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Irish civil partnerships bill presented to parliament today

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Reader comments

  1. Long over due it is too…. although it doesn’t go far enough.

    And our own branch of jesus-freaks in power are trying to drive a ridiculously named ‘freedom of conscience’ amendment into the law, so the religious can refuse goods and services to a gay couple. Hopefully common sense will prevail.

    After the disgusting Murphy Report in Ireland recently about the cover up of child abuse by the church and its bishops, the catholic church has no moral authority to be discriminating against anyone!

  2. Simon Murphy 3 Dec 2009, 4:10pm

    There is a protest by LGBT Noise outside the Parliament at 6.00pm this evening to send a message to the government that the Civil Partnership half-measure is inadequate. It is being debated at 6.45pm.

    GLEN (Ireland’s equivalent to Stonewall) claim to be in favour of marriage equality but have not criticised the fact that the LGBT community are being fobbed off with a 2nd-class CP status.

    The Minister for Justice has said that CP’s are NOT a stepping stone to marriage equality.

    Once the CP Bill is passed (which is inevitable and I expect the religious opt-out to be thrown away – why should a group of catholic paedophile priests and their protectors in the hierarchy have any ‘freedom of conscience’ opt out when they have shown themselves to be so evil and degenerate?) I expect to see GLEN live up to its mandate and start campaigning for marriage equality. They cannot and should not become an irrelevant group like Stonewall in the UK which seems to have alienated huge numbers of LGBT people through their refusal to campaign for civil marriage equality.

  3. I hope it succeeds and the homophobes lose
    But marriage needs to be for all and not just heteros

  4. “But marriage needs to be for all and not just heteros”

    Agreed, Chester. While not perfect, at least this is a stepping stone…. most EU states that now have equal marriage rights started with a CP like this one. Thankfully most of the parties have given their commitment to eventual marriage equality.

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