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Bulgarian man sells story of final hours with Stephen Gately

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Reader comments

  1. Yawn. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

  2. Simon Murphy 30 Nov 2009, 2:22pm

    I wonder how much he got paid by the Sunday Mirror for selling his story because that’s obviously why he agreed to be interviewed?

    Not that I like mentioning her but remember when Jan Moir wrote her viciously cruel article about Stephen Gately on the day before his funeral in mid October. Well the PCC got about 25,000 complaints about the article and said they were going to investigate the complaints.

    How long does a PCC investigation normally take?

    It’s been 7 weeks now. Can we expect a response from the PCC or will they simply ignore the complaints?

  3. Simon, I’m sorry to say, but the PCC probably aren’t going to do anything. They have a policy of not doing anything unless the person involved in the offending article – or, in this case, Stephen Gately’s family, husband or band members – reports it to them, which I don’t believe they have. I don’t really blame them; their situation is painful enough without dragging this around too. And even if the PCC did take action, it wouldn’t be very much – a better phrased apology, maybe. (Not that it could have been any worse.) I say this as a journalism student, and we’re constantly told about the flaws of the PCC. As a governing body, it’s pretty useless.

    (I actually remember reading somewhere that the PCC said they wouldn’t take any action…but I don’t know where it was, so don’t quote me on it.)

    I’m actually disgusted about this, but completely unsurprised. I think the fact that Andrew Cowles won’t have anything to do with the man – and that it was published in The Sun, says it all. Actually, no, Ronan’s interview itself does, really.

    I hope Dochev feels hollow for this. I hope he’s as disgusted with himself as I am. For the rest of his life. It’s all he deserves.

  4. In the article in the Sunday Mirror Mr Dochev is described as a male model. Does anyone know if he really is a model? If so in what line of work. I did wonder if this was a euphemism for rent boy.

  5. Simon Murphy 30 Nov 2009, 4:24pm

    The PCC said they WOULD investigate. The fact that they received more complaints about the Moir article than all other complaints in their history lead them to say they would be investigating.

    Have they since shelved the inquiry? I did not see that reported. Perhaps Pink News should call them to ask for an update on the investigation?

    If they have shelved the inquiry then it’s quite clear the press is incapable of self-regulation and outside regulation is due.

  6. I hate it when these people sell their story after the maximum fee has been negotiated and then claim their reason is to “set the record straight”. Who are they kidding, he’s done it for the money, plain & simple.

  7. Mihangel apYrs 30 Nov 2009, 5:36pm

    a whore is a whore.

    Capitalise when you’re young (and pretty) because no-one will have you when you’re old.

    Whether anyone will ever trust him again is another matter

  8. What a let down this all is. Cowell to sell his story makes him lower than I gave him credit for. I’m sad also that in this day and age you’d bother to get married and still sleep with others :-(

  9. Sorry I meant Georgi Dochev

  10. Patrick James 30 Nov 2009, 6:29pm

    It is very cheap of Georgi Dochev to sell this story.

  11. Simon Murphy 30 Nov 2009, 6:36pm

    The Sunday Mirror published the story. They are a despicable rag for doing this.

    How Stephen Gately died has no public interest element. Yes people are curious about the circumstances but the fact that newspapers (The Daily Mail and Sunday Mirror) choose to pay people to reveal private information that doesn’t concern or impact on anyone, but the parties directly involved is repellant.

    Dochev will earn his cash and never be heard from again. The Mail and the Mirror however will continue to thrash and destroy other people’s reputations for their own apparent amusement.

    The PCC is not fit for purpose and needs to be scrapped.

  12. I agree with him that there was nothing sleezy about what went on in the apartment. The sleezy part is him going to possibly the second lowest rag in Britain, after the Sun, and selling his story.

  13. The problem is, many normal married Starights will consider it sleazy, thus giving Jan Moir her ammunition…

  14. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Nov 2009, 11:27pm

    @David – yeah ‘model’, is that what they call it these days ….

    “London, Oct 23 : Georgi Dochev, the Bulgarian who found Stephen Gately’s dead body, has been branded a ‘gay gold-digger’ by a leading gay rights activist.

    Izzo Petroff launched a sensational attack on jobless Georgi and his boyfriend Valentin Vasev in a leading Bulgarian paper.

    He claimed that the pair had been targeting famous and rich gays for years.

    “Both gay gigolos are real gold-diggers. They have had some success in getting in touch with showbusiness stars,” The Daily Star quoted Izzo as saying.

    He also alleged Valentin had been “close” to a number of other famous celebs, including a chart-topping gay musician.

    Georgi, 25, a student who had also worked as a waiter, has told how he met up with tragic singer Stephen and his partner Andrew Cowles, 32, just hours before the Boyzone star’s sudden death.

    After visiting several clubs, the trio headed back to Stephen’s 1million pound flat, overlooking the bay in Puerto Andratx, Mallorca, at 4.10am and carried on partying.

    Georgi told police he discovered Stephen, who was 33, dead on the sofa around lunchtime.

    However, he claimed to have known the singer for years and said that the Irish star was an old friend.

    He said he did not attend Stephen’s funeral because he feared fans would misunderstand his relationship with the singer.”

  15. News is news. Get over it. And let’s face it, Gately was old news before he died, and two months later, guess what? He’s old news again.

    Some of us have better things to do than pine over some dear-departed third-rate refugee from a boy band.

  16. Oh, RobN, you’re so sweet and sensitive!

  17. I find it so hypocritical that the papers make a big fuss of this when the internet is full of sites for heterosexual couples to find partners. Where is the outrage at the wife swapping parties and dogging married people get upto in this country?

    It seems to me that if heterosexual marriage is not held sacred, then its a bit rich them expecting Civil Partnerships to be any different to what they do.

    Just look at all the affairs married politicians and even bishops and vicars have had in the past including having secret illegitimate family’s hidden away.

    Heterosexuals clean out your own houses before you start trying to put ours in order.

  18. I dont get why they are trying to make him look like a saint
    He was hardly a role model any more, he was a typical stereotype of a gay man
    And im sure he had some say in the last 3some

  19. *Oops. I just realised I said The Sun instead of the Sunday Mirror. But really, what’s the difference? As someone else said, the Mirror is second only to The Sun when it comes to being the worst of the British press system.

  20. Lura: You forgot that dishrag that is “The Daily Star”

  21. Laura: You forgot that dishrag that is “The Daily Star”

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