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EXCLUSIVE: London mayor Boris Johnson ‘determined’ to tackle homophobic hate crime

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Reader comments

  1. I’m not a copper and I’d never would want to be. They have do do everything by the book when investigating an incident and coppers who are “not” LGBT liaison officers more often f**k up the investigations which allows the offender to get off at the end of the day and they have an alarming regularity of allowing their own homophobia to distort the investigations.

    If a victim “demands” an LGBT liaison officers to investigate their incident then the chances of a satisfactory conclusion to the trial will be “greatly” improved.

    Furthermore, this at the end of the day will ensure the need for such Police officers which will prove to the Police HQ a demand for these officers to be trained up.

    If any victims are reading this and are thinking of reporting a Hate Crime, contact the Police and demand that you will wait until a LGBT liaison or Hate Crime Police officer becomes available to investigate your incident.

  2. Voted for Boris the 1st time and will probably be voting for him next time if he was to continue. Excellent Job Boris!

  3. As long as you don’t vote for Duncan Smith and his homophobic ilk.

  4. vulpus_rex 27 Nov 2009, 3:49pm

    Makes a nice change to have a mayor who is sensitive to LGB issues rather than Ken who invites and welcomes gay hating, muslim clerics to the city.

    I’ll be voting for B next time anyway, but if he really does get rid of the bendy buses that make my cycle to work a thrilling, near death experience every day, I might even go out and campaign for him.

  5. This man has done a brilliant job and everything he has done is without a doubt better thna ken would have done
    Run for PM Boris!

  6. “Johnson will be installed as the first elected police commissioner if the Tories win power.”

    err… how does that work exactly? How would appointing him make him the first ELECTED commissioner?!?! confused much?

  7. Not applicable 27 Nov 2009, 4:10pm

    Boris better start by looking at the homophobes within the police force. In my experience reporting HATE CRIME to police when it IS the police is a complete waste of time.

  8. If it wasn’t for the removal of the referendum I would have voted Tory just to get this current lot out. Nick Clegg is useless. No Lord only knows. However if you don’t vote you can’t whinge. UKIP or Greens I think.

  9. I always though Boris looked abit like the Dulux Dog . . . in which case if think he should go around Barking and Biting any homophobes that cross his path.

    Apparently,recently he came to the rescue of a distressed cyclist being attacked by yobs . . . I think he barked loudly at them and they ran off.

    I say let him off the lead . . . and let the tax payer fund a diamond studded collar.

  10. @ Cleggy. Unfortunately as a repeat victim of homophobic motivated crime I have repeatedly asked for an LGBT officer, but because some of my complaints are about homophobic serving police officers whom I can name & identlfy…I have yet to see an LGBT officer. Thats despite x2 assaults, an attempted extortion, a fraud investigation, my vehicles trashed, theft from our property.

    Police, in Cornwall, they are the homophobic hate crime problem!

  11. Well said Boris!

  12. One word: bandwagon.

    Let’s return to this in 2 years.

  13. Are you guys for real. This is just posturing from Boris. Ken was far more positive. He gave funding to the London pride event ( Boris has withdrawn it) It really is just talk the talk. Boris’s office does nothing to tackle homophobic crime. All the borough’s, especially Westminster don’t give 2 hoots!
    We have along way to go.

  14. Ken was a disaster! As with Labour we are told what to thing, whereas with Boris we’re encouraged to do things for ourselves. Boris withdraw funding from the Soho pride because he wanted to spend the money on tackling homophobia. In the end Soho pride was still a success and we should be more proud we were able to get things done for ourselves. Pride wasn’t only event that he withdraw money from other events we still also a success. If we want things We Will do it.

    Kens examples were inviting Islamic extremists, insulting Jews, and making deals with dictators, amongst others. His style was to bully for example the Oyster card system at train stations. Its well know that part of the reasons the train companies refused was because of Ken’s confrontational attitude whereas Boris is more diplomatic. Ken’s time was up thats why I voted for him. He had to go. It why I will be voting for him again next time too!

