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Catholic cardinal says gays are barred from heaven

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah who is he to judge? – last time I checked my soul doesn’t have a dick anyway.

  2. His heaven is my hell, the last person I’d want to see after kicking the bucket would be his ugly mug.

  3. And I woner will the sickening paedophiles in the church also make it into heaven? And the bishops who covered this up (re: Murphy Report – Ireland), will they make it to heaven?

    Such a pack of malignant hypocrites.

    All the more reason to leave:

  4. The man is clearly mad, as is the deranged Anne Widdlebum who gave a disgracful homophobic display in the House of Commons today, during the debate on the Equality Bill.
    Roman Catholicism is the working of evil in the world

  5. I am sure Javier Lozano Barragan runs a fruit and veg stall on Milton Keynes market!

  6. Har Davids 2 Dec 2009, 8:11pm

    To me, it seems the guy is condemning gays, and at least aiding and abetting homophobes. Anyway, straight or gay, if heaven is the place for popes, cardinals and bishops: stay away from it. An eternity being surrounded by ass-holes like these sounds like hell to me.

  7. Mr Tights 2 Dec 2009, 8:13pm

    A few years ago I was in Heaven all the time. Too many chavs and poppers now though. Prefer a night in with Strictly and doo-dar instead.

  8. comment deleted

  9. I don’t think those two words are called for Neville!

  10. Why do Catholics Bishops continue to blatantly lie about things beyond their understanding? The overwhelming evidence is that you are born gay – the Magisterium of RC is not 100 years out of date on this but 400, 500, 1700 years out of date – as if knowledge of sexuality stopped at St Augustine.

    As an ex-catholic it is hard not to be stung by such pronouncements but I wish they would actually stop lying as they did about condoms and HIV.

  11. The Bible does prohibit sex between men (homosexuality) and, as the Cardinal declares, St Paul does say that men who have sex with men will not inherit the kingdom of God. Nevertheless it can be shown that the Biblical prohibition and criticism do not apply today when the sexual activity causes no harm. Also the prohibition and criticism do not apply today because they applied only to the ancient Israelite and Roman cultures. Full reasons for these conclusions are given on the Gay and Christian website (

  12. Christina Engela 2 Dec 2009, 9:14pm


    The original bible says none of those things. It has been distorted and mistranslated to be a weapon of the ignorant against the innocent.

    I know the site you link to, but the following expand on it far

  13. NEVILLE #9

    I knew you’d cop it and you DID… right next door at #10 – off our Abi…
    But it’s not over yet; you’ve got Angelica yet; wait while she reads your essay; I’m still smarting from the clout I got off her for my inappropriate-itude weeks ago..!

    As for the subject of the thread.
    Again, as with RAHMAN, OSBY, RATZINGER and the many others too num. to mention, you have to wonder what is bothering him, Barragan, and them, in general.
    I don’t bother what women are doing; I am not interested in women or what happens in the heterosexual world, babies, families; all of which goes over my head.
    So what is it that SO exercises these fancy-frocked ckuffers?
    I would have thought that they would have enough on their ecclesiastical plate, collectively cleaning up THEIR act.

    Quite what the need to cast nasturtiums on others is, escapes me.

    Jesus embraced all, from what I have read, even the scumbag on his right (?) on Calvary in His dying moments. He was forgiveness itself right to the very, very end.

    Condemnation, opprobrium, fire, brimstone; that is all you get, not from HIM but from these ‘followers’ of His.

    May their pews gather dust.


  14. Simon Murphy 2 Dec 2009, 9:27pm

    Good thing heaven doesn’t exist then isn’t it? (my opinion)

    What a silly little man.

  15. Richard GS 2 Dec 2009, 9:28pm

    This would be laughable except that it’s used as sanctified justification by homophobes and their ilk for their own prejudices. As if this fossilized bigot has a direct line to God: if anything each of us has his own potential dialog with God; but here this guy is, and apparently God’s been chatting him up on biology and transsexuals’ spiritual status as well as the usual gaycism. Got to wonder what prompted the addition of transsexuals to his hit list, and what about lesbians? He probably wanks off to lesbian video and that makes it OK, or, more likely, he’s only bothered by homosexuality in men because of his gender, and his old school, deeply misogynistic mind set has him discounting women as being of any importance at all.

