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Vatican distances itself from cardinal’s homophobic comments

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  1. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Dec 2009, 11:59am

    Funny cos to me anyone who dresses up as a man of God and interfers with kids is an ‘insult to God’

  2. Simon Murphy 3 Dec 2009, 12:08pm

    The rape of children is probably an insult to ‘god’ also. And the protection of child-rapists is also an insult to ‘god’.

    Looks like many, many catholic priests and the majority of the catholic hierarchy are insults to ‘god’ seeing as how those evil cultists raped children and protected the abusers over generations.

    I’m not remotely offended by the cardinal’s comments. The fact that he believes in a ‘heaven’ suggests serious mental illness on his part.

  3. How many of the 2 million people that died from AIDS last year would be alive if this cult approved the use of condoms?

    The Catholic priesthood has the blood of millions on its hand even hell would reject them.

  4. It’s like saying that you can’t go and see an abusive, drunk dad.
    It’s warmer in hell anyway.

  5. Also people are born with dogma. It is something that happens. Either brain washed as a child (abuse) which leads to many problems in later life or something else in adult life.
    Sometimes it is mild enough that are able to cont through life. Sometimes they are unable to have jobs.
    Very sad but there are ways of undoing the damage.

  6. Adrian Tippetts 3 Dec 2009, 12:31pm

    I don’t know if anyone here has seen the film 2012 (one of the worst I have ever seen, mixing all the worst bits of Independence Day, Titanic and The Day After Tomorrow). But did anyone here also get that feeling of Schadenfreude when the earthquake hit the Vatican?

  7. 2012 looks excellent
    The vatican promotes homophobia yet it condemns this homophobe! anyone think they don’t see the hypocrisy? homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals are not disordered etc
    these scum needs to oppose pedos yet they never will or do

  8. I prefer the Calvinist look at life
    – Not everyone can get into heaven no matter what they do with their life

    See you in hell Barragan

  9. How long before Rahman has something to say about this?

  10. Me Muslim bum boy who likes lingam up yoni. Me like this man as he wears nice dress, Me would love to see his lingam.

  11. School is not out yet Rose give him till 4pm! Unless Rahman’s parents have looked at his browser history seen he is looking at gay sites and stoned him to death!

  12. Ah ok, so the Vatican rebukes a homophobic comment by making another one…fair enough, confirmation they’re all a bunch of bigots in their ivory tower.

  13. I take it that wasn’t a genuine Rahman comment in post 10! Whoever is doing that, the joke has worn very thin.

  14. And frankly, I imagine I am not alone in thinking that the last thing I would want to see is the Cardinals’ lingam. He can keep that to himself, thank you very much.

  15. Labi Siffre 3 Dec 2009, 2:11pm

    Jesus condemned adulterers & never mentioned homosexuals. Strange that Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, the Vatican & the Pope disagree with Jesus in this. (I’m Tweetable)

  16. Simon Murphy 3 Dec 2009, 3:01pm

    The catholic clergy and hierarchy is like a paedophile ring – either engaged in raping children or covering up for the child rapists.

    Have a look online for the Ryan Report – a report released last week which showed the extent to which catholic priests raped children and the extent to which the catholic hierarchy covered up the systemic rape of children over a 50 year period

    Those scumbags have no right to moralise about anything.

  17. How DARE these pompous self-appointed TWATS poncing around in the Church declare to the world that you and I have “a disorder” and should therefore be treated with the kind of “respect” that is akin to sympathy!

    How DARE they!

    Any FOOL can become a minister or a priest. The Christian churches are crying out for clergy. Nobody wants to do the job anymore. What fools DO joins the churches then promote themselves to become its leaders, who then turn around and deliver these extraordinary pontifications against US!

  18. Robert, ex pat Brit 3 Dec 2009, 3:15pm

    The roman cult HAS NO MORAL AUTHORITY to make pronouncements on anything given its two millenia of rape and child abuse and is hardly qualified to make judgements about “homosexuality”, sexuality, relationships and other social issues. The evil engendered in the Vatican should be brought before the World Court in The Hague to stand trial for crimes against humanity, hopefully the death penalty. Time to repeal the Catholic Emancipation Act, banish the cult back to Rome, confiscate its property and investments along with it.

  19. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Dec 2009, 3:21pm

    To me, it’s a question of posturing; a way to keep the spotlight on the Vatican. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    Using the logic of the RCC Boys’ Club, Barragan will likely get a tap on the shoulder, a wink from ben16, a special mention in some far-right publication that is paving the road for the papal visit to the UK.


  20. “How long before Rahman has something to say about this?”

    Hee Hee. You mean Hank II? :)

    He’s over on the “US suffers another setback for gay marriage in New York’s Senate” thread spitting lunacy on the keyboard like a sugar ridden ADHD child. May allah be praised, the madman can type. Miracle!

  21. Rosa not want to see lingam of man in red dress but me do. Me suckee, suckee.

  22. I kind of look at it this way;

    If I go to Heaven I’ll be surrounded by semi-naked men with wings. If I go to hell, I’ll be surrounded by semi-naked men in leather.

    Don’t really see how I can lose.

  23. Neville, darling, you realise your lingam and your yoni are both Hindu, and so IF this “Rahman” really is the Muslim he professes to be he doesn’t get what you’re talking about? Do a google for the Arabic for **** and ****. However, we’ve thrown such awful Arabic phrases at him already and he hasn’t responded, so it looks like he really doesn’t understand them, i.e. he’s no speaker of Arabic.

  24. This video is dedicated to you Rahman and the Catholic church.

  25. Yes, Eddy, but I am sure that Rahman has perused the ‘Kama Sutra’ in which these terms for the penis and the vagina occur. With his degree of prurience he will almost certainly have practised onanism while perusing this Hindu text. It is probably the nearest thing that he could find, illustrating ancient practices, to the Muslim way of life. It was relatively common in early India and was, therefore, likely to be known among the significant Muslim population there.

  26. On reflection, Eddy, you are probably right. Rahman is perhaps not well-enough educated to understand such things. Perhaps the English words ‘willy’ and ‘bum hole’ are more appropriate.

  27. raymond h. burgoon-clark 3 Dec 2009, 6:32pm

    I’m just curious: how is it possible that homosexuals are “an insult to God” when God (or whoever the Prime Mover of this mess is) CREATED us.

    God CANNOT create evil.

  28. But God did create evil. Apart from Satan, he created Muslims and the Roman Catholic Church, both of which are evil. In fact, they are the working of evil in the world.

  29. Gay people have no less cause for hope than anyone else. Christ came for _all_ who sin, no matter what the sin what that sin is. All sin, whether performed by a gay or a straight person, is offensive to God and should be repented with contrition. God bless you all.

  30. I see that we have another mentally-ill religious person here. Let him get it into his head that religious faith is a mental illness. Stop all talk of sin. The concept is arrant nonsense.

  31. The Vatican’s no better with the whole “gay people have a disorder” statement.
    Condemn someone to hell and you condemn yourself.

  32. Rev. Sr. M. Renate FCSF 3 Dec 2009, 9:12pm

    “The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals, two to Trans people, and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals.
    That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love heterosexuals. It’s just that they need more supervision.” As someone rightly quoted in an earlier comment; Christ Jesus made no reference to Homosexuality whatsoever, and St. Paul is always used to bolster up the homophobe argument, but they forget about the Jerome conspiracy which perverted and adulterated the Holy Scriptures to suite the Roman Churches own thinking. As a Catholic (not Roman) woman priest, with a Trans history. I find the comments of this crusty old prelate offensive but typical. We were all made in the image and likeness of God, and He does not make mistakes. Benedict, take heed, your employees are a liability, again.

  33. also – “homosexual” was coined in 1868 and added to the bible in 1946

  34. Dave North 3 Dec 2009, 10:35pm

    Yet again another god botherer who believes he has a direct line to a Sky pixie.

    Heaven, to me is having the intelligence to see through these sooth sayers and given their own belief system, just how hypocritical and deluded and nasty they are and see them as the opposite of what their own belief system dictates.

    To quote John Lennon.

    “Imagine there’s no Heaven, no religion too, Imagine all the people……., living life in peace.”

    I’m happy to think of myself as part of the evolution of humanity, removed from the old dogma’s.

    These people hold humanity back for their own benefit.

    Their day has come and gone.