  15. Boris is very entertaining but he’s not to be trusted. Comparing his lgbt record to Ken’s is laughable. Ken is no angel but his vocal support for lgbt people goes back to the 70’s when it wasn’t fashionable for ANYONE to do it.

  16. Makes a nice change to have a mayor who is sensitive to LGB issues rather than Ken who invites and welcomes gay hating, muslim clerics to the city.

    “I’ll be voting for B next time anyway, but if he really does get rid of the bendy buses that make my cycle to work a thrilling, near death experience every day, I might even go out and campaign for him.”

    Excuse me, but I hate to burst your bubble, however I’d been chasing Boris for nigh on 6 months for him to comment and act on Homophobic Hate Crime in London. Each time he’d pass the buck and refuse to answer. It was ONLY because of Ian’s death and the subsequent Candle-lit Vigil that he actually spoke out on the eve of the vigil.

    Please do NOT be fooled by this man or the Conservatives (or Labour for that matter). As mentioned, Ken Livingstone was a self-publicist who increased the PR / Marketing Department many-fold and failed to really provide Pride or any other LGBT events with the funding it deserved.

    The ONLY party who has always campaigned for LGB AND T equality for many, many years are the LibDems.



  17. Well said RJB…

    Sound bites to calm the children just after the horse has bolted.

  18. This is a man who wholeheartedly supported Section 28, claimed that if you allow gay men to marry each other you might as well legalise marriages between men and dogs, and thinks that lesbian and gay youth outreach work is a waste of money. Like all his fellow Tories, he’s a homophobe at heart. Read this report and he doesn’t propose any policies to decrease hate crime. Simply saying that he thinks murdering gay people is bad is not enough. What is he actually going to do?

    And to those of you saying he has a better track record on lesbian and gay rights than Ken: you’re either deluded or stupid.

  19. O dear not a Dulux dog at all . . . or a guide dog . . . must be a rotdog as we all suspected – or rather the wool-uff in sheeps clothing

  20. Tonight LGBT people in Soho and around London will experience phobic attacks against them, be it words, fists or worst. Non of them will be low level attacks as Boris claims.

    When Boris dismisses attacks as low level he gives strength to the bigots. Would he dare goto Brixton and call attacks by racist thugs as low level!

    I think not

  21. For me, I always feel like Boris does have good intentions. I know he supported Section 28 but if this helps then it is good.

    It is like celebrities and charity. Sometimes they do it for the publicity but what matters is the help.

  22. Abi1975 . . . exactly . . . Assualt, Murder. . . low level?

  23. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Nov 2009, 11:22pm

    Angry/Cleggy – should move to Southwark – can’t say we have anything to complain about here and it is the expectation that ALL officers will be able to sensitively deal with issues that arise from our, and all our minority, communities – which in my experience they have always done.

    This very much mirrors the attitude of the local authority …. which has a TORY coalition running it

  24. Boris makes a promise? We’ve been there before.

    As part of his electioneering he made a ‘promise’ to end Tube strikes in London. During last summer’s strikes he was asked exactly how that had gone and he deflected the question. It became clearer why, when it was shown that he had done precisely nothing to deliver on that promise and had not met, nor even talked to the unions. Union leaders said they had asked tomeet him and not even got a response. Broken promise, or downright lie?

    He also ‘banned’ alcohol on public transport immediately after he got into office (and spent lots of our money getting big signs printed to make it widely known). Ask any Police officer and they will tell you they have no legal power to prevent anyone drinking on public transport – unless they are comitting some other type of crime or are already drunk and disorderly. Effectively then we have lots of signs, but no actual preventative action. How many of us see people flouting this – and I can’t call it law, cos it isn’t – every day and nothing being done? Waste of time, waste of money.

