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Gay hurling star wins book award

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Reader comments

  1. that’s nice. pleased for him.

  2. Simon Murphy 4 Dec 2009, 7:15pm

    Donal Og has become a huge gay icon in Ireland. Hurling is such a macho sport and is one of the biggest sports in Ireland – and particularly in rural areas. I’m really happy to see that there has been such positive coverage towards his coming out.

    I wonder when a football player is going to come out. Justin Fashanu can’t be the only gay footballer ever?

  3. John(Derbyshire) 4 Dec 2009, 8:40pm

    If Ben Summerskill does read these postings- I would like to nominate Donal for the “Hero of the Year” award next year. What this guy has done for gays in sport is absolutely phenomanel!! He has great integrity and honesty- a wonderfully pricipalled individual who is an enduring inspiration to us all.

  4. I urge KickItOut to get Donal involved in their anti-homophobia campaigns. The guy is a perfect role model.

  5. Simon Murphy 4 Dec 2009, 9:52pm

    Check his interview on Youtube

    Part 1

  6. Wow. The Late Late Show has changed since i last saw it. Who’s that preseting now?

    Great interview!

  7. Simon Murphy 4 Dec 2009, 10:33pm

    Part 2 is the ‘coming out’ discussion.

    The presenter is Ryan Tubridy – he started presenting it this year.

  8. Simon Murphy 4 Dec 2009, 10:42pm

    Part 3 – the Harvey Milk moment:

  9. Anything better than Pat Kenny.

    Donal speaks well for himself. Shame some of the idiots posting on the comments below the video haven’t the brains they were born with. I hate to think what’s been deleted as unsuitable when comments like THIS get through.

    “It is only right and proper that the GAA , now provide seprate changing rooms for homosexual and straight men.”

  10. Greg Bradshaw 6 Dec 2009, 7:29am

    Glad to see his book has won this award. Appreciate that such a dedicated and talented sportsman has come out. Am doubly proud of him, as I am a hurler myself here in the US. He came across brilliantly in his interview. Buying the book ASAP, and Donal, will gladly buy and wear a Cork goalkeep’s jersey! Class act, indeed.

  11. Dear Ms Green,

    As a gay Corkman and an Irishman, I’m delighted to see you reporting on Dónal Óg’s coming out; however, this is the second time this publication has referred to a non-existent team called the ‘Cork All-Stars’.

    Dónal Óg plays for Cork, the county of his birth; he has twice been awarded the national ‘All-Star’ accolade for excellence.

    Third time lucky and all that…

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