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More Adam Lambert shows cancelled over AMA gay antics

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Reader comments

  1. I think you have to be really careful of the spin you put onto certain news items. Adam Lambert’s performance was highly sexual, I’m sure a straight performer would have got as many complaints if he grabbed a female dancer’s head and ground his crotch into her face and then grabbed another female on stage and snogged her. You can’t expect to do these things on mainstream American TV and not cause a ruckus. But that’s exactly what Lambert wanted to achieve with this contrived stunt and it’s worked, we’re all talking about him.

    One thing that has to be made clear is that the shows are not being cancelled due to Lambert’s homosexuality, this is made clear in the statements made by ABC and GLAAD. Writing headlines that suggest this are just creating a false air of homophobia. There is enough homophobia in the world as it is. Let’s not invent more.

    Also, see your article on the BBC refusing a gay couple tickets to watch Top Gear being recorded. Two single straight man would have got exactly the same treatment.

    Stop this homophobic spin. Thank you.

  2. “There is enough homophobia in the world as it is. Let’s not invent more.”

    Why do you think Adam came second in American Idol? Was it perhaps homophobia, or don’t you think the word is appropriate?

  3. I love Americans… so easily offended by nothing.

  4. well, he might have come second because the other guy/girl was better? I’m in the UK. I have never seen or heard him or the winner. For that matter I’ve never seen/heard the winners of the UK versions. So I really can’t judge.

    But he does seem to think that being controversial is a substitute for talent. That’s a game that can backfire badly – as he has found out. It’s also a very short term strategy. Sooner or later people will get bored with it, like Spongebob Squarepants splitting his pants! He really ought to think about making his career more about his music than everything else.

    At the same time, however, I think the cancellation of appearances on American TV shows suggests the sort of prudishness that ought to have gone by the wayside along with the ban on Elvis’s pelvis.

  5. HELLO! Madonna has been doing more extreme stuff than this for years, if he’d simulated violence on screen less people would have complained. Its terrible that in this day and age sex and sexuality is still hidden. IT ISN’T the Victorian times. For goodness sake grow up. If they’d had full on “real” sex then yes that would have been innapropriate….but pretending, hello! how many female singers have done worse with male dancers. DOUBLE STANDARDS I bet most of the people that complained did so because of two men kissing.

  6. A bit of an over-reaction, in my opinion. The two moments in question were so brief and I’m sure far more sexualised things have been shown. I don’t understand how this created so much controversy. David Bowie was doing similar stuff way back in the early 1970s. I doin’t know, of course, but I wonder whether quite so many people would have complained if they didn’t know Adam’s sexuality?

    For me, the only bit of his performance that made me even slightly uneasy was the early bit when he appeared to drag a girl across the floor – but, of course, no-one complained about that, did they?

    As soon as Adam came out (or was outed, depending on your views), my girlfriend and I thought that would impact on his chances of winning American Idol and it did. His sexuality was all over the papers. Don’t underestimate the prudishness of many Americans.

  7. Jesus F Christ 4 Dec 2009, 1:03pm

    I read an interesting article (I can’t remember where) that suggested (and it seems likely) that these decisions have nothing to do with Lambert’s sexuality, but rather that his performance was disturbing because he perpetuated the repugnant idea that sex is an act of some aggression; there is a conqueror and a victim, rather than two people mutually sharing an intense experience. If that’s the case (I can’t reasonably suggest anything either way as I don’t watch this kind of atrocious television), then he’s deserving of his treatment.

  8. The guy who beat Adam in American Idol is rubbish.

  9. The other guy that won the competition was bad. But he was, alas, not GAY. Of course this is all about his sexuality. For GLAAD to come out in such a manner is even more despicable than the bigot FCC and network actions. Remember folks, this is America where people find nudity offensive but lax gun laws and crime merely the price for “freedom”… Calgon take me away.

