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World AIDS Day: This year’s biggest HIV and AIDS news stories

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  1. This Pope is such an idiot. Condoms protect us all for multiple STDs !!!! FACT !!!! grrr

    HIV is just a different story, though.

  2. Yes, these are the HIV/AIDS news stories of 2009, but what has also been interesting this year are two related issues.

    Firstly, there have been a number of rows here on the PinkNews Comment pages regarding the kind of HIV prevention campaigns that there ought to be. Many readers think the campaigns that have been in operation for the past ten years or so are fine, while many others believe that they collude with the gay sex industries and actually encourage gay men into seeking out casual and/or sleazy sex.

    And, secondly, a small number of convinced AIDS-Denialists have been visiting these pages, insisting that HIV does not cause AIDS, and that therefore medication that attacks HIV is useless and simply a money-making scam by pharmaceutical companies.

  3. At last we agree on something.

  4. the poverty sisters 5 Jan 2011, 9:59am



    Dated 23rd July 2004 signed by Robin Brady CEO of Crusaid

    “The Charity on its own behalf and on behalf of all Associaciated Companies shall without any admission or liability whatsoever, as compensation for loss of employment,pay to the Employee the sum of £_________ inclusive of his statutory redundancy payment…”

    4. Settlement and Waiver

    The Employee believes he may have statutory claims and therefore could bring proceedings, against the Charity or any Associated Company,or its or their Trustees,employees or officerrs or former trustees employees or officers for:-

    Unfair Dismisall (Constructive)

    Disability Discrimination

    Detriments under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

    Unauthorised Deductions of Wages/Breach of Contract

    Less favourable treatmet due to Part-Time status

    The Employee agrees to accept the terms of this Agreement in Full and Final Settlement of his prospective entitlement to bring the proceedings referred to in the above.

    8 The Employee’s Ongoing Obligations

    “not to make, or cause to be made,(directly or indirectly) any derogatory or critical comments or statement (whether orally or in writing) about the Charity, their respective trustees, officers or employees”

    Its noted PinkNews has the statement the Trustees “are a bunch of clowns”

    “not to disclose (directly or indirectly) to any person or organisation the contents of this Agreement

    “not to make, or cause to be made (directly or indirectly) any statement or comment to the Press or other Media concerning his employment with the Charity .

    8.4 The Employee will resign from the Charitys Theatrecares Committee, and the Charity will accept this Compromise Agreement as such formal resignation.

    LOL I was never on the Theatrecares Committee as The Chairman has confirmed in writing.

    9. The Charity’s Ongoing Obigations

    9.1 …….


    9.3 The Charity will remove reference to the Employee from its headed notepaper and the forthcoming Annual Review

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