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US actress Meredith Baxter comes out as a lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. The Halcyon 2 Dec 2009, 5:29pm

    You mean she wasn’t with Chef from South Park on his Meredith Baxter Memorial Day Beach Towel? I’m shocked…

  2. Bishop Ioan 2 Dec 2009, 6:35pm

    Nice to see yet another person come out of the darkness of the closet. My best wishes are with Ms Baxter and her love.

  3. Good for you Meredith its never too late to find love :)

  4. good for her she is a very beautiful lady glad she is a lesbian

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 2 Dec 2009, 10:57pm

    I always knew there was something special about Meredith. Such good news!!

  6. The whole interview is on YouTube. She comes over really well. Her point about not interrogating her sexuality really resonates with me – I’d crammed that stuff down really effectively from early childhood. In retrospect, it was bloody obvious, but I couldn’t work out why I was so messed up until I hit my mid-20s.

    Bless her for coming out with dignity, and her family for supporting her.

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