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US suffers another setback for gay marriage in New York’s Senate

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex pat Brit 3 Dec 2009, 11:56am

    Alan Van Capelle is delusional. If Governor Paterson is replaced with a republican in November 2010 and this will probably happen as well as a few seats lost to the democrats, it doesn’t matter if the state senate eventually passes the bill in 2011, a republican (tory) governor will automatically veto it. So, we can kiss full equality goodbye. We lose either way, no matter who is in office. Getting 8 bigots voted out of office next year won’t be easy when you consider that there are probably not even enough of gay voters living in [their] districts.

  2. The New York Senate is still keeping well with common sense. It has to set an example for the world!

  3. The pro-equality senators made some of the most moving speeches I’ve heard yet only one senator of the other side stood and justified their discriminatory vote. Pathetic.

  4. Poor Alesha is seriously mentally ill!

  5. The truth 3 Dec 2009, 1:26pm

    I, for one, can’t stand New York, from its geography to its citizenry. I’ve lived next to it, and in both its largest city and ten feet from the capital complex. It is the most liberal police state on the planet. So if the biggest political hypocrisy on the planet can’t even get this issue right, it’s their own fault. Another reason to hate New Yak and the morons that elected the idiots that just screwed the gays.

  6. A terrible shame. Gay marriage in NY state would have been a beacon to the rest of the country and many other states would have followed suit. Back to the drawing-board.

  7. Sad indeed. At least the cowards/bigots within the Democratic caucus of the NY Senate have gone on record.. They can now be targeted for removal through withholding of funds and through support of pro equality Dems to run against them in primary. The US is full of ignorance and cowardice. I am embarassed to be an American on so many levels…

  8. Robert, ex pat Brit 3 Dec 2009, 3:05pm

    Alesha, you ignorant bitch, just watch….this is only a temporary setback, common in civil rights movements. One day, we’ll be coming after you and your primitive cult. Get back to the cave from whence you came, moron.

  9. I think Rahman has a mental disorder..or he’s coming here looking for some serious bottom fun !

  10. “The New York Senate is still keeping well with common sense. It has to set an example for the world!”

    Oh, welcome back Alesha! I missed you. Tell me, in your wise opinion you once called Carrie Prejean your hero for her stance on gay marriage…. are you still her loyal follower now that she’s proven to be basically a hypocrite slut and a trashy porn queen?

    “and this the reason why it DOESN’T works out for you homosexual fellas”

    ….and clearly that out-of-date medication you found in that dumpster doesn’t work for you, it seems! We’re patient bunch of people, Rahman. So many equal rights in such a short time. We’ll get the rest yet. You keep your madness and your paedophile prophet, we’re winning slowly but surely. Ireland will be passing its same-sex (or as you call it, “homosexual”) partnership rights tonight…. one battle lost, one won, but the war is definitely ours!

    Now, why not go spit those meds out of your mouth and go see a doctor, there’s a good chap.

  11. Me Rahman have no sense, really very stupid, but I do like lingam.
    Me little Muslim bum boy.

  12. Rahman must begin to realise that Muslims are beginning to lose rights in Europe, It has started in Switzerland. Italy will next and then, and then!

  13. Gay rights are increasing and Muslim rights are decreasing. God is good for He does not like little Allah or infidel Muslims.

  14. The mentally ill Alesha, a woman of very limited intelligence, does not realise that gay rights are gradually advancing, as was the case with racial rights. Federal law will eventually over rule state laws which was exactly what happened in relation to racial rights.

  15. I do love it how the straights have the right to vote on our lives?

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  17. Laila ,what a generous offer of what,I am sure, is your most glamorous body to Rahman. But, unfortunately, Rahman will not want your yoni, for he prefers a lingam up his yoni.

  18. Very sad and another blow to not just New York, but gay people all over the world.
    Sometimes it is hard to have hope.

  19. Stonewall was a riot and its about time we got that sort of attitude back.

    Why not occupy all the churches and registry office in protest. Protest outside the homes of senators who voted against this. Go on a tax strike and withdraw LGBT labor from the state.

  20. Robert, ex pat Brit 3 Dec 2009, 7:21pm

    How about a movement to boot out all muslims from the UK, except the gay ones? They come to the west trying to impose their evil cult beliefs on the rest of us and we’re expected to take it? If they hate the west so much, go back, nobody invited them to come here. They’re guests in our country and abuse the privileges they’ve been given. For the native born straight muslim homophobies, they too should be repatriated buy force. Remember, NO Brit would be able to speak his or her mind freely in their flee-bitten backward, primitive countries, no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, no freedom for women. Islam is the most backward regressive cult of them all, followed closely by the roman cult.

    I have words of advice for every gay American. Boycott the states of Maine and New York. Instead, hurt the New York State economy by shopping and vacationing in Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Iowa, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden and South Africa. Those New Yorkers who live near Connecticut, make a conscious effort to drive once a week or more to do your shopping and have your marriage performed there. Let Connecticut or Canada if you want something a little foreign benefit from the bulk of your hard earned income. Hurt the New York State economy as much as you can. Money talks, talk doesn’t work.

  21. I would happily boot out all Muslims, apart from gay ones, for Islam is the working of evil in the world.
    What the simple-minded Rahman does not realise is that gay rights are gradually extending, the Irish Republic being an example of this, while Muslim rights are, thankfully, being gradually eroded in Europe.

