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Rupert Everett vows to leave Britain if Cameron becomes prime minister

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  1. rebel without a cause?
    well Rupert there are plenty more fights to be won. Go to Uganda if you like being an outsider! or a number of other tosspot countries. i think dear old Rupert is having a laugh.

  2. Kris Jones 30 Nov 2009, 1:05pm

    It really irritates me when celebrities make statement about moving abroad if one party or other wins the election. Such statements never have any influence. Does anyone really give a stuff whether Everett leaves the country?

  3. Unless the Tories actually have somekind of anti-gay policy, I dont see the point in this website constantly publishing anti-Conservative comments.

  4. Oh, dear. Rupert is gorgeous but he is such an idiot. I don’t like the Tories either, but I think my reasons are a bit more serious.

  5. John(Derbyshire) 30 Nov 2009, 1:50pm

    Don-this website doesn`t “push” anything. Face reality- the conservative party ARE anti-gay!! They always have been. Even the new intake of conservative MP`s (apart from the handful of token gay ones) are. They are naturally homophobic.

  6. Jeff Duncan 30 Nov 2009, 2:20pm

    Oh good – what a worthless non contributor to British life he is in any case.

    Does he really think anyone cares – his acting stinks – if you can call it that.

  7. Well let’s hope the Tories win then. If he preferred it when being gay was illegal, why doesn’t he do us all a favour and move to Saudi Arabia and see how he likes it. Hopefully, we won’t ever hear any of his pathetic ramblings again.

  8. Rupert Everett claims David Cameron is posh? Pot – kettle – black

  9. I don’t really understand this strong negative reaction to his words. Frankly the thought of Cameron as PM makes me consider a move too especially when I read that Iain Duncan Smith is going to “fix” family policies in this country. I.e.: Gay families never to be equated with straight families…

  10. Will the Scouser 30 Nov 2009, 4:14pm

    I wish people wouldn’t make these rash promises. Didn’t Andrew Lloyd Webber promise back in the 1990s to leave the country if Labour got into power?

  11. Simon Murphy 30 Nov 2009, 4:18pm

    Not to mention Tory links to fascist religious extremists in Europe.

    The Torybots oh this site apparently want us to ignore the stench of homophobia that remains surrounding the Tories and their allies.

  12. I really know very little about this guy, but he seems like a total and complete idiot. Maybe he shouldn’t wait for the election to bugger off, sounds like he belongs in South Park instead.

  13. How arrogant. F off Rupert.

  14. Brian Burton 30 Nov 2009, 4:35pm

    Well Rupert (I thought every Tory Male was called Rupert?) you can’t take the EAT out of EATON. The Tory Etonians are determined they are going to make their mess of things as the Thatcerites did. Gay rights will go down the pan, that will be the first order of the day. There is still faceless 1922 comitee members really pulling the strings!

  15. Errm, I am slightly confused. Rupert Everett is 50, so born in 1959. Being gay became legal in 1967, when he was 8 (did he know he was gay before the age of eight?).

    According to the Stonewall website: “In 1967, when gay sex was partially decriminalised, the age of consent for gay men was set at 21 compared to 16 for heterosexuals; there was no age of consent relating to lesbians.”

    So Rupert would have had to wait till 1980, when he was 21, before legally having sex. But I don’t think that really counts as remembering what it was like before it was legal.

    I can remember my friends not waiting till they were 21, and obviously they had to be discreet, but I can’t imagine that even that was like the pre-legalisation era, which by all accounts, was absolutely bloody awful.

  16. Pumpkin Pie 30 Nov 2009, 5:31pm

    Great. Nice one, Rupert: now everyone’s going to vote Conservative.

  17. theotherone 30 Nov 2009, 5:45pm

    Tories are b-a-d but Labour are great

    that’s why Labour bend over backwards to Religious Homophobes? That’s why Labour had to be told by Europe to brush up on it’s Gay Rights? That’s why Labour have removed Transexuals from Equality Legislation and Anti-Bullying initiatives?

    Woo Hoo for Labour.

    BTW: how often did Gordo Broon vote for Queer Rights before he became Prime Minister?

  18. Again links to actual anti-Gay Tory policies would be better than random attacks on the Conservatives. They had a gay pride day for Petes sake.

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Nov 2009, 7:19pm

    “They are naturally homophobic” – talk us through the biology of that one then John, please.

  20. Rupert Everett says he dislikes Tories because they are posh and would run the country from yachts! I don’t believe it! Read the bugger’s biography (I found a remaindered copy going for £1 at “The Works” remainder bookshop): it’s all about his privileged lifestyle, most of it spent in Paris, the South of France, and Florida!

  21. In what possible way can poor Everett’s petulance be considered (a) news or (b) interesting?

  22. Was this the chap in Withnail and I? I saw two or three minutes of a supposed documentary about Burton but all it seemed to be was about this bloke – what’s he done since 1987?

  23. Jonny Roland 30 Nov 2009, 9:44pm

    Silly Rupert. ‘I don’t want the country run from yachts.’ I think he’s getting the Conservatives mixed up with Labour. This summer, when Brown was on holiday and Mandelson was in charge he was still on holiday on Nat Rothchild’s yacht!

  24. He has an independent income and can choose where he lives. Everyone else is stuck with whatever useless government we get. And they’re none of them any better than the other.