  10. I read that a complaint to the FCC was made by The Liberty Counsel:

    Note that the mention of that complaint is on the same page as a headline: “Same Sex Marriage: Putting Every Household at Risk”

    I’d never heard of The Liberty Counsel. Here’s some info from Wiki:

    “Liberty Counsel is a non-profit public interest law firm and ministry that provides free legal assistance in defense of “Christian religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family.”[1] Liberty Counsel is headed by attorney Mathew D. Staver, who founded the legal ministry with his wife, Anita, in 1989 and currently serves as its Chairman. Before entering the law, Mat Staver was a pastor of Seventh Day Adventist Churches. Anita L. Staver, his wife, serves as President of Liberty Counsel. A close partnership exists between Liberty University and Liberty Counsel. Liberty University was founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell. Mathew D. Staver serves as the law school’s Dean.[1] In 2004 Liberty Counsel became affiliated with Liberty University/Falwell Ministries and Liberty Counsel opened an office at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.”

  11. Israelites 4 Dec 2009, 1:43pm

    U.S. just too corny they are not in the slightest bit embarrassed about being so artificial. Everybody smile try not to vomit.

    Have a nice day, you all!

  12. what this guy says:

    Adam Lambert and media cowardice:

  13. Simon Murphy 4 Dec 2009, 2:12pm

    His performance was at 11pm at night.

    I don’t understand the controversy except maybe to suggest that the US TV is even more backward than the UK.

  14. Pumpkin Pie 4 Dec 2009, 2:22pm

    Adam Lambert’s defence of his performance makes for very interesting viewing. There’s a video of it on this page:-

    I love the way this guy, despite being such a vulnerable newbie in the big bad world of pop music, absolutely refuses to back down or hand out fake apologies. It’s good to see someone with convictions in mainstream pop culture.

    FYI, for those who don’t feel like watching the video, Eminem was making rape jokes at the same performance. Nobody complained. Nobody demanded an apology. Nobody cancelled his bookings.

  15. Pumpkin Pie – that’s cos rape jokes are more accepted by homophobesthen same-sex kisses and other sexual stuff

  16. “Why do you think Adam came second in American Idol? Was it perhaps homophobia, or don’t you think the word is appropriate?”

    No, i think anyone using that excuse for a competition would be an idiot and winning just for his sexuality would have been disgusting and unfair to the other contestants
    If it was homophobic then he wouldnt have even got to 2nd place

    Adam is right, it is double standards, but neither should be tolerated when children could be watching
    Simulated sex scenes aren’t appropriate on these programs as they aren’t always aimed at adults

  17. If children are watching TV at 11pm their parents can be responsible for explaining what Adam was doing.

  18. Bishop Ioan 4 Dec 2009, 3:35pm

    Americans are so immature when it comes to sex. Yeah, I think what Adam did was over the top, but you hear few or no complaints when Madonna and some other women do a liplock. Hmmmm….could it be because girl on girl is a big male het fantasy? Mmmmmmm, could be.

    I would say that restraint should be used when children could be watching, but I agree that if they are watching TV at 11 pm, the parents should be explaining what is going on. However, we all know that most parents in the US would rather die than have to explain that some people are different. As an old friend of mine once said, “There are cats who dig chicks. There are cats who dig cats. There are chicks who dig cats. There are chicks who dig chicks. There are cats and chicks who dig both cats and chicks but it’s all good.” But that might be too hard for parents to transmit to their kids if they let them watch TV that late at night.

  19. Wtf were GLAAD smoking? By now, anyone with any vague interest in the whole thing has seen the footage of the rehearsals, which did not “differ greatly” than the performance: the dancer’s face got a little closer to the crotch and the singer and keyboard player actually kissed instead of getting to within an inch of each other’s lips.

    Lady GaGa smashing whisky bottles, Eminem doing rape jokes, Chris Brown (the guy who beat up his girlfriend)… and they complain about a gay man using exactly the same dance moves that both male and female performers have used AT THE SAME EVENT for years, and because he kissed another man instead of a woman? Women kissing each other is fine because it titillates straight men; male-female simulated oral sex is fine because it titillates straight men; same sex male kissing is ZOMG!THEENDOFTHEWORLD!

