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Peter Tatchell: The Equality Bill is less than equal

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex pat Brit 3 Dec 2009, 3:10pm

    “To put it bluntly: Labour is creating a two tier legal system and denying equal protection to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.”

    Peter is so right about that. Just look at the two tier system with marriage and civil partnerships. Its all part of the deeply ingrained uniquely British class structure that both parties support. We do it unlike any other civilised society with great aplomb but to great derision in the more progessive societies of which we are not a part.

  2. And we certainly can’t expect anything better should the Tories get into power next year.

    Matt at Comment #18 on the following page:

    stated “LGBTory managed to list more than two dozen names” with regard to LGBT Tory candidates likely to stand at the next general election. He was then asked at Comment #19 to kindly paste in his list.

    Note everyone that he FAILED to do so.


    Because he can’t. There is no list of more than two dozen likely LGBT Tory candidates for the next general election!

    Pro-LGBT Tories? Don’t make us laugh!

    Labour have brought us all the pro-LGBT legislation there has been and we are reliant on them. Stick with them, or else.

  3. Pete & Michael 3 Dec 2009, 3:30pm

    Does this imply that school authorities can turn a blind eye to homophobic bullying, even if reported by a pupil and does this Equality Bill now give anybody the right to deny gay people goods and services including hotel bookings. It seems so to us!

  4. Well done, Peter. This article concisely and eloquently sums up all that’s wrong with the Equality Bill.

    “This omission gives a green light to homophobes. Under this section of law, they won’t face sanctions for anti-gay victimisation.”

    Too right. It also subtly suggests that LGBT people aren’t quite worthy of full protection; that they’re somehow inferior; that they’re living a ‘lifestyle’ etc etc. How can I teach the children in my class about equality and respect when our own Government doesn’t even seem to consider LGBT people as important as others? It reminds me of that bit in Animal Farm…

  5. The only two people I respect in the house or commons are
    Evan Harris and Lynne Featherstone of the Lib Dems both deserve praise for their efforts on our behalf in the equality bill.

    Labour should hold their head in shame for the flawed consultation process of the Equality bill. And the lack of any real debate in the house of commons that by limiting the debate time to one day many amendments and issues went unheard.

    Conservative party shamefully supported religious bigotry over LGBT equality in the debate. They even suggested that parents of LGBT children should not send their children to a school where they might get bullied for their sexual or gender identity. So Tory policy must be to protect the perpetrators not the victim of of LGBT related harassment and violence.

    As for Ben Summerskill the government appointed gate keeper of the consultation process for the LGBT. He kept the gates firmly closed so only Stonewall view where heard by the committee thus making them the only voice despite not being a representative of the LGBT. Ben should resign and hand over Stonewall to people who understand the real issues that are effecting the LGB and once he has left it might eve regain the T he expelled.

    Harman: sold the LGBT out to push her feminist agenda.
    Cameron: sold us out the LGBT to the Christian lobby
    Summerskill: sold us out so he could have a few letters after his name and a visit to the palace.

    Our only hope of equality now it the house of lords!

  6. But remember, little Rahman, the Muslim bum boy, Muslim rights are decreasing in Europe. First it was Switzerland, next it will be Italy, and then, and then, and then. Gay rights are increasing and Muslim rights are decreasing. The new law emphasises that religion can be mocked, attacked, denigrated and made to be foolish.

  7. Mihangel apYrs 3 Dec 2009, 4:53pm

    I often wonder Tatchell would have done in the HoC had he not been figuratively queer-bashed by the now out-bi Simon Hughes’ campaign….

    It’s also a shame that Eagle has sold us out for a cosy office

  8. This video is dedicated to you Rahman.

  9. Poor Rahman who, like all Muslims, is seen as an infidel by Christian Europe.

  10. and again Summerskill sells everyone out and so has most of labour! I hope this bill fails and that it’s rewrote to protect LBGT people

  11. ‘Rahman’ is a troll who is going from topic to topic here, depositing poisonous abuse. Ignore him.

  12. Rahman
    We are not interested in you Paedophile Prophet Mohammed
    We are not interested in your Almighty Automaton Allah
    We are not interested in your Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Koran.

  13. Adrian Tippetts 4 Dec 2009, 10:48am

    I wonder, when will the Pride organisers stop fawning over government ministers, who treat us like something they stepped in?
    Excellent piece, Peter. Abi’s comment sums it up.(and will people please ignore trolls who have nothing to do with this conversation?!)

  14. rahman, my darling, why you make me to run from thread to thread in pursuit of you while you are running madly here and there after all homosexual men and women?

    rahman, you don’t like women? you don’t want to make whoopy-whoopy with me? you prefer to pass your life in company of homeosexual people?

    you speak all the time with such passion against the homeosexual people that I come to be sure that you are good normal heterosexual man, but now I am not so sure

    i think you don’t like women!

  15. Time to start campaigning to pay less tax 50% less tax as we are only given half the rights we should have!!

  16. that would be excellent Charlene but they’ll take people’s money regardless of equality

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