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Gordon Brown raises anti-gay laws with Ugandan president

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 28 Nov 2009, 5:26am

    Good to hear that Uganda’s proposed fascist new law is causing concern.

    What are the financial consequences for Uganda in adopting this new law.

    I hope Britain will suspend aid to the Ugandan government if they try to introduce this hateful, vicious law!

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Nov 2009, 5:56am

    O Canada ! !

    Nice tie, Gord.

  3. I presume all this is generated by the rantings of swivel-eyed-religious-nutters?

  4. he’s ‘concerned’…. if you want us to believe you give a crap about ugandan gay people then suspend aid, kick them out of the commonwealth. do SOMETHING

  5. This all sounds reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the way people are marginalised to such a degree that they are living in constant fear. The people pushing through this law will have blood on their hands and guilty of crimes against humanity.Uganda should be severely ostracised if this stupid law is passed. what next. concentration camps. sicko politicians deserve contempt and more.

  6. Oh no, not Cameron! 28 Nov 2009, 10:27pm

    Imagine if Cameron was Prime Minister! Can’t imagine him taking any interest in this, preferring his relationship with the homophobes of Poland and Lithuania. Please for christ’s sake don’t let the Tories back into power.

  7. Most of British homosexuals are phenomentally unintelligent. Instead of thinking how to provide the real physical help for suffering Ugandian homosexuals, how to get the money and proper informaiton for them, how to organize their escape from Uganda to Europe or any American country, they blame Gord for his concern and attempt to leave the diplomatic bridge open for future support of suffering homosexuals of Uganda.

    Wow, I can’t believe that now I, being a Muslim and non-homosexual person, care for poor homosexuals in Uganda more then British homosexuals…

  8. Joe In California 29 Nov 2009, 3:24am

    All Ugandan ambassadors and diplomats should be expelled from all Commonwealth countries and Uganda removed from the Commonwealth and not wait for them to pass this law in their country. We should then extend unconditional refugee status to those who want to leave Uganda.
    The next thing we’ll hear is that similar homophobic countries such as Jamaica will try passing similar laws.
    So much for Christianity… Another one in the name of god.
    Would God Want To Kill Gay People? Really? And why are these affiliated so-called Christians (The Family) not standing up for what is right? for what Jesus would have done? Such hypocrisy.

  9. 29 Nov 2009, 10:38am

    “We used to have very few homosexuals traditionally. [etc.]”

    Silly, and ignorant, man!

    Same-sex relationships used to be common in Africa. See “The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relations in Human Societies”, James Neill”, .

  10. I did some charity work in Uganda a few years ago, working in a girls’ primary school, and I found the people very friendly and welcoming. At the time Uganda was held up as an example in the region as a country being proactive about the HIV pandemic. Sadly a mixture of quite a religious culture, scaremongering about the virus, a macho society and plain misinformation has lead to these laws. Uganda has worked to improve the rights of girls and women over the past few years and hopefully with some gentle international pressure, especially regards the death penalty (santions will get you nothing but condemnation – are there going to be santions against the US and other econmically powerful nations with poor LGBT rights records?) support for LGBT Ugandans, especially asylum seekers and patience, hopefully Ugandans will have rights like the rest of us. Remember it took us over forty years and setbacks a plenty to get to where we are and Uganda is recovering from fifty years of dictatorships and civil wars – it is only recently a player on the international stage and we have to work with them to help them clean up their act because working against them is not going to work.

  11. Har Davids 29 Nov 2009, 4:38pm

    People aiding and abetting gays will be prosecuted! I guess you’re expected to turn in your relatives and friends, even if you care about them. Well, want can you expect of a region where people are being killed for witch-craft or, if you’re an albino, as an ingredient for some ‘magic’ potion. Out of the CW and a full stop on all forms of aid.

  12. Derek North 29 Nov 2009, 6:20pm


    Take your silly god and F off.

  13. . . . ignore him . . . another Troll Wacko who has generated 450 threads of homophobic bile on the Islamic Univeristy Soceity thread.

  14. Rahman,
    you havent a clue about true islam. you have been brainwashed by others with weak minds which is reflected in your lack of balance and respect for the Prophet. you place your views over and above others and have little love in your heart. I wish you find your way out of this negative maze and find true not find satisfaction in hating others . it is not the true way.

  15. If it is true that American Evangelicals are behing all this then i feel sorry for the memory of true Christians who helped the persecuted during the world war 2. They helped people against the evils of Nazis and would be sick at the sight of people defending persecution in thr name of God. Evil comes in many guises!

  16. The Koran has been hijacked by new boys on the block. rebels without a cause so they stole the Koran. What a lack of respect for the Prophet. Human nature rears its ugly head again.

  17. KICK UGANDA OUT OF THE COMMONWEALTH IF IT DARES TO BRING IN SUCH SAVAGE LAWS! STOP ALL GRANTS AND TRADE WITH THIS DISGUSTING REGEIME! ITS AS BD AS WHEN AMIN WAS IN CHARGE!!! I am sickened by these african nations which are seeking to murder people because of their sexuality; this is the 21st century and they are acting like the primative tribes people; is it any wonder africa is in such a mess!

  18. Re Rahman; can’t we get rid of this person in the same way he would do to us if he had his way? Stone him? chuck him off a cliff etc? Whats he doing on this site in any case; surely he is tainted by the very thought of being on a gay website? Perhaps he should go and contemplate his little book and leave the rest of us alone!

  19. And whilst you are there Gordon, have a word with all the other commonwealth leaders who are homophobes. AND if you need a list of nasty places where LGBT people suffer, have a look at this!
    There is a pattern of course and I am sure it does not take a member of MENSA to work it out!

    ! Algeria,Egypt, Libya,Morocco, Sudan,Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Gambia
    Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mauritania ,Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Sierra Leone, Angola, Cameroon, São Tomé and Príncipe, Burundi
    Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius,
    Seychelles, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana
    Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados Dominica Grenada Jamaica Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Turks and Caicos Islands Trinidad and Tobago Guyana
    Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Bahrain, Kuwait Lebanon Palestinian territories (Gaza)Qatar Oman Saudi Arabia Syria United Arab Emirates Yemen afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan Iran Maldives Pakistan Sri Lanka
    North Korea Brunei Malaysia Myanmar Singapore Fiji Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands Kiribati Nauru Northern Mariana Islands
    Palau Cook Islands Samoa Tonga Tuvalu

  20. Told you folks . . . Wacho Troll on board.

  21. … And you’ll be imprisoned if you don’t report LGBTQI people you know of. … And even if you’re doing so in a country where it’s perfectly legal to engage in same-sex relationships (from casual sex to marriage) you’ll be liable for imprisonment or execution when you return to Uganda. The whole thing is sheer evil.

    Rahman has done some bizarre ranting, but he has a point about how LGBTQI people who seek asylum or refuge in the UK are treated. It’s abominable.

  22. Father Andrew Gentry 1 Dec 2009, 9:33pm

    One other aspect of this dreadful business. It seems that the MP who is proposing this Hitler Law and the president who has given his tacit support are members of the American fundamentalist “christian” taliban otherwise known as “The Family” whose headquarters are in Washington and whose members include both US Senators and Congressmen! Not only this but “evangelical” salesman aka pastor Rick Warren is good friends with the boys in “the Family” as well as with the Ugandan MP and has recently refused to condemn this insane proposal. Salesman Warren was the bloke who gave the opening invocation at the Inauguration of Mr. Obama! It is way past time for people of good will whatever their faith or lack thereof to condemn such complicity in hate. Forget political correctness, I will gladly tell Warren if he claims to be Christian and condones or refuses by his silence to condemn hate he is NOT a Christian but liar!

  23. Rumor says you might be sick of Aids . which guy hammared you nicely in the ass LOL to infect you . And who hammaered Besigye because your compaign said he is sick also. was he a white man or black man LOL. You are becoming a laughing stock of the world so far if you are running out of ideas . African leaders are pathetic and greeady for power forever than letting there sons start from where they have reached . they want to die presidents and end up keeping the nations so behind than moving foward . pathetic . I like the guy who hammared you though . he did a good job and if you are not sick, then age is catching up with you . ther eis nothing you can do to stop the future from defining itself . leave alone people and follows criminals to create peace than sitting on your fat ass to talk nothing in parliament . why are MPS fat by the way . Explain . that is sickness also that you need to follow up . ask them

  24. when it comes to democracy, most african leaders are like my friends dog. He likes to play catch but he won’t drop the stick!

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