    In the end, if it doesn’t play into straight male fantasies or objectify women, it’s a threat to the status quo. Good for Lambert for being confident, secure in his sexuality, and unafraid of saying it like it is.

  20. Further proof that a few whiny, law-suit happy morons can just about do anything in the states….

    God only knows that you can bet that it was a bunch of old prudes who were just waiting for something to complain and whine about.

    As for this “Liberty council” is it just me or does every religious geared backward logistical group seem to have the words Freedom, Justice, Liberty and Truth in their name? If we all followed that logic we could organize the most flamboyant gay pride parade and call it “March For Straight Freedom” in other words, they are just yet another joke of a group who seems persistent on thinking if you read the bible you can practice law.

  21. 1,500 complaints? What is the population size of America?

  22. Theonly part of the act I found troubling was the bit with the leash, and the dragging all over the floor. I find coercion troubling, but evidently most of the right wing KKKristians don’t mind that. Two men simulating a consensual act, however, is outrageous.

  23. “….is it just me or does every religious geared backward logistical group seem to have the words Freedom, Justice, Liberty and Truth in their name?”

    It’s not just you, Dan. Seems that a ‘doublespeak’ name is a must-have for the religious right (who are neither). They trumpet ‘freedom’ yet seek to deprive a minority of rights.

    I’ve just watched those links above (thanks everyone) and to me it’s clear that the banning of Adam from these shows is a hysterical over-reaction.

  24. The show wasn’t really that shocking. Adam apparently was attempting to emulate rock concerts from years past using men instead of women. The “kiss” and “simulated blowjob” took such a short period of time that they were insignificant in my opinion. The religious right has taken to using the term “offended” to relate to anything pro-homosexual, so as to take away the meaning of the term. That impacts our ability to use it effectively when the same idiots call us “faggots” and “evil”, etc. The complainers were part of a concerted effort on the part of the religious right to continue to put down gays in all avenues.

  25. He who pays the piper dictates the tune. If the overwhelming number of viewers won’t watch it won’t get aired! An entertainer must reac his entire audience, otherwise he will be confined to playing only to Gay clubs…

  26. So when is he coming to the UK so we can all cheer at his interesting performances?

  27. Robert, ex pat Brit 4 Dec 2009, 8:47pm

    DanP, are you that naive to think that ABC cancelling his appearance wasn’t an act of homophobia. Nobody cancelled Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake’s appearances after Janet’s accidental “tit” appearance during a show. Madonna and Sarah Bernhard snogged on a show and they weren’t cancelled.

    ABC can skew it all it wants, it issued the cancellation for fera of prosecution by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), but so far, the Feds have stayed out of it. Besides, this show was aired at 11 p.m. hardly a time when children are watching. This IS nothing more than homophobia. Just tune in to American daytime soaps if you have satellite t.v. and you’ll see straight couples going at it, left right and center. Its hypocrisy and a classic display of the double standard. Straights are exempt, gays are not.

    By the way, Adam is a great performer.

  28. this might put it in context

    in 2004, Janet Jackson exposed her right breast during the Super Bowl half-time show.

    The “wardrobe malfunction” prompted more than 500,000 complaints.

  29. Ignore troll Rahman.

  30. BrazilBoysBlog 6 Dec 2009, 6:44pm

    Thanks to ‘Isrelites’ for publishing this link: I had already seen this, but it shows Adam with the other finalist…and ‘winner’. You be the judge. Singing ‘we are the champions’ (with the original Queen), the other guy gives a merely passable performance.. Adam, on the other hand really nails the song and is brilliant… Freddie Mercury would have been proud…(as the rest of Queen appeared to be!) If this was the quality of the ‘winners’ voice over Adams, then yes, he lost because of his revealed sexuality!!!

    As he rightly pointed out in an interview, there were also performances on the same night just as sexualy ‘explicit’ as his…But they were straight of course….

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