  25. What an self-serving and vain idiot Rupert Everatt is.

    The hypocrisy of his opinion of the Tories is unbelievable. I had the misfortune of reading what passedd off as his autobiography and it was all about the priviliged jet set, the socalled “beautiful people” and their partying and all the name dropping “I partied with Bianca Jagger and Daborah Harry at Studio 54” yada yada yada….

    Rupert, if you want to be an illegal underground outsider – do us all a favour and move to Iran or Afghnaistan.

  26. Rupert: It’s a forgone conclusion the Tories will win, so why don’t you do us all a favour, save time, and f_ck off now?

    We really don’t need whinging little faggots like you giving the rest of us a bad rap.

  27. What a laugh! Poor Rupert! Dont you realise that Tony Blair and Gordon Whoever have been and are Conservatives????? Labour and Conservatives, what are the differences????? Rupert rather than fleeing Britian, why dont you get out there and campaign for the Greens!!!!!

  28. Alistair Mann 1 Dec 2009, 1:05am

    Go then you idiot. He seems to be under the illusion that anyone cares about his opinions. The Tories are almost definitely gonna win and hopefully he’ll leave, but that won’t stop him putting his two cents in probably.

  29. @ RobN (28): ‘We really don’t need whinging little faggots like you giving the rest of us a bad rap.’

    Why do you think Everett represents you (or anyone else)? And why are you so obsessed about what the neighbours think? No matter how respectable you try to be, bigots will still find a reason to target you. So why bother trying to conform to their standards?

    As for Everett’s threat – well, he’s right in so far as Tory governments always make life harder for gay men. As reported in the party’s mouthpiece, Cameron’s latest statements show that the Tories’ priority is promoting marriage and so-called ‘normal’ family life. He says: ”The Tory policy is that marriage is first-class and any other relationship is second-class.’ As if we need reminding, same-sex marriages are still illegal – and if the Tories get in, that’s how things will stay.

  30. @ theotherone (18): ‘How often did Gordo Broon vote for Queer Rights before he became Prime Minister?’

    Brown never supported Section 28 or opposed gay adoption – unlike Cameron, Johnson and just about every other major Tory.

    The fact is that until this Labour government there was very little chance for anyone to vote FOR gay rights, as any proposed legislation concerning homosexuals tended to be anti-gay.

  31. You will to perhaps come here share some good living with me, Respectful Rupert.

  32. Rupert, you can be my boyfriend any time. I like you and your philosophy. You and I think so much alike. When are you coming downunder again???

  33. Please c
    ome to NZ Rupert, we desparately need more poofs.

  34. Strange thing about the Tories being too posh. Mrs T was a Grocers Daughter (ok she married a millionaire!) and John Major’s dad sold plaster gnomes (or was he a juggler called Mr Balls; I’ve never been able to work it out) But of course Dave comes with the posh lable and the silver spoon as do most of his cabinet chums. Perhaps we will see his yachts tied up at westminster pier when he gets to be PM afterall!

  35. What the heck is Rahman on about?

  36. Justin Hinchcliffe 1 Dec 2009, 1:19pm

    What a hypocritical w****r! Would it be acceptable for any of us to say we’re going to leave the country if Alan Johnson became PM because he’s “too common”?

  37. theotherone 1 Dec 2009, 1:56pm

    charlie: please try to answer my question –

    when IN GOVERNMENT did Brown vote for any Queer Rights legislation before becoming Prime Minister?

    He abstained on every vote. Abstaining is a coward’s way of voting against legislation and can scupper a bill therefore he’s voted AGAINST more Queer Rights legislation since 1997 than DC.

  38. Why is everyone taking Rupert’s comments so seriously? He is probably having a laugh. He says lots of silly things! He clearly wants the attention. Just because he has had a priviledged upbringing does not mean that he cannot criticise the conservatives. After all, Rupert could simply be against uber-priviledged people governing, where and when it is likely to impact on policy decisions in a negative way.
    Now, considering a large number of the Tory cabinet, and quite a few key-figures in Labour, come from extremely priviledged backgrounds, or at least backgrounds and social strata alien to the vast majority, it rightly raises alarm bells. Will people from such an elite be capable of understanding the predicament of the majority of citizens? This is a question that people from any social strata can raise, without a shadow of hypocrisy.

  39. Why wait.

    On the way, perhaps you can detour to Mexico and get some more of that cut price surgery.

  40. Pinkwinkle 1 Dec 2009, 5:26pm

    Off you trot then Rupert!!

  41. Brian Burton 1 Dec 2009, 5:48pm

    Why You rotten lot;
    Rupert, Well he is the essence of purity in all things, with the milk of human kindness by the quart in every vein. An average man is he , of no eccentric whim. Who likes to live his life free of stiife, doing whatever he thinks is best for him just an ordinary man! But, put a blog on Pink News, and he sends you up the wall. You all should learn to rise above it and STAND TALL! He wants to talk of Keats or Milton, you only want to talk of love. You would like to be in Ruperts arms…here let me give you a shove! You Darling Children of Pink…why not just sit down occasionally and think?

  42. Thats just decided it for me then. Tory it is. Bye Rupert!

  43. The only valid reason to have the Tories is the possibility that Everett buggers orf to ‘Another Country.’ He was a child when homosexuality was legalised, and all this ‘I liked it when it was illegal’ nonsense is intensely irritating coming from anyone.Rupes has always been provocative and publicity seeking, but it is getting a bit tired,…. rather like his career. Who the hell cares about his political views?

  44. have you left yet?

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