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California groups ‘committed’ to 2010 gay marriage vote

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  1. I don’t like this. Suppose the ban is overturned next year. What exactly hinders religious groups to restart the same ballot the following year? This is a fight without an end.

  2. Vo Dong Cung 2 Dec 2009, 7:28pm

    I think we don’t need any public vote on human equal rights, but we need to bring the Christians to Federal Suppreme Court because they creating groups against US constitution.

  3. Indeed, Vo Dong Cung. Religion is supposed to be separate from the State in the US. And, of course, some Christians would have voted to ban interracial marriages if they were given the chance…

  4. Why are people so afraid of gays in America, that they continue to block our lives there? The some of the US states seem to be more backward than black AFrica

  5. Coment 4- Christians would not, Interaccial marraiges were mentioned in the bible. (Coment i sfree, facts are sacred) \Comment 5 ‘more backward than Black Africa..’are we having a rascist moment, here? is it only in Black (whatever that menas), AFrica, that Gay marraige is not allowed? Last time I checked, its allowed in only abut 6 countries in the world, including South AFRICA

  6. go away Rahman
    marriage will be equal sooner or later

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