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Rupert Everett says gay actors should stay in the closet

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Reader comments

  1. Blaming your lack of career on your sexuality? How trashy.

  2. It’s because you’re a talentless dog, Rupert darling.

  3. Why does Pink News continue to publish this guy’s words, his words are as vacant as the person behind them.

  4. Robert, ex pat Brit 2 Dec 2009, 2:46pm

    He’s dead wrong. If more actors and acresses came out, the better it would be for all of them. That’s the problem with us, we’re not prepared to go that extra mile. Much of the homophobia we’re seeing in the media and elsewhere would have a certain amount of the wind taken out of its sails if more of us had the courage to be honest and out. Society needs to get to know us a lot better, hidding away in the closet isn’t the solution. That’s what homophobes want us to do, remain invisible and silent, to keep us in our place. Not a good remedy, Rupert. Say what you want about Everett, at least he had the courage and the guts to come out, no matter the consequences, I’ll grant him that, more than most of his colleagues in the entertainment industry. He took a chance, a risky one and it fired back. So what? If more did that, the better it will be for the next wave of actors.

  5. Simon Murphy 2 Dec 2009, 2:48pm

    Rupert Everett is not quite telling the truth here.

    He appeared in the massive hit romantic comedy ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ with Julia Roberts in 1997. He was an openly gay actor playing an openly gay supporting role. He was the 1st openly gay actor who had the potential to become a major star.

    So he follows that hit film up with a role in the movie ‘The Next Best Thing'(also starring Madonna – who can’t act) which quite honestly is one of the worst written, worst acted films I have ever seen. As a result it was a megaflop.

    I think Rupert Everett’s dreadful choices in selecting roles have as much to do with his faltering career as the fact that he is openly gay. I mean Ian McKellen and Alan Cumming have not suffered in their careers by being out.

  6. Wouldn’t removing the (perception of the) need for a closet be a more constructive, long-term solution?

    Why should we apply an ideology (man, woman) to ourselves if it discriminates us (LGBT phobias), and we cannot define it either scientifically or morally?

  7. All I’ll say is Neil Patrick Harris. He’s openly gay and gets more popular by the day.

  8. I totally endorse the comments of Robert, ex pat Brit.
    Rupert’s remarks get sillier by the day, it seems.

  9. Brian Burton 2 Dec 2009, 5:29pm

    Robert ex-pat Brit and Simon Murphy…Two Excellent comments (Better than all those one liners!) Robert’s comment is more on the button but then I lean heavily on Simon’s Comments. Conclusion, I think Robert and Simon should Marry at once!

  10. Poor old “Wupert”, grmbling again. not a happy bunny is he??
    (Ooops, another one liner sorry Mr Burton)

  11. vulpus_rex 2 Dec 2009, 6:31pm

    Yes – that John Barrowman chap seems to be having an awful time since he came out, and poor Will Young will never make it as an actor once they find out he’s a poof.

  12. is rubert everett an actor?

  13. I have met the man more than once. He is a horrible person and seems to be quite bitter. I can see how him and Madonna are friends.

  14. I think his phrase is incomplete. I guess he meant to say: “Don’t come out as total jerk because that is counterproductive”. Yeap Rupert, once more you should shut up. No one care your bitchiness anymore.

  15. Having sat through his mauling of Blithe Spirit on Broadway (Angela Lansbury was fab, naturally) I completely understand why he isn’t getting work. He’s just not a very good actor.

  16. That is a stupid and counter-productive thing to say and it must be demoralising to up and coming performers. As for his career, the only thing I’ve seen him in was St. Trinians, in a role that looked like it was intended for a sexually ambiguous actor anyway. What’s he moaning about?

  17. SilenceIsGolden 3 Dec 2009, 1:17am

    Yes, I can only confirm ppl’s statements here that RE is a bad actor. I had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing him live on Broadway earlier this year (in “Blithe Spirit”), and it was dreadful. He seemed completely uninterested in the play and only got back into his role when it was his turn to speak. He also (still) looked a tad freakish — thanks to his eyebrow lifts — if not to say (still) constantly (and inappropriately) surprised.

    I felt bad for Angela Landsbury, Christine Ebersole and Jayne Atkinson for having to perform with him.