    After reading another post I’m going to add that as far as Christianity goes, the closest source to God’s opinion would be Christ, not the Old Testament and its angry, vengeful God, or the musings of men, no matter how close to God they claim to be. Christ’s message is one of tolerance and self-improvement, not condemnation of others, and he did not say anything concerning homosexuality. His words were related by men and could have been altered to address this topic and I think that it doesn’t is significant: they knew enough not to muck up a philosophy which, if we all followed, would have us living in a radically different and better world. (Go Keith!)

  16. Even the Vatican has distanced itself from Barragan’s remarks:

    “Men should not sleep with other men”? Well, that’s a large part of the Catholic hierarchy and priesthood that won’t be going to heaven, either.


  17. Well I say he will be barred from heaven, let’s wait and see who’s right…

  18. Come to think about it, the Vatican WOULD distance itself from Barragan’s remarks since he was saying effectively that many of those gay people in the Vatican itself (are there any trans?) would be turned away at the Pearly Gates.

    Dear me, how they tie themselves in knots!

  19. RICHARD GS #16

    “Go, Keith..”

    Richard, presh., I ‘went’ long ago; right out the door of St. John’s, Breck Rd., Poulton-le-Fylde, Blackpool…what, some 50 years ago now -and haven’t been in a church since.

    That was my answer to the directive that I had received in the confessional to “go and get electric ‘treatment’ for this ‘sickness’….”
    I thought, “mmm..Lekky wires around my bonce.?….I don’t fancy that..!”
    What was that in my case?
    An Epiphany moment?
    Summat along them there lines.
    I know I got up half way thro’ mass and out the door; must have taken me all of 2 minutes and that is having never been out of church until then; serving on the altar 3/4/5 times on a Sunday as well as during the week and the Wednesday Benediction and bla bla bla.

    2 minutes.

    John XXIII was at the helm then and the mass was still all in Latin; that’s how long ago it was; that’s how many masses I have missed and how many collection plates have not had my coppers.

    And I still say “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO..!”

    This Barragan needs to read the scientific research while remaining schtumm.
    He looks young enough to me to be ‘papabile’ – should Benedict pop his clogs.
    Were that to be the case and were he to be the next wearer of the ‘shoes’ then nowt will have changed and there will be yet another reactionary as Bishop of Rome.
    I feel another ‘Galileo’ moment cannot be far off.
    I can’t wait but it will not be in my time.
    I wish all speed to Dr. Qazi Rahman at Q.M.U.L. and anyone else engaged in the on-going scientific research on homosexuality and its causes.
    I would love to go to SALFORD ROMAN CATHEDRAL and shout at the top of my voice, “You know what! The sun really DOES go round the earth…!”
    And I will; by the left, I will.!


  20. Jean-Paul Bentham 2 Dec 2009, 10:13pm

    jane (17):

    Thanks for the link. The article indeed says:

    “Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said (Cardinal Baaragan) should not be considered an authority on Catholic thinking “on complex and delicate issues such as homosexuality.”

    As an ex-catholic myself, catholic wisdonm is summed up thus:

    “He who farts in church, sits in own pew.”

  21. What does the church and those in authority think will happen to the pedophile priests and the church for protecting them and simply relocate them when they were discovered?
    After all pedophilia isn’t even consentual?

  22. Jean-Paul (21),

    Hey, that’s wonderful!
    Very apt for this topic.


  23. What makes the Cardinal so sure that he will be allowed in Heaven himself – assuming it exists in the first place.

    I think God will have a few things to say about the RC churches instituitonlised child rape. . . another religion following in similar footsteps to the paedophile prophet Muhammod.

    Well, I expect our resident Mad Mullah Rahman will have a few things to say about that.

  24. as he’s wrong and people are born gay, lesbian, bi and even hetero then the rest of his rant is very ignorant and needs opposing

  25. Tito Edwards 2 Dec 2009, 11:34pm

    The staff writer for Pink News doesn’t give the full quote:

    “perhaps aren’t guilty, but by acting against the dignity of the body they will certainly not enter the Kingdom of Heaven,”

    By “acting against the dignity of the body”, which in CatholicSpeak means by engaging in the act of gay sex.

