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Equality Bill to be debated today in House of Commons

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Reader comments

  1. Any amendment to the Bill should also take account of Peter Tatchell’s concerns. And why not put something in to allow gay people to marry rather than just have civil partnerships?

  2. Simon Murphy 2 Dec 2009, 2:24pm

    This amendment to allow CP’s to take place in churches is unncessary.

    Equal access to civil marriage for those gay couples who want it is a far more serious issue than whether some cult wants to allow a CP for a gay couple on their premises.

    I wonder if Labour and the LibDems spoke to any gay groups other than Stonewall about this.

    Stonewall don’t want marriage equality (they’re happy with the ‘separate but not quite equal’ civil partnerships). They do not represent the huge percentage of LGB people who want marriage equality.

  3. John(Derbyshire) 2 Dec 2009, 2:30pm

    All these amendments will be struck down by the conservatives in the House of Lords. They are all anti-gay-so Stonewall,Lord Alli and everyone else are just wasting their time! No prizes for guessing how Baroness Warsi is going to vote!

  4. Only about 18 people in the house of commons for the debate how very sad :(

    I am currently watching the debate and Philip Davies is a total bigot speaking from his position of white male heterosexual cis gendered privilege and saying people don’t discriminate.

  5. People that discriminate never consider that people DO discriminate.

  6. Robert, ex pat Brit 2 Dec 2009, 4:01pm

    StonewallUK wants civil partnerships to be peformed in religious buildings? What an utter and complete waste of time. Another nail in the coffin for full CIVIL marriage equality. Why doesn’t anyone take Stonewall on and have it out with them once and for all? I’m sick of it. We need a strong, national unpolitically correct marriage equality movement with the help of straight allies to make full marriage equality legal and civil partnerships available to straights who want them, no exceptions.

  7. What is all this about civil partnerships on religious premises? Surely both civil partnerships and civil marriage must have nothing to with religious nonsense. What a time-wasting effort. AS others have already said, there should be a campaign to convert civil partnerships into civil marriage.

  8. What a surprise Mark Harper(C) shadow minister for work and pensions is spending a long time arguing for the case of religions homophobic attitudes and discrimination.

  9. if you want to see the Tory homophobic attitudes just watch this debate on BBC parliament.

  10. Bishop Ioan 2 Dec 2009, 6:08pm

    Frankly, I don’t even see why this is up for a vote. If a person was going to get a civil union, why would they necessarily WANT it at a religious venue? This makes very little sense. The relgious groups who support marriage equality will perform same-sex religious ceremonies yes? I’m with Neville…this is just more time-wasting idiocy. Sorry if I am sounding rather dull today…haven’t slept in a day or so.

  11. Its not just about that idiotic Ben Summerskill idea, its about equality for every one.

    I think after spending all this time playing lap dog to the government so he could get his gong. Ben Summerskill suddenly remembered he was head of Stonewall so he jotted the same-sex religious ceremonies thing down on the back of a cigarette packet just so he was seen doing something LGB related.

    Its a shame that by Summerskill’s silence LGBT kids will not be protected against homophobic or transphobic bullying in the classroom via this bill.

    Still Ben got his reward with a few letters after his name!

  12. kids need to be protected
    lapdogs like summerskill forget that

  13. alto – Peter Tatchell needs to be listened to unlike Ben Summerskill

  14. Omar Kuddus 3 Dec 2009, 3:35pm

    Would not it just make life simple by allowing all of us have equal rights and therefore allowing us all to be equal in all aspects of life?
    Or is that just too a simple, logical expectation, to be treated equally, without predigest regardless of sexual orientation that makes all British citizens / nationals equal.
    For that would be true equality.

  15. Christina 3 Dec 2009, 8:06pm

    @Simon Murphy,
    you wondered how many LGBT groups were consulted by Labour and the Lib Dems? What about the Tories?

    I know that the Lib Dems have consulted much more widely and seriously than either the Government or the Tories. Lynne Featherstone and Evan Harris (both Lin Dem MPs) have Bern tireless in standing up for LGBT and other minority rights. They have listened to the advice of LGBT lobbying groups other than Stonewall, who have given the Govt the excuse they needed for the lack of harassment protection for LGBT people.

    I will be voting Lib Dem because they are serious and principled about equality for LGBT people.

  16. Christina 3 Dec 2009, 8:07pm

    sorry for the spelling mistakes due to automatic spelling correction on my browser!

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