  22. What the weak-minded Rahman seems unable to get into his thick head is that British law protects gay people from abuse but it does not protect his Muslim religion from abuse. We can say what we like about it and the law gives it no protection.

  23. Allah is an infidel, as are all Muslims. They have been so since Christians played football with Muslim heads after the siege of Acre.

  24. Vo Dong Cung 3 Dec 2009, 8:37pm

    US suffers be cause most of US gays are Christian. They are not clear their mind that Catholic are their friends or enemies. Some gay group think Catholic as friends, but Catholic see gay as sinner and enemies forever. US gay groups did not work strong enough to get people look into Roman Catholic crimes during any campaign. People still think priests are good and then listen to them.

    Gay must focus on “equal right (human right) never need to be vote”. And anyone talking about morality, just let them know about Catholic paedophile priests and must stay away from.

    If US can not separate Catholic from politic, no one can win but Vatican.

  25. “Homosexuality never shall enjoy victory over Allah Order for Mankind!”

    Oh, Rahman, the fact that you are here, on a gay site, blustering about your religion, only proves that we HAVE victory alreay over allah and your paedophile rapist mohammed, just as we have over all fictitious deities.

    You’re desperate to be heard. You’re very presence here is a sign of our winning. And it makes me smile.

  26. “He is 100% is Nazi”

    No, Rahman, you are the nazi here. Robert has more of a sense of human right then your fascist beliefs and malignant religion can ever allow. You should be ashamed and embarrassed to be here spouting your nonsense…. although your petty attacks on Robert and others shows clearly your frustration at our success in equality and visibility in society.

    Time to get over it, we’re not going anywhere soon.

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  28. Rahman
    We are not interested in you Paedophile Prophet Mohammed
    We are not interested in your Almighty Automaton Allah
    We are not interested in your Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Koran.

  29. “Soon we, Muslims, going to build more Mosques with very high minarets and teach ignorant Britts about Islam.”

    Yeah, maybe stick with building them in Switzerland…. no, wait, can’t build your towers there either. Opps.

    You’re a fool.

  30. Allahu Arsewhole!

  31. Rahman has gone stark, staring, raving mad.

  32. Allah’s arsehole and Mohammed the pig! Death to them both!

  33. Neville, I’m fairly sure this Rahman degenerate is none other then our old pal David Skinner (and one of his many alias), the style is the same, and Skinner wasn’t very bright (as well as being very anti-islamic, and I think this is his ploy to deride islam)

  34. Proselytizing Politicising Islamists

    Yawn Yawn Yawn

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Rahman . . . no one is listening

  35. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Dec 2009, 2:14am

    New York did give us Stonewall, as Abi1975 said.

    Stonewall was truly a turning point, and this is just a little set back. That’s the way things work in the real world.

    Equal civil rights will prevail. Let’s never doubt that.

  36. Larry Gets 4 Dec 2009, 6:46am

    Glad you gals are not allowed to marry.

  37. Larry Gets 4 Dec 2009, 6:47am

    Sorry but back in the day when the Constitution was written, the Purition Ethics of the day did not imply same sex. They only implied marriage to be between a man and Woman.


  38. Larry Gets 4 Dec 2009, 6:49am

    I see that you have tried to punish Kevin Gets by banning me. Typical Liberal Hypocrits. It’s only OK when your views ae shared but not the opposite view. This is why Conservatisim will win


  39. Kevin Gets 4 Dec 2009, 6:50am

    Abolish Same Sex

  40. Anyone threatening gay people with sharia law could soon become prime suspect in cases of homophobic crimes.

  41. Tim Hopkins 4 Dec 2009, 7:35am

    I’m pretty sure Will is right – “Rahman” is pretty clearly a nasty Islamophobe who is trying to wind people up. None of the Muslims I know has views anything like Rahman’s, I’m glad to say, and I’m also glad to say that none of the LGBT people I know has views anything like the Islamophobia that has been expressed here either.

  42. It could well be Skinner who is certainly of very limited intelligence, but I don’t need him or anyone else to encourage me to deride Islam. It is a primitive, evil religion, and it should be proscribed in the United Kingdom, and, ideally, in the whole of Europe! I speak of Islam as an ideology and not of individual Muslims who may have a sufficient degree of sanity to see Islam for what it is, that is something wholly unacceptable in a modern western democracy.
    Any religion which denigrates people because of their innate nature should be banned. I would certainly repeal the Catholic Emancipation Acts.

  43. rahman, my darling, why you make me to run from thread to thread in pursuit of you while you are running madly here and there after all homosexual men and women?

    rahman, you don’t like women? you don’t want to make whoopy-whoopy with me? you prefer to pass your life in company of homeosexual people?

    you speak all the time with such passion against the homeosexual people that I come to be sure that you are good normal heterosexual man, but now I am not so sure

    i think you don’t like women!

  44. Rahmans Islamic solution to homosexuality.

    1. Repent of your homosexality
    2. Convert to heterosexuality


    For those who refuse to comply with the above, you will be killed by being taken to the top of a mountain and then in the name of Allah . . . thrown off it.

    How do I know this about Rahman. Check out the 616 threads of dialogue with this extremist fantatical islamist crackpot.

  45. Is it possible on some thread, just once, to actually talk about the issue in hand instead of irrelevancies about Islam.

  46. Vo Dong Cung 4 Dec 2009, 9:27pm


    The more you say, the more I see you look like a drump (empty inside). Please take your Allah and put infront of us, that’s all I need.

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