  35. Gay Catholic 4 Dec 2009, 2:56am

    Ya know people…all the hate spewing about the “pedophile church” and the “child rapists”, etc is extremely old. The fact you continue to spew this trash only shows your ignorance. You blame the ENTIRE church for the actions of a few, you blame the ENTIRE church for something that happened 20-30-40 years ago. 20-30-40 years ago NO ONE understood pedophiles and their illness, it was thought that prayer and a stern rebuke is all it took to stop the behavior. And lets not forget the attention and money seeking people who claimed to be abused by priests just to cash in and to play the poor molested victim card. GIVE ME A BREAK!! Get the hell over it…so someone touched your Holy of Holies, grow the hell up and move on. The fact you people continue to mention it is sad and pathetic…move on, it’s old news. As for the Ireland study, again…it happens freaking 40 years ago…GET OVER IT!!!

  36. “you blame the ENTIRE church for something that happened 20-30-40 years ago”

    Are you for real ,”gay catholic” (that term is an oxymoron, by the way)???? Or are you just stupid?

    These creatures in the church are not abusing 30 years ago, they’re doing it very recently!!!! If you took the time to read the Murphy report or the Ryan report in Ireland, you’ll see it’s not a “few” or “30 years ago”.

    You need to open your eyes, and please, don’t embarrass yourself by defending that sickening organisation in here. You want to be blind, good for you, but don’t assume the rest of us are as you are.

    Your comments sicken me and degrades the lives of all those innocent children who were abused, and it was people like you with their blind faith and loyalty in the church that covered up these monstrosities, just like the bishops in Ireland did.

    Don’t believe me? Then read the reports.

    Its you who needs to be ashamed of yourself, and to use your infantile expression, you need to “get over” your own blindness.

  37. Surely a gay catholic is an oxymoron! You clearly do not realise that your activities are banned by the Whore of Babylon, ably led by its evil leader, a product of the Hitler Youth. You can take the boy out of the Hitler Youth, but you cannot take the Hitler Youth out of the boy. Repeal the Catholic Emancipation Acts!

  38. why are people still religious i just don’t understand. ignorance ignorance ignorance

  39. So at last the Vatican is getting its holy knickers in a knot as to who is the most/least homophobic; what a farce. Agree with the others, how dare the child molestors blame us for all the woes of the world and call us evil. I reckon their Heaven is exactly like “His DArk Materials” where everyone has been fooled its going to be paradise and far from it!

  40. “Gay catholic” is indeed an oxymoron suitable only for self-haters. A gay catholic (NOT every gay Christian though) is a hypocritical traitor to the gay cause. “Gay catholic” and others of his ilk should realise that they are suffering from a disorder (catholicism) themselves and grow out of it. They’re normally only participating in that evil institution because of ethnic or family pressures anyway.

  41. Gay Catholic wrote at #35 “As for the Ireland study, again…it happens freaking 40 years ago…GET OVER IT!!! ”

    No, no, no! Wrong, wrong, wrong! It was happening in the 1980s, as well as before! The report that came out two weeks ago acknowledged that.

    So what does that mean? I will tell you. It is STILL happening today! Do you really think, “Gay Catholic”, that there is not now a single Catholic priest, brother, or nun, on the face of this globe that is not currently abusing children? Of course not. Priests, brothers, and nuns are still members of the very same church. The church attracts the very same kind of candidates it always has done. The abuse continues. It is a feature of this disturbed and unnatural form of life.

    Get used to it. Your church stinks.

  42. Will, have you seen the brilliant debate regarding “The New Atheism”? It’s an inspiration. Enjoy.

  43. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Dec 2009, 11:00pm

    Gay Catholic (35):

    It is not “old news”. It is fresh, fresh news, and it will continue to be so for some time to come. We will never get over it.

    The fact that the Vatican distances itself from people like Barragan who glibbly state RCC teachings on sexuality does not change the content of the Vatican’s so-called ‘Pastoral’ Hallowe’en Letter of ’86 which states that homosexuals are intrinsically “evil”. The Vatican may not express itself as glibbly as Barragan, but the teaching is one and the same, and you know it.

    Have you “gotten over” the Hallowe’en Letter of ’86?? If you have, then you should not only read it again, but also keep it in your missal and read it frequently. Why?

    Because it is not “old news” either. Don’t kid yourself, honey.

    Then it might dawn on you that only by taking the teachings of Jesus away from the Vatican and into the homes of the faithful will the RCC survice into the 21st Century. Why?

    Because the Vatican has now completely suppressed the work of the Oecumenical Council Vatican II (the teachings of Jesus for the 21st Century) and is heading back to a papacy of absolute power similar to the monarchy of Louis XIV.

    For example, who did ben16 consult before lifting the excommunication of the heretics “mgrs. lefebvre and his following”?

    Nobody. It was a unilateral decision taken by the pope himself without consulting any cardinal or any bishop.

    This man is 82-years-old and he wants bishops to retire at 65. What’s wrong with this picture??

    Use your head, and don’t be so damned brazen as to come onto a gay website defending a religious institution that would see you burn in hell just because you were born gay…and don’t let their lip-service fool ya!

  44. Well said, JP. As Dawkins and Grayling say, it’s time to stop being good and silent and passive about the offensiveness of world religions.

  45. #35

    Tell that to the victims, Father O’ Slaoibhean, (you have to be a priest to be coming out with a crass comment like that on here.)

    After 20-30-40-50-60-70-years, YOU go and tell that to the victims of ANY abuse – from the last 2 or 3 people that can be alive from the 1st World War, through the 2nd; through the death camps; through Korea and Vietnam; the World Trade Centre Towers; through to this, the Church’s scandal in Ireland and on into the future.

    “Get over it.!” say..?

    How arrogant!

    YOU bloody well get over it; get over your sodding religion; it is stifling you, blinding you; it – and others like it – have killed and maimed and blighted the ckuffing lives of millions.

    I got over it; you do the same.

    I could publish the name and address NOW of the bunch of bastards, one tit from whose number I went to school with, now a religious (priest) – who not very long ago told me, similarly, to “get over it” in much the same way as you are doing here, above at yours, #35.

    “Get over it…!” …indeed…!

    I’d ckuffing well give you “Get over it…!”…if I were ever to meet you face to face…!

    You’d not be standing to tell me twice..

    YOU DON’T .. YOU DON’T .. YOU DON’TTTTT get over it, that is the whole point.

    Remember the old Irish geezer on “Question Time” not too long ago breaking down in floods of tears? It’s on YOUTUBE.

    Now he is either a damned fine actor or absolutely broken by his experience.

    It is taking me all my time now, GAY CATHOLIC, not to descend into my huge knowledge of Anglo-Saxon expletives and so I shall say it in another way ‘go away,foolish person of dubious parentage.’



    Gay and Catholic?

    My arse.

    You cannot be GAY and a CATHOLIC; you cannot practise both.

    You can be a practising homosexual, i.e. ‘gay’ and a Catholic who is never out of the confessional-box, as in living in it 24/7/365 and therefore deluding yourself… OR you can be a homosexually oriented person and therefore “intrinsically morally disordered” and “called to a life of total celibacy”..the Pope’s words, not mine.

    You are totally celibate, are you GAY CATHOLIC?
    Or have you a less than platonic boyff..?
    Never even think of having a ham-shank because that too is a mortal sin, hence the need to live in the confesional-box 24/7/365…24/7/366 in a leap year.
    You cannot have the toffee AND the ha’p’nny; it is one or the other….

    ‘QUEST’ once tried to tell me….’things have changed..’
    The hell they have.

    I think I’d rather read daft RAHMAN than you; I can laff at that numpty.
    You make me madder ‘n hell.

    I am assuming the while that you are male..?


  47. Jean-Paul Bentham 7 Dec 2009, 7:06pm

    The Vatican can say what it will: the teachings of the vatican are identical to the Barragan’ blurp; absolutely identical.

    Vatican distancing from Barragan; and bears don’t crap in the woods.

    Way to go , KEITH! Gay catholic, my ass. Member of Courage, more likely. Idiot.

  48. Keith, I went looking for that video you referred to. Is this it?


  49. Yes Eddy and thanks..!

    I have tried to reply and I also wrote something else yesterday but there are gremlins on the line and it won’t accept my text.

    And of course, then it tells me that I am posting a dupl. comment.
    Ah well!
    Saves everybody getting bored witless; all clouds come silver- lined, I suppose…!


  50. And yet it has accepted this…???

    If I hadn’t got a turkey in the oven with all the trimmings I’d gas mesel’..!
    I am so peeved..

    GO TELL MICHAEL O’BRIEN TO “Get over it..!”

    And see then if you still have your head on your shoulders.

  51. (So I am saying now in dribs and drabs what the system would not accept from me earlier)

    And don’t tell me, GAY CATHOLIC, that JP II did not know or that Cardinal Ratzinger (now BENEDICT XVI) didn’t either.

    Them two were as thick as thieves.

    “SANTO SUBITO”…the crowd chanted in St. Peter’s Sq. after JP II’s demise…?
    In a pig’s ear.

    Their silence compounds the felony to criminal-conspiracy proportions.
    All it would have taken would have been JP II to listen or the earlier one PAUL VI or JOHN XXIII…and act.

    JP I snuffed it before he could open his trap…or WAS snuffed, more like.

    No…Too bizzy pickin’ yet another silly, camp outfit.

    The pox on the lot.


  52. Eddy, thanks for the link…. very interesting.

  53. Keith, thanks for confirmation that I found the right video.

    Re. the problem of posting messages. I have worked out that PinkNews has a “black list” of “forbidden” words. Include any of those words in your text and your message won’t post. The way round this is to insert asterisks, i.e. “All religionists believe in ridiculous nonsense, they are all therefore great big f***ing *wats!”

    And if a message doesn’t post, then the thing to do is just click your right mouse-button and then select “Back”, and all the text that you tried to post will re-appear in the box. Then go through it and deal with any words like to appear on the black-list.

    If a messsage still won’t post, after you replaced letters with asterisks, then use the “Back” trick, copy the whole thing, paste it into Notepad or Word, and then copy and paste back into the Comment box one paragraph at a time. That way you should be able to pinpoint the paragraph that contains the thing that the PinkNews software doesn’t like.

    Keith, one day I’m catching the train up to Manchester to take all seven feet of you to lunch! Have you joined the PinkNews “My” section? If you sign up, we can send each other private messages from there.


  54. Will, glad you liked the link. (Thank you, Keith!) Very interesting for me to see a bit of Irish TV, and what looks like the Irish equivalent of the BBC’s Question Time. What happened though on the Irish programme that I think has never happened on Question Time is that the guy was completely given the floor for so long. The panel just completely succumbed to it. Absolutely fascinating. Sent it to my cousin in the States who’s still a Pope-loving fool who thinks of the “ancestral homeland of Ireland” has being a Catholic Shangri-La!

  55. EDDY..!

    Well thank you for the tips, Crystal; hope Alistair is ok.!
    I never use fouleries on here and never have; I have always disguised the words; morphed them into “twots” or daft “tuncs” or what a load of “ckuffing” … and so on, knowing full well and in advance that some things are screened for filthitude…resulting in el choppo for the norty correspondent.

    So I don’t know what was up with it; Hartley’s Week probabubbly.
    Also I have a DONGLE and they are not brill….not 100% so I put it down to that too mebs…?


  56. Who’s Alistair, Keith? I’m missing some reference here, I think!

  57. Oh sorry..!
    Me being silly…again..

    Ok, you at the back…I heard that…”So what’s new..!” – gibe..

    “Crystal Tipps and Alistair” was a cartoon show on the telly back in the dim mists of time….a little girl and her doggie Alistair.

    If you are not of a ‘certain age’ it will have been meaningless.

    As is much of wot I write.

    I thanked you for the ‘tip’ and the pun fell flat from thereon in…
    Shall I gas myself now or later..?


  58. Hee, hee. Keith, I LOVE your sense of humour. I still say the world should know of your writing abilities!

    Thanks for the explanation re. “Alistair”. That programme somehow is completely unknown to me. I shall keep an eye out for any nostalgic reminiscences about it.

  59. Get away with you!
    You quite go to a girl’s head, you do, you NORTY boy.

  60. w x3 you tube DOTcom /watch?v=yPpVibs2BfI

    Purely in the interests of edukashun, Eddy, you understand.

  61. Keith, thanks a million. I have indeed now been educated! Very 70s-with-a-hippies-for-children look to it!

    Adjacent to it on YouTube was Captain Pugwash! Now THAT I do remember! So I’ve had quite an injection of nostalgia this morning!

    Keep well and chirpy – and don’t slip in those leaves!

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