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California man campaigns to ban divorce to protect marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Much credit to this man. “If you want to protect traditional marriage, don’t stop gay people from getting married. Stop straight people from getting divorced.” is the one of the greatest quotes, I wander how these ridiculous groups are going to stand against actual logic and intelligence.

  2. I people have to be careful with this story as it’s clearly social satire but it nicely helps point out idiots. Example, religious people and the far-right in America don’t tend to understand satire, or any form humour.

  3. Brilliant. A satyrical one in the eye for popular mob-rule.

  4. This story certainly put a smile on my face. I love how some religious groups are just walking into it, looking utterly ridiculous in the process.

  5. Robert, ex pat Brit 2 Dec 2009, 4:09pm

    I love it, we should extend the same movement to the UK. If government doesn’t want us to marry, then lets ban straights from divorce. See how they like the sting of reverse discrimination and segregation for a change.

    George, yes its put a smile on my face too as some right wing religious nutters are getting on board and clearly not understanding the satire in all this, in fact, they’ll be shooting themselves in the foot. There will be millions of Californians outraged at this new tactic and turn the public against the religious extremists who were at the root of the passage of Proposition 8, expecially the roman and mormon cults. Marcotte is doing an excellent job in exploiting the bastards to their own detriment. What fools. Lets hope we can come up with our own Marcotte.

  6. Jen Marcus 2 Dec 2009, 4:18pm

    This satirical plan, albeit funny, may just backfire. Never underestimate the power of ignorant and bigoted people. Look at what happened ion california nad Maine! As was previously mentioned in one of the other comments ,the “irreligious wrong” may just get a hold of this concept run with it, turn into a “cause celebre” and if it catches fire throughout the US then we will All be screwed!I know the Roman Catholic Church and the Mormons would have a “field day” with this!

  7. Brilliant! :D Although a few fundies may get on board, the majority of people will be outraged at their freedom to divorce possibly being taken away, and, just maybe, some of those people will get why Prop 8 was offensive and upsetting.

  8. This is a brilliant idea and everyone who voted against gay marriage morally should support the ban on straight divorce, otherwise it was just old fashoined homophobia and biggotry

    First Texas bans marriage and makes it illegal, now california could ban divorce, im glad im in the UK where it’s safe from these nutters

  9. Har Davids 3 Dec 2009, 10:14am

    And there’s much more for the religious crowd: just check this url Referenda galore!!

  10. *laughing* Thanks for that, Har Davids! That perfectly demonstrates the ‘pick ‘n’ choose’ attitude of some people.

    The comments on are funny too – so many people not getting the satire, and a number of people protesting about the attack on their personal freedom, while being quite happy to deny others that freedom. Hypocrites indeed.

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