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Swedish minister suggests aid funding could be cut over Uganda’s anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 3 Dec 2009, 4:13pm

    Well done Sweden.

    Uganda’s government needs to become a ‘pariah’ government if they enact this fascist law.

  2. Stop the Aid 3 Dec 2009, 4:32pm

    This legislation is pure fascism. The EU should not be sending money to support such regimes .

  3. Har Davids 3 Dec 2009, 5:02pm

    Cut the funding to the country as a whole, but the internal support shouldn’t suffer because of it. As for Dr Buturo: what would his reaction be like if some European country were to consider making the lives of Africans within it’s borders very unpleasant?

  4. Pssst Dr. Buturo: You mention your ‘independence’ – you don’t take aid money if you’re ‘independent.’ Needing aid money makes you ‘dependent.’

  5. A direct and spot on approach from Sweden. Well done!

  6. just got report of GLBTQI people in Uganda being killed, burned to death, this is not verified. Disturbing video on the way.
    can anyone verify? Is there anything we can do?

  7. so Sweden can do something and yet the UK doesn’t and some of the US right is enocouraging this evil

  8. Stop the Aid 4 Dec 2009, 12:38pm

    The UK suspended aid a few years ago over Uganda spending too much of it on the military, so there is clear precedent. Uganda receives around 1.5 billion dollars a year in aid, including around 100 million from the UK, which we can ill afford at the moment.

    Someone has made the suggestion that all military aid be cut, and to allow direct humanitarian aid to continue; that also may be a way to go.

  9. well, its a start. But I can’t help thinking the Ugandan government won’t give a monkeys about Sweden’s opinion of them.

  10. Rahman . . . you seem overly preoccupied with Paedophilia.

    It has been alleged that your prophet Mohammed had sex with 9 year old girls.

    I put it to you . . . it is hardly surprising that you project the gross and immoral vicissitudes of your religion on to gay people. . . is it not.

  11. Rahman: “English pederasts usually never thinking about very poor, starving from hunger and basic destitute, hardly surviving innocent people of Uganda” …If Ugandans are so ‘poor and destitute’, how come their Government can afford the time and money required to pass this wholly unnecessary and wicked legislation? If they can afford the luxury of persecuting innocent minorities, they don’t need any subsidising from my taxes…

  12. If they say they are free to pass this legislation, then surely we’re free to decide whether to give them our money or not.

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