    Don’t blame it on being gay, Rupert. Your acting sucks.

  18. What an ill informed and illiterate twat this Rahman wanker is. We queers of all nationalities on the other hand darling are far more intelligent and brighter to subject our free and educated minds to the literal word of god/Mohammed and all its tosh! I wish all beautiful Muslims (and the not so beautiful ones) of the world will one day become free from the shackles of religion. You cannot ‘become’ queer you lazy thinker, but you can become Muslim, and that’s a BIG difference dear. Now f..k off

  19. Rupert darling, Its done “Sir” Ian McKellen no harm has it? Think on that before you get maudlin and all woe is me!

  20. Rahman – So it is a case of Allah for some today, Allah for all tomorrow huh? No different from Adolf Hitler screaming Deutschland Uber Alles. Thank you for contributing to this site – it reminds us all that fanatical Moslems will not rest until the whole world is crushed under their jackboot. Three Cheers for the Swiss! Europe needs to follow their example.

  21. Is there any subject this annoying troll isn’t going to ruin? Do we have a cake baking section of Pink where he can claim our butter icing is decadent and suggest how Allah wants it done?

  22. Angus McGregor 3 Dec 2009, 11:23am

    Thanks for the Allah joke- funniest thing I’ve read this morning!
    …and why would a striaght Muslim be reading this? Mmm….

  23. Brian Burton 3 Dec 2009, 12:22pm

    We should wrapp up the Islamic Troll Rahman in a PIG-SKIN coat and burry him.

  24. Pinkwinkle 3 Dec 2009, 12:39pm

    Rupert, lovey, you’re lack of success probably has a lot more to do with your lack of talent and charisma rather than a lack of hetrosexuality!!!!!!

  25. Its pretty much like being another minority in Hollywood. The directors claim that the public won’t be able to see a Gay man in many roles onceknow of your sexuality. Most Straights (i.e film going majority) just project the actor’s sexuality, and can therrfore not see them convincingly in romantic/hero roles vis a vis women, where the macho male rescues the woman and they live happily ever after…

    Thsi is the same for black or asian actresses who do not get many roles

  26. Niki, maybe Hollywood needs some better storylines where more goes on than a straight macho male rescuing a woman and living happily ever after! Acute lack of imagination going on there.

  27. Yes, but nobody is telling: can coming out jeopardize your career? Yes it can. For certainly you will have more problems as a gay actor than a straight one. And I’m sure that bad straight actor will have more roles than bad gay actor. It’s to late for Rupert to go back in the closet or become straight like Anne Heche.

  28. His success dwindled because he has a big gob like insulting people like us… How come other gay/lesbian actors who are out are doing so well?

  29. Erroll Clements 3 Dec 2009, 4:19pm

    This twat obviously has too much time on his hands, who REALLY cares what he says anyway! Getting a bloody life Rupes babe, you’ve got the looks, money and notoriety what more do you want?! Or are you trying to do a Katie Price and get more trashy headlines?!

  30. Rahman – Very irritating to be provoked into responding to your psychotic and largely ungrammatical asides, but –
    Supernaturally justified bigotry towards and persecution of gay and lesbian people is a curious ingredient of peace and benevolence. The essential fact is that like most Muslim fundamentalists you are ignorant of your religion’s history. Getting it on with your own sex was a very celebrated feature of Islamic cultures before Western ascendancy made them paranoid and inward-looking and infected them with its homophobia. Remember Abu-Nuwas? He was a medieval poet who rejoiced in his poetry over screwing boys and whose verse was much enjoyed by his Caliph, Haroun-Al-Raschid. Some of you guys would like to restore the Caliphate, I am told. If it came back in anything like the original form you would find its cosmopolitan sophistication very distressing to your closed minds. You would also find its response to your objections summary in the extreme.
    Oh, and please learn to write coherent English. If I am going to be abused in the language of Shakespeare I should like it done properly.

  31. ‘Rahman’ is a troll who is going from topic to topic here. Ignore him

  32. Christopher Dean’s desperate to get him on Dancing On Ice. Allegedly!

  33. It’s a gay male dominated business. It’s either because you suck at your job or an ahole. I say both.

    Embrace who you are and things will turn.

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