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Voting opens for Los Angeles gay assistant bishop candidates

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Reader comments

  1. Great news. It shows the Anglican church is trying to change which surely must be encouraged. When people continuely crack on the negatives they very quickly forget about Gene Robinson. Lets hope this sort of thing becomes more and more acceptable.

  2. Simon Murphy 4 Dec 2009, 2:17pm

    The Anglican church is a joke.

    Rowan Wlliams will not condemn Uganda’s proposed new genocidal law for fear of causing upset to the Anglican church in Africa.

    The Anglican church needs to dump the African wing of their church immediately.

    As for these 2 gay potential bishops – good for them I suppose. It’s a pity that they believe in the christian fairytales though – I alwatys find it sad when people (other than children) believe that storybooks are real.

  3. douglas in canada 4 Dec 2009, 3:20pm

    Too bad that they have created a two-tiered understanding of humanity. “If you are in a committed relationship, you are better than someone who is not.”

  4. Comment 3- I wonder! Why do they have to be in ‘committed relationships’whatever that menas!

  5. Brian Burton 5 Dec 2009, 4:23pm

    Pope Simon Murphy has Spocken: All Religious Books are Fairytales!
    Mmm, I wonder How many of us regaurd protestations as Fairytails too?

  6. | Voting opens for Los Angeles gay assistant bishop candidates
    | By Jessica Geen • December 4, 2009 – 10:42
    | Voting opens today for the next Los Angeles assistant bishop and
    | two of the six candidates are openly gay.
    | The Rev John L Kirkley of San Francisco and the Rev Mary Douglas
    | Glasspool of Maryland are both in committed same-sex
    | relationships.
    | If one is elected, they would be the first out bishop to be
    | selected since Gene Robinson, of New Hampshire, was consecrated.

    Jessica, the voting was not for “gay assistant bishop candidates”, and Mary Glaspool is clearly lesbian rather than gay.

    I trust it is not house style at Pink News to misogynistically invisibilise lesbians by lumping them in with gay man at every opportunity. It sure makes it more difficult to complain when others, like the BBC (which does it all the time) do it.

    Look, it might be good to make a bigger tally of “gays” but women often face different prejudices and mixing lesbians in with gay men when those might apply helps hide that, and so helps perpetuate it.

    This certainly applies in the priesthood of churches.How many gay men do you reckon there are, and how many lesbians, In the priesthood of the Roman Catholic church? Thousands versus zero?

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