    Not just by being “gay”.

    TO echo Father Lombardi, he does not discern in the authority of the Church as well, ie, it has to be an official document like a papal bull, encyclical, or any Congregation (committee in CatholicSpeak) document for anything to be quote “from the Vatican”.

    So go to your nearest Barnes and Noble or Borders Bookstore and purchase and/or read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” book. It has all the answers to your questions concerning anything and everything about Church teaching.

    Suggestion, purchase the edition in the big Green book. It’s an easier read. Any other book is the same material, just not in a presentable format.

    Take care and God bless,


  26. Well, if “Allah” declared it’s THE TRUTH and you believe it and it fills some hole and some need in your life to go about proclaiming that, well enjoy! Are we bothered?

    If, however, you believe in neither Heaven nor Hell,
    then you can simply get on with enjoying your life
    without bothering about irrelevant religious twaddle.

    Simple choice.


  27. I give up! What is the point in believing in a loving, accepting God when prats like that come along and spout this kind of bile?

  28. Rose, exactly, it was that disjunction between the wonderful philosophy of Jesus and the distortion and parody of it that the churches have become that caused me to give up on organised expressions of belief.


  29. He seems woefully out of touch with reality.

  30. Brian Burton 3 Dec 2009, 12:14am

    It is the Catholic Church Clergy who will be barred because of their many many years of Child abuse.

  31. SteveDenver 3 Dec 2009, 1:00am

    Those high fallutin’ Catholic pukes just make this sh!t up as they go along.

  32. That pronouncement presupposes that there is a “heaven” and in my humble opinion that is by no means a given. If there is a “god” and that god is as benevolent as is espoused by the Church, I doubt such an entity would be so amazingly discriminatory as the Catholic Church seems to be.

  33. David, I don’t believe He is. Some of these poeple are in for a shock!

  34. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Dec 2009, 1:33am

    Poor Cardinal Barragan; the things you have to do to get noticed by the ben16 nowadays…towing the party line no matter what, it’s a question of humility not to question at all, just ass Rahman.

    Same idea. Sharia law = canon law and all that.

  35. May he rot in hell along with every other bigot and homosexual hater!

  36. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Dec 2009, 3:06am

    Rahman (23):

    Christian infidels were sending sodomites to hell a LONG TIME before allah spoke to mohammed. Do you mean that christian infidels have spokenm the truth before allah did?

    I wonder what part of hell allahwould send ben16 and cardinal “barr-again”.

    I am so confused about the truth…so, so confused. Green tea, anyone?

  37. Bill Murphy 3 Dec 2009, 3:50am

    Behold! Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan is one of God’s chosen, closeted, oops – I mean heterosexual!, white, privileged, males! So, he must be right, right? He’s not a Scientist, Behaviorist, or Sociologist, but his piety provides him with the unerring certainty that “people are not born homosexual”. You see, it has to do with the sacred wearing of his dress, oops – I mean vestments!, they give him extra-ordinary powers of moral and intellectual insight. Don’t you know that the asses, oops – I mean masses! have looked up to shining beacons of higher consciousness like him throughout the ages! This alignment of powers has obviously worked so well because, well – look at how well humanity is doing at this point in time! There’s nary a thing to improve upon! So, we best heed the sage counsel of higher beings such as Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan – they have elevated the human condition so completely that we’re all about to float up to the skies, unfettered by any troubles or worries.

  38. 21stCenturySpirituality 3 Dec 2009, 4:12am

    Rahman, comment 23 is a fallacy that makes a mockery of God. What you say may well be an accurate reflection of a teaching in Islam but it is a fallacy none the less, as is the assertion made by this cardinal. For me both you and the cardinal are making a mockery of divinity by projecting the role of a cruel and brutal tyrant onto God who is the very essence and source of unconditional love.

  39. Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan 3 Dec 2009, 4:17am

    Technically this is a non story – because there is no heaven.

