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US bill could see witness immunity for gay soldiers

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Reader comments

  1. they need immunity but more importantly to reject DADT completely

  2. I bet Obama could use the 13,000 sacked for being gay now he needs 30,000 for his Afghanistan surge.

    Let us not serve we don’t care its better for us. After all the world would be a better safer place if all the male heterosexual bigots where off killing each other. We could just get on with our life’s and take control.

  3. Why is the Commander in Chief p***ing about like this? He has the constitutional right to end DADT now!

  4. Simon Murphy 3 Dec 2009, 3:04pm

    Obama is a moron.

    He is commander in chief. He can issue an immediate executive order suspending DADT.

    A bill to grant immunity would not be necessary if that 2-faced typical politician Obama simply abided by his pre-election promisess.

    He is such a disappointment. His mantra of ‘change’ seems pretty meaningless based on his inaction on his promises towards the LGBT community

  5. I’m pretty sure that an executive order was issued to de-segregate the military, so I don’t know why it can’t be used to end DADT. It just seems like another politician not keeping their campaign promises to me

  6. Kaz – he is precisely that and worse

  7. Perhaps Obama could issue such an order, but he chooses not to. Perhaps he is keeping his election promise of being a President of ALL US citizens, not just of those who voted for him. Instead of doing what Bush did and imposing his will on others, he’s engaging in the debate about DADT.

    By doing this he will ensure that when it is repealed it has support from ALL sides of the US political spectrum, because they have been consulted. This means that it is far less likely ever to be re-instated by a future President than it would be if he simply reversed it by Executive order.

    It also means that for those who know little about DADT and its effects, the debate may open their eyes to the injustices of it. If he simply banned the policy with no consultation, Fox News and all the other right wing media outlets would have a field day and declare him a pinko commie. If there’s a debate more people can make up their mind that DADT is a waste of time and money and damages, rather than protects the US Army.

    Good things are worth waiting for and are all the sweeter if you’ve had to work for them. Admittedly it’s been a long wait, but I’d rather the slow and cautious method that gets it right than the bull in a china shop approach that causes a backlash.

  8. unfortunately Obama’s office has used homophobic language before so I wouldn’t rely on him to oppose homophobia

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