    Two big ‘headline grabbing’ BoJo promises, which sound great but don’t stand up to scrutiny. This ‘anti-homophobe’ noise is just that, a noise to keep him on message and will amount to nothing. At least Ken said what he thought and let others say their piece too, whether it was popular or not, it got the discussion going. At least Ken was out on the frontline with gays and lesbians when Boris was voting for the discrimination Ken was fighting against. Like him or loathe him, you knew where you stood with him and why. With Boris he sees a bandwagon and jumps on and off it as it suits him – you never know what he is going to say, and much less whetehr he’s actually going to deliver any of it.

    Personally, a quick interview with a niche gay news outlet is not enough. Show me some concrete results Boris or else I will be forced to believe this is another soundbite promise, rather than a serious conviction, backed with action to make things better.

  25. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Nov 2009, 6:36am

    “And they will take it out on people they think are different. And there is something very horrible about that. But I’m afraid that’s been part of human nature since the dawn of time.”

    Isn’t this implying that homophobia is part of human nature? I couldn’t agree with that at all. No way.

    Homophobia is not genetic. Children are not born with a hatred towards gay persons; they are taught to hate by the people with whom they come in contact.

    Legalize pepper spray. It’s about the size of a tube of lipstick and it’s cheaper than a fish & fish lunch.

  26. Nick:- Once Boris gets involved in the Tube strike it he becomes a political pawn. If you were clever enough you realise that Boris needs backing to do something about the strikes without causing too many problems. If you bother to notice the strikers are making themselves more unpopular. You’ll see Boris travelling the same way as everyone else too on these days. Basically he’s given the Tube strikers a long rope. A rope in which they have already used to start hanging themselves. A time Will come when he has an absolute majority in either banning the strike or changing how they strike.

    As for alcohol on the Tube I have to ask how many people actually drink it on the Tube anyway, not many.

    And people Section 28? Really? how long ago was it? 20? Wasn’t it abolished years ago? Times change, again it seems people want to continue living in the past.

    I have known several people who’ve shown various degrees of intolerance until that is they find themselves working within the communities and seeing first hand and have had to change their points of view. Times do change, so do people. We seem to get some stuck on the same outdated agenda of being so stuck in the past they never see a way forward. It holds us the gay community back. I for one plan for a bright future. I hope you’ll all join me.

  27. Justin Hinchcliffe 28 Nov 2009, 8:06am

    Well done, Boris!

  28. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Nov 2009, 8:51am

    Legalize pepper spray.

    It’s about the size of a tube of lipstick and it’s cheaper than a fish & chips lunch.

  29. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Nov 2009, 8:58am

    Boris is the one who is living in the past if he thinks homophobia is genetic, innit.

  30. Harvey,

    I know all your points about why Boris is not getting involved in the Tube strikes dispute. If YOU were clever enough you’d realise my point is that he promised he would, as part of the things he said to get people to vote for him. Once in office he has failed to do anything to make good that promise and he cannot ‘ban’ strikles, because there is a law of the land that he is not empowered to change, that permits them if a ballot has been duly taken. This means he LIED in his election pledge, both about his intent and about his ability and that’s the important issue.

    The important issue with Section 28 is that when Boris had a chance, he chose discrimination and he chose Section 28. That affected my life as a gay teen going through school at the time and it wasn’t fun. Times may change, but it’s no thanks to people like him that they do, it’s DESPITE them. That’s his track record and that’s what I am going to judge him on.

    The fact that he has sat down for a cup of tea and a chat with is because his media advisor has told him it would be good for business. Until I see some positive action I am going to judge him on his actions from the past as they are the only thing that can be proven – what he DID, not what he said he would do or what he would much rather forget.

  31. Nick:- I respect what you say but I too was bullied at school for being gay and section 28 came in but it didn’t make much difference as gay issues weren’t taught anyway. Ok it would have been nice but all thats in the past. It has made me the stronger person I am today. We can’t keep blaming something that hasn’t been around for some years now. Regardless of that it will be taught schools from next year have gay relationships included.

    Boris has kept to several pledges he made, the Tube strike issue is very different, he needs complete public support before tackling dinosaurs like Bob Crow for holding London random.

    Boris has made some mistