burn at the stake so they are starting on the gay community.

  16. Rahman . . . the only person distorting things is “You”

  17. “I guess the readership is generally apathetic or even hostile on gay rights and equality.”

    Dave, of what “gay rights” exactly you are talking about? Be specific.

    As for the “gay” equality, nobody in the world wants any equality with homosexual immorality. That’s for sure.

  18. A very good piece, although I’m not sure it’s true that some states in America have anti-sodomy laws; I thought these were struck down by Lawrence vs. Texas. That’s a matter of definition, I suppose. If one defines anti-sodomy laws as laws regulating sodomy in given situations or contexts, then perhaps certain states do have anti-sodomy laws, but certainly, consensual sodomy, in private, is now wholly legal in the states.

  19. Uganda had questionable human rights even before they decided to focus on homosexuals.

  20. Rahman – Alias (Abu Usamah)

    When are you going to get over your tantrums because homosexuals have stopped you preaching your hate at City University and University College London. . .

  21. f-religon 6 Dec 2009, 9:00pm

    hiv is hugly spred my hetros like ur self in africa , and considering the amount of abuse,violence and evil hatred morels you enforce on kids useing satanical religions you shoud worry more about protecting kids form urself, from ur murderous beliefs and demonic faiths.

    piss off to some straight sight and bitch their, closet case

  22. it takes one pederast to know another pederast.

  23. @rahman

    based on statistics, hetros hunt after little girls more than guys hunt on little boys, considering the prophet muhammad married and consummated the marriage with a 9 year old girl, and that christianity doesn’t even say anything or condemn sex between a man and a little girl (which i would consider to be the real abomination) you have a cheak to clame JohnK a pederast.

    also lets not forget the straight male fetish of getting women to dress up in school girl costumes, pervs

  24. Rahman. I have no wish to debate with an idiot. However, you keep calling people pederast. You know as well as I that your precious “prophet” had sex with his 9 year old wife. You seem to forget that. As I say I’ve no wish to debate with someone who believes in fairy tales. Also your English is appalling. take your Koran and shove up ur ass

  25. As I said before, Uganda had questionable human rights even before they decided to focus on homosexuals.

    I wasn’t addressing the troll. His opinion is irrelevant.

  26. to @rahman

    “There is the fact that homosexuals in all-male environments of Christian churches (Catholic and other variations of Christianity) systematically practiced pederasty and infected great number of young boys with their abominable homosexual vice.

    what about the ones that rape little girls that you seem to forget, the only ones who abuse the boys are already gay trying to become stright (which is not posible because their is proof that sexuality is genitecly programed in the brain, throught brainscans, theramone reception,even the physcial shape of the part of the brain that controlls your sexual intrests), they resort to children out of hormal urges building to the point where anything they can get relirf from becomes a resorce and the same happens to striaght Catholic too but that mainly coverd up.
    also wernt woman forbedden to worship in islamics mosques, islam a religon that say women have to stay locked up at home and cannot socalise with men, that only men can be around men, kiss on the mouth, hug, and worship a male god. if male incloser causes pederast then ur religon would be the maine cause of it, but its not true and ur only calling gay men pederast for an insult. look at ur own comminuity befor makeing up bull-sh*t on other you hate.

    There is the data on Boy Scouts in various countries where homosexual adults systematically practiced pederasty and infected great number of young boys from 7 years of age and up with their abominable vice.”

    what data, you mean the bollocks lies homophobes make up without presenting any proof or by baseing it on individual account, well in that case their are plenty of reported cases of straight men rapeing girls so all hetros myst theirfor be pedos including yourself. you, an abomination should be hanged.

    There is the data on teachers in public and private schools (especially in England’s boarding schools) where homosexual adults systematically practiced pederasty and infected great number of young boys with their abominable vice.

    more lies and sh*t from ur imagination, maybe you should talk to my high school gym teacher mr slater (age 41) who was cought haveing sex with a 15 year old girl, you woud probably have some common intrests.