  40. 21stCenturySpirituality 3 Dec 2009, 4:36am

    Thats quite a bold statement there Cardinal. And what exactly is your definition of this ‘heaven’ that there isnt. You must have some concept of what that means in order to so boldly state that it doesnt exist. Now its possible that you may put forward a description of heaven that even I, as a religious skeptic would agree does not exist. But just because one doesnt accept someone elses definition of what heaven is or isnt doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Surely since it is currently beyond our capabilities to proove one way or the other the existence of the immaterial with the material, one cannot make such a statement with total certainty?
    You may not believe in the christian vision of heaven but the belief in a higher plane of existence or consciousness does seem to be an almost universal concept among different spiritual and religious traditions.

  41. The Cardinal will never get into heaven wearing that frock and the matching hat is a disaster!!!!! God will have to lift up the frock to see the genitalia to confirm the sex!!!!!!!

  42. Take any comments from a man in a scarlet frock and more bling than a pimp with a grain of salt.

  43. Guess what Cardinal? I had a private revelation. God talked to me last night and he says loves us fags. Now try and beat that!

  44. Yet again, a man in a dress telling us we are wrong(!) to be gay, ho ho ho and a merry wotsit to you too mate!

  45. Jennifer Hynes 3 Dec 2009, 10:00am

    How can you tell if a Roman Catholic Cardinal is heterosexual? Surely by definition (the Vatican’s that is) he should be asexual…

    BUT… as Mr. Barragan believes, so he has passed judgement on us all, and that my friends is in direct contravention of what Christ teaches us. He is second-guessing God, putting words into The Lords mouth (metaphorically speaking), and that is probably a greater sin than anything any of us have ever done.

    I find it amusing and disturbing at the same time, that these men cannot justify their words with the teachings of Christ, but only with a raging letter to a newly established church (small c) in a distant city, by a fundamentalist with a superiority complex; Paul of Tarsus.

    Paul indeed makes it quite plain that he doesn’t speak for God, how can he, being a mere human? What makes Mr. Barragan so different, so special therefore? Ahh, he belongs to an organisation that long ago gave up on Christ, gave up on God, and fell into the trap of believing its own hype substituting the Law for the Word, and materialism for the spiritual, which practices idolatry and hypocrisy on a massive scale… very Christlike I’m sure.

    Their souls are far more in jeopardy than many of ours, we should offer them pity and compassion, and ask them to repent of their sins, for they are most definitely legion.

  46. Oh please ! He looks like Frank Butcher (from Eastenders) in fancy dress !!!

  47. Tito – you do know you are defending homophobia don’t you?
    it’s priests like this who defend and protect and hide pedos whilst attacking anyone who’s into the same gender

  48. I see our resident Muslim bum boy has reappeared. Does he still want a lingam up his yoni?
    I fail to understand how any sane, rational individual can concern himself with religious nonsense. It is a refuge of the primitive and of the mentally ill. If anyone watched the Equality Bill debate yesterday that would be evident. A mad woman, Anne Widdlebum, ranted and raved about the Whore of Babylon (her church). There can be ‘no possible doubt, no possible doubt whatever’ that religious faith is a mental illness. One only has to read the insane statements of our resident Muslim bum boy Rahman, who loves lingam, to realise that.

  49. Well there’s one way to answer that assertion… a recent science study shows that believers automatically assume god agrees with them on everything, regardless of their political allegiances:
    It must really bug the Cardinal that the only ‘Heaven’ which can be empirically proven to exist is the gay club under the arches at King’s Cross.
    Having visited it myself I can vouch that it’s an almost exclusively gay affair (straight punters only get past the doorman with a gay plus one!).

  50. Yes me still want lingam up my yoni. I love it, but I am also good Muslim boy.

  51. I notice the cardinal likes to quote the Bible selectively. Hasn’t he read the bit about “it’s easier for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle” – yet I notice he hasn’t given up his fine robes and his gold bling.

  52. 21stCenturySpirituality 3 Dec 2009, 11:30am

    Indeed, Yewtree. I wonder how many starving children could be fed and clothed for the price of that bejewelled gold cross round the cardinals neck?

