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Liverpool police release CCTV images of boys wanted for homophobic assault

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  1. I propose we bring back corporal punishement for these little guttersnipes! A good few wacks of the cane might knock some sense into their illiterate and sick little minds and at the very least would hurt them so they know how it feels!

  2. 30 Nov 2009, 3:28pm

    I personally think that corporal punishment is retrograde. However I sympathise with the emotion that makes one think it’s an appropriate response. Actually I believe that gay men (just like young women, and teenage boys – to name two other categories of victims of random violence in our society) should learn self-defence. If gay-bashing came to mean that a gay man defended himself effectively against an attack, attacks on gay men would probably decline.

  3. Gay, living in fear of police, not youths! 30 Nov 2009, 3:41pm

    I have not left my home without being accompanied for over 12months.

    As a gay man I live in constant fear of further reprisal & intimidation. It’s not youth I fear, but further homophobic abusive police conduct from officers I know, can name & identify where I live. A member of the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary LGBT Independent Advisory Group usually accompanies me out just once a week or a member of the Local Gay women’s group. (The IAG are in conference in Manchester today).

    As a gay man it’s not youth I fear, but the homophobic Neo-Nazi uniformed branch of the BNP….The Devon & Cornwall Police!

  4. The problem of course is that if the victim of this assault had retaliated in any way, even so much as laid a finger on one of the boys, then we would almost certainly have seen these 6 children accuse him of assault or worse. There were six of them to get their story sorted, just as well there is at least some CCTV. The student had no choice but to take the abuse & punches, which is wrong.

    We all know that an 18-21 year old student could have knocked out a 12-14 year old child easily enough, but these delinquents know there was nothing the guy could do about it, and that’s a large part of why they felt they could attack him, without risk to themselves…cowards! Maybe their parents should stop moaning about gay people being parents and for once try being one themselves.

  5. Har Davids 30 Nov 2009, 5:02pm

    It shouldn’t be too hard to find these morons and if they do, I would like to know what makes these ‘people’ tick (parents, school?), so no trial behind closed doors!

  6. Here is the Police Press release with more images:

  7. Patrick James 30 Nov 2009, 6:10pm

    My own feeling is that the lack of tolerance demonstrated by these children/youths reflects the intolerance of their community. It is very possible that their own parents are supportive of their assault on the gay youth who I’ve read was dressed extravagantly.

    I love people that dress extravagantly, I think they enrich all our lives and it is very sad that these children/youths cannot see that.

  8. Rahman, just grow up! I wouldnt be a muslim if youpaid me! I would not beat my wife if I had one; I am someone from the 20th century and I object to nasty homophobic little bastards who beat up people I identify with. BUT I’d certainly beat you HOW DARE you call me names when the stuff youpost on here is homophobic in the extreme!

  9. Sadly the Liverpool Echo hasn’t done a good job of showing the CCTV images, unlike Pink News. You can see more on the Merseyside Police website

  10. Ey-up!
    ‘Good-fer-a-laff’ is back!
    ‘Nuther 500 comments, then?
    Might as well put the telly off.

  11. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Nov 2009, 11:17pm

    Malcolm, sorry, “Gay, living in fear of police, not youths” – you might want to seek some help mate. you’ve clearly got some issues that you need to start getting resolved mate – and those issues have nothing whatsoever to do with the police

  12. Kara Vallow 1 Dec 2009, 2:14pm

    Gay, living in fear of police, not youths! sounds like you sit in your home watching ever media event program and news channel on the TV. this will create huge paranoia and its not your fault its the media that causes at a lot of this it instils fear into its viewers to keep them watching. for people like you i think the media have a lot to answer for.

  13. Dionysian 1 Dec 2009, 2:44pm

    Cleggy at #6 — Thanks for a very useful and insightful link there. PinkNews can often colour things with a dystopiate view of the world, painting us as the hard-done-by little people.

    Unfortunately, by reading the police report, on this occasion they are right. This man was not ‘asking’ for anything more that to be allowed on his way.

    When (not if) they are caught, these thugs deserve everything they will get.

  14. Gay, living in fear of police, not youths! 1 Dec 2009, 5:31pm

    @ Kara Vallow. Nothing to do with the media. These are homophobic police officers I can name & identify.

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