    In addition, in large number of paediatric hospitals homosexual nurses and doctors practiced pederasty and infected great number of young boys of all ages with their abominable vice.

    againe more bullsh*t with no proof to back it up and i thorght hospital wards were mixed gender (were last time i checked)

    In all male and female prisons of the world homosexual adults systematically practiced pederasty on young boys and infected them with most outrageous homosexual aberrations.

    more bollocks, more lies

    In all sport facilities of the world homosexual adults hunting for young boys and with all sorts of “presents” spoiling innocent children and then practice their pederasty on those children, and infecting them with their abominable vice.

    yet even more bollocks

    That’s all facts from international law experts.

    you mean the ones who make up bollocks and lies to spred the devils hatred?


    you ment to say HERTROSEXUALS considering the amount of wars, rapes, abuse bothe physcial and mental, violence, sadistic evil,evil religons, lies, diesies including hiv/aids and vairous other things that can be proved by just looking at the whole of hiistory and checking the sexyality of said people doing said crimes (all stirght)

    (hiv is a penatrative desiease, gay sex is rubbing dicks agenst other guys dick which along with lessa rubbing their twats together which both are extreamly hard to tranmit hiv.aids as their is no way for the desies to get absordb into the blood stream. only stright and anal sex passes hiv/aids and a guy can have anel sex with either a mans arse or a WOMANS ars so dont clame anel is gay sex, go have straight sex and get hiv please)


    Therefore, all nations of the world shall take care of future generations and control spread of HOMOPHOBIA in the population of the Mankind.

    That’s my opinion, so far.

    and sorry for grammer, spelling mistakes cant be boverd to correct them

  27. Islam is full of terriorists, and Rahman is one of them.


  28. f-religons 7 Dec 2009, 1:51am

    Uganda is full of murdrous pedos and Rahman is their leader, hid you children people.

    also you sure ur a muff monkey Rahman?
    seems to me you a closet case stalking a gay site but frightend to come out so you hang around accuseing people of being what you are. very queer

    suicide is a tried and tested formula for release, try it along with all other homophobs like urself and the world would be saved

    (and just a cheap shot not to be taken seriously by noraml humans, shame Rahman is a sub pig twat raped by the jewish god jahova but theiir is proof that hetros are pedos, you creat kids for you own sexual preversion, hetro useually keep haveing sex while their is aa fetuse in the wombe (fetal fuc*ers), rapeing them as they come out of the cu*t, batheing kids to touch them up clameing ur cleaning them up,looking at them when you change their nappies,useing them as an excuse to hang around parks/schools undressing the other kids in ur minds. hetrosexuailty is really just a cover for a mass pedo ring)

    this is about as true as the crap you and ur homophobic bitches lies are

  29. ok, is it possible to have an adult discussion around here? This has gone far enough.

  30. The statesmen mentioned should be having words with the US about the way their tax laws promote these disruptive activities of so-called churches in developing countries that have more than enough problems. US administrations have been washing their hands on this for far too long.

    Last week Channel Four’s Dispatches returned to the issue of children being stigmatised as witches in Africa, leading to horrific deaths. Again the result of US cults’ activities. In that case one that raises part of it funding claiming to be treating thousands of AIDS patients by a process involving an incredibly extensive series of injections – bogus of course.

    For too many what goes on in Africa is out of sight, but money raised in very local places can be causing huge suffering. It only gets any attention when something big, like this bill in the Uganda parliament catches the headlines.

  31. What the f..k is Rahman? Impose full economic and oil sanctions against Uganda and be do with it. Stupidity reigns in black Africa.

  32. Has he been removed? All the troll comments seem to have been removed! Normally I am against censorship. But in this case!!!!!! Can we get back to some kind of sensible discussions of issues, now?

  33. Mumbo Jumbo 7 Dec 2009, 2:32pm

    The MSNBC news network in the US have taken this up also. Here is some of their excellent campaign coverage:

  34. Just stumbled on a TV news report in which the NARTH inspired author of the book sited by Ugandan authorities as justification for their opressive policies towards the LGBT community (one Richard Cohen) attempts to defend himself… He gets totally eviscerated by Rachel Maddow, the interviewer.

  35. I know it’s an awful thing to say but the Ugandan society (from my perspective) doesn’t deserve any kind of aid and they deserve to be left alone to die.

  36. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Feb 2010, 3:16am

    This issue has not disappeared just because we have stopped talking about it on Pink.

    The story has continued on

    The National Prayer Breakfast will take place in Washington tomorrow morning.

    How much moral support are we giving to our gay brothers and sisters in Uganda?

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