  53. Silly old man looking for publicity – he has no idea what he is talking and clearly has no idea what the Kingdom of God is. – he is to be ignored

  54. There isn’t a heaven you silly little man! grow up and live and let live you moron

  55. john sharp 3 Dec 2009, 4:18pm

    every one is barred from heaven
    for there is no heaven
    stop spreding religious lies
    stop religious freacks now

  56. john sharp 3 Dec 2009, 4:20pm

    religious lies again
    there is no heaven
    even that idiot will not go there

  57. john sharp 3 Dec 2009, 4:27pm

    in philippines all the guys i had sex with where saying
    oooohhh my god
    no it is hooooeeohhhh my john

    no god no religion

  58. May be, just may be this proffsional Bigot will find out when it’s his turn to go there, may be were be more closer together in hell

  59. There are times when I am embarassed at the language and the mnany forms of anti-religion espoused in this comments board.

    However, it is statements such as this one in particular which makes me fully appreciate the anger and anguish felt by many gay people, and I feel so very sorry that the hurt caused by The Church has affected them so.
    The established church has SUCH a lot to answer to – when will it ever learn to be Christian – for God’s sake – and I say this advisedly.

  60. Cloissone 3 Dec 2009, 6:35pm

    Wow, how do these people reconcile their existence. Are they so arrogant they can pompously declare, with no scientific basis, that we are not born gay. Who made him, this “Cardinal” along with his “Pope” the arbiter of who is going to “heaven” or not. Bunch of hypocritical idiots if you ask me…

  61. Vo Dong Cung 3 Dec 2009, 7:53pm

    “Barragan said people were not born gay”

    So, people were not born paedophile priests, only when been trained be be priests they will.

  62. Everybody seems to have missed the last part. “Homosexuality is therefore a sin, but this does not justify any form of discrimination….We on earth cannot condemn, and as human beings we all have the same rights.”

    To me that says that the Church should be support gay rights, including marriage. Maybe that’s the part the Church is distancing itself from.

  63. barry – many people are anti religions like Christians because of evil homophobes like barragan

    people are born with their sexuality

  64. Rahman
    We are not interested in you Paedophile Prophet Mohammed
    We are not interested in your Almighty Automaton Allah
    We are not interested in your Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Koran.

  65. Dave North 3 Dec 2009, 10:37pm

    Yet again another god botherer who believes he has a direct line to a Sky pixie.

    Heaven, to me is having the intelligence to see through these sooth sayers and given their own belief system, just how hypocritical and deluded and nasty they are and see them as the opposite of what their own belief system dictates.

    To quote John Lennon.

    “Imagine there’s no Heaven, no religion too, Imagine all the people……., living life in peace.”

    I’m happy to think of myself as part of the evolution of humanity, removed from the old dogma’s.

    These people hold humanity back for their own benefit.

    Their day has come and gone.

  66. Dave North 3 Dec 2009, 10:38pm

    As has the hatred from tw@ts like Rahman…..

  67. Dave North 3 Dec 2009, 10:44pm

    “In Islam we do not hate homosexuals but just teach them the lessons with appropriate measures if homosexuals do not comply with Allah’s Order.”



    Your’e type just kill them.

    Back into your cave, and throw some stones at the moon.

    How’s the wife, still in the cupboard under the stairs.

    If islam’s that great then F off back to one of the stone age settlements in sand land that agrees with it.

    Note the small “i” in islam. Thats how much I respect it.

  68. “Homosexuals Dishonor the Britain.”

    You should try a dictionary before condemning anyone. And an education.

  69. Dave North 3 Dec 2009, 11:10pm

    “very decent English language”

    You can barely construct a coherent sentence.

    As I said.

    Back to the tar pit.

  70. “you wouldn’t dare to come to any Islamic country”

    Why would anyone want to visit some poverty stricken dust-filled hell hole with lunatics screaming from towers about murder and fatwas?

    Please, we have money. And class. And education. Now why don’t you get help for your schizophrenia? Can’t afford it?

  71. Dave North 3 Dec 2009, 11:13pm

    “you’re now in the cyber space and not living in the Islamic country”

    As to “the cyber space”. I write the software that makes it work for a living.

    I laugh at you and your beliefs. You sir are a joke.

  72. Poor, mad Rahman. You have an appalling command of English; you are merely an ignorant,evil Muslim. Oh, that the crusaders were here to play football with your head as they did after the Siege of Acre. Who was it that chased the Muslims out of Europe and who will do so again? It has already started in Switzerland and it will soon spread to Italy and elsewhere all over Europe.

  73. “You sir are a joke.”

    And a bad joke at that. Wonder what’s wrong with him…. depression? Closet homosexuality? Schizophrenia? Bi-Polar?

  74. Difficult to know if the man in red is mad bad or just dangerous.
    He must be pities or at the best laughed at- his views are unimportant to anyone except the fanatics. He is trying to make gays less than human- the next stage — well we know what happened in the 1940’s

  75. Allah’s Arsehole and Mohammed the Pig. Death to them both!

  76. Neville, I’m fairly sure this Rahman degenerate is none other then our old pal David Skinner (and one of his many alias), the style is the same, and Skinner wasn’t very bright (as well as being very anti-islamic, and I think this is his ploy to deride islam)

  77. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Dec 2009, 1:53am


    kara beech.

    Mike (45) has the right idea: merry christmas to you too, barragan.

    Time for my green tea.

  78. 21stCenturySpirituality 4 Dec 2009, 2:24am


    Im sorry I mean you no disrespect but why do you feel that this man is worthy of the respect of gay men and women after the comments that he has made.

    You believe that God does not like same gender relationships but how can you prove that? I know you’ll come back and say something along the lines of it says so in the Koran or the Hadith or some such, but how do we even know that that is the word of God when there are so many others who make the same claim for other books. They say Gods word is not in the other books, they say its in the Bhagavad Gita. Others say,no, God’s word is in the Bible.

    Others say, no, it’s in the Torah.
    Others say, no, in the Mishna.
    Others say, the Talmud.
    Others, the Rig Veda.
    Others, the Brahmanas.
    Others, the Upanishads.
    Others, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.
    Others, the Puranas.
    Others, the Tantras.
    Others, Tao-te Ching.
    Others, the Buddha-Dharma.
    Others, the Dhammapada.
    Others, The Master of Huai-nan.
    Others, the Shih-chi.
    Others, the Pali Canon.
    Others, the Book Of Mormon

    Well, the point is, many people believe that Direct Revelation – that is, God speaking directly to mankind – has not occured since the Holy Scriptures ( with which they feel comfortable) were written.
    And while few of those who cite these sources agree with each other theologically, many agree on one thing emphatically: THEIR Word of God is THE Word of God; THEIR way to paradise is THE way to paradise; THEIR communication from Deity is THE communication from Deity. Indeed, there are so many contradictory and incompatable ‘Ways’ out there that it is impossible to know with any degree of certainty who or what is right. So how do you know, anymore than the rest of those who make exactly the same claim for their own sacred texts, who has the exclusive interview with the Almighty?

    Namaste & Salaam

  79. How will we ever survive in the knowledge that we won’t be able to get into a place that doesn’t even exist

  80. Sorry guys, it clearly says in the Quaran that Muhammed commands that homosexuality should be punished by stoning. Of course, marrying and having sex with children is perfectly ok.

    Muhammed lived in an era where Arabic men behaved like animals, beating and killing for no good reason. He tried to put some sense in to the society he lived in, by teaching virtues like not hitting women until you’ve given them fair warning and other such moral codes that were revolutionary at that time. But religion is problematic in that it encourages everyone to suppress free thinking and so that society develops little socially until a major religious movement occurs. Fortunately for the UK, Atheism marks a major religious movement and the end of a suppression of free thought.

  81. Yes, I am delighted to see that Atheism is a significant force in modern Britain. It is something that must fight against religious nonsense and lead to the establishment of a secular, humanist state.

  82. That includes the paedophile priests, I suppose! And the Catholic Church heirarchy who moved them on from place to place to abuse children again and again, eh Cardinal. And making victims sign confidentiality agreements on pain of excommunication doesn’t seem too Heavenly either.

    I think it was Jesus who said let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Maybe the Cardinal should consider that in the context of some of his colleagues before he comments.

  83. Do child molesting peadophile priests get in?

  84. Rahmans Islamic solution to homosexuality.

    1. Repent of your homosexality
    2. Convert to heterosexuality


    For those who refuse to comply with the above, you will be killed by being taken to the top of a mountain and then in the name of Allah . . . thrown off it.

    How do I know this about Rahman. Check out the 616 threads of dialogue with this extremist fantatical islamist crackpot.

  85. Richard GS 4 Dec 2009, 6:48pm

    Keith’s #19: Wow and ouch. It is and isn’t hard to believe a priest would tell someone in confession to get electroshock therapy. It is horrifying. It’s sad.

    To a lot of comments: it doesn’t take being a pedophile to keep clergy out of heaven. Christ’s “judge not” directive is pretty clear in condemning the kind of behavior we’re discussing. I have to believe God is displeased with the sweepingly hateful interpretation of Christianity Barragan and those like him want us to agree with and live by. That damns a lot more people than simply those who abuse children.

  86. In the teachings of Jesus Christ,which Christianity and all the other faiths within christianity believe,judging another is wrong.As someone pointed out,Jesus said “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.
    Now whether one believes Jesus’ teaching,anothers or not at all judging and condemning another for what they believe is wrong.Even if you want to merely look at things from strictly a human analytical point of view.
    Governing any nation that claims freedom and justice for all,must be governed by a common sense analytical point of view that respects everyone,no matter the different organizational views and beliefs.
    Which means every religion has the right to practice their beliefs within a country and should be respected but laws can not and should not be made based from them or any individual perception or concept in order to actually practice freedom and allow everyone the rights,freedom and justice for every individual who lives within a free thinking nation.
    Condemning one another and calling each other names and what not doesn’t get any of us anywhere.It merely proves and points out that humanity is flawed and acts and reacts to it’s own feelings and emotions rather then talking and acting out of knowledge and the intelligence it’s suppose to have.

  87. Vo Dong Cung 4 Dec 2009, 9:10pm

    “Homosexuals Dishonor the Britain”.

    To Rahman,

    I think at least there are millions religious leaders died, but only few of them to be named “saint”, Islam is also the same. May I correct your words like this:

    “Islam Dishonors Human”.

  88. who does this crazy man think he is. talk about a hypocrite how many catholic priests and bishops are closet gays and molesting young men everyday! its no wonder why the catholic church is falling apart. If heaven is full of men like this tragic demented bishop , its the last place i want to be! it just shows the backward thinking of the catholic church and the true low level of educated men running it!

  89. #89

    Yep, innit…?!
    But he did.

    And less than 10 minutes later I was on my way out of the church (bldg.) and out of the Church (institution).

    That was 1959.
    I haven’t been in a church since.
    And I never will again; not even dead.

    Knickers to the lot of them.

    The funny thing is, that the more I think of that priest, the more I know that he, too, was as camp as Fanny’s backdoor; but I have had to get old to realise it; it didn’t even cross my mind in that 1950’s Stone Age; I, for one, thought they were God Himself.

    How did we get thro’ it!

    Irish Christian Brothers!
    (Next door’s pit-bull is more Christian.!)

    Strap-happy nuns!

    Mass 5,000 times a week!

    Clatterin’ beads, night and day!

    Absolutely NUTS the ckuffing lot.

    Meanwhile, these black-robed and be-wimpled crows are busy kiddy fiddlin’ and the fancy-robed ponces higher up the ecclesi-elastical ladder are busy constructin’ marble this-es and
    thats-es; bling here; bling there; all out o’ the coppers of the poor.

    I am ranting again.



  90. outlandishimages 9 Dec 2009, 2:13pm

    may God Damn him for all eternity in Gehena…


  92. slaughterball 13 Dec 2009, 8:16pm

    it would appear that the cardinal is attempting to asset a power motive namely to have “impact” which he certainly accomplished. The Catholic church does not teach this. he has went against church doctrine which makes him a heretic. and should be tried as such. They did it to Galileo who was a greater man than the cardinal.

  93. Who does this asshole think he is . ” It may not be their fault, but acting against nature and the dignity of the human body is an insult to god” What about the dignity of the litle children abused and defiled by the catholic church around the world for the last thousand years. Baragan…read the Ryan and Murphy reports into that same abuse in Ireland over the last sixty years. Then read this and weep you arrogant creep..





    I CAN’T, I WON’T,

    Where was his dignity or was it ok because it “pleased god”

  94. donotdiscriminate 2 Mar 2010, 10:16am

    Just another (religious) bully. Typically ignorant. They also say that people who don’t believe in their religion are going to hell. Ridiculous and rude! He should try doing something good for people instead of whipping up homophobia and hatred. Disgusting!

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