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Christian relationship counsellor loses appeal over gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. Delighted to see this! May bigots always be defeated. Let us hope that Lillian Ladele loses her case at the Court of Appeal.

  2. “Failed to accommodate his faith”!
    Here we go again.

    No, it’s that increasingly society will not accommodate your bigotry, your prejudice, your hate.

    Get over it, there’s an easy way, go back to your bible and read about how Jesus accepted everyone without reservation and without discrimination. Then you would have the right to call yourself a “Christian”.

  3. This is incredible, I can’t believe the audacity of some people to see what they can away with! Good for the system that this fool has not been awarded for his ignorance!

  4. 30 Nov 2009, 3:57pm

    I am hugely relieved that Relate’s values have been vindicated. There’s nothing to stop him from going into private practice as a counsellor/therapist. He’d have to put up a footnote on his brass plate saying “NO GAYS”. That might affect how many clients he gets, but one has to suffer for one’s art!

  5. Simon Murphy 30 Nov 2009, 4:02pm

    He’s beyond moronic.
    Glad to see he lost.

  6. Erroll Clements 30 Nov 2009, 4:14pm

    HULLOOOOOO! What planet do these twits come from? I just love the fact that they come with all the religious crap and their beliefs, but they are two faced biggots who are acting in anything but a loving christian manner?!! He who throws the first stone?!!

  7. Umm…as a psycho-sexual counsellor, he must surely have known that he’d be giving advice to unmarried couples, divorced couples etc etc…a lot of couple who weren’t heterosexual & married for the first time. Maybe he should have thought about his career choice before entering into it.

  8. poeticlicense 30 Nov 2009, 4:56pm

    Actually he’d then brake the sex discrimination act amendment 2007 on the provision of goods, services and facilities to gay. lesbian and bi people.

    If he wishes to practise he has no option but to fully accept LGBT people. This goes for any buisiness or service provider in the UK.

  9. A victory for commonsense. I bet this guy had no problem giving advice to divorcees, etc. LGBT people seem to be a common target of all this ‘Christians are victims’ propaganda. In my opinion, it’s a nasty campaign and I’m glad that the tribunal ruled against this man.

  10. why should he get special rights and special treatment?

  11. As a psychosexual therapist he would have surely have dealt with adulterous couples, incest and a whole range of “sinful” behaviours among his straight couples. So clearly he was being selective in choosing which sin he was comfortable in dealing with. Nothing Christian about this, simple bigotry is all…

  12. Good! It’s a strange form of Christianity that puts intolerance above love.

  13. “Failed to accommodate his faith”!

    WHY do people think that their work HAS to do that? Workplace accomodation of special childcare needs, disabilities, are more than enough. Religion is a purely optional, personal, and voluntary choice. Why should employers be required to make any accomodation other than allowing people to take whichever day is their sabbath off.

  14. We’re ‘sinners’? I’d like to see what he called us BEFORE he ‘overcame his predudices’!

  15. praise the Lord. Another christian has been reeducated. I am beginning to think there is a chance for bigoted christians. Maybe we can start a counselling group for intolerant christians and then advertise our successes in the media. HaLLELLUAGHAGH….

  16. More Christian Matryrs

    More Christians Bigots

    More Christians refusing to do their work

  17. Going to christian for advice??

    oh btw Jesus agreed with slavery

  18. I understand that he wants to do specific work in the framework of his beliefs, revolting and as far from Christian though they are.

    I just don’t understand what made him think Relate was the place to do that, unless he was either narcissistic enough to think that the rules only apply to other people or in the ways he decides they apply (in which case, counsellor, please get help), or if he was deliberately trying to make a martyr of himself.

    Jesus would be proud of Relate: caring for those with serious issues and helping and supporting them to understand and take responsibility for them so that they can be more loving, honest people.

  19. Brian Burton 1 Dec 2009, 5:29pm

    This irksome creature is really a non-person, they are constantly afraid of the future and has no past. If he had a past he would be afraid of that too. If he is a Christian? Then he should know Christ did not die to save People , but to teach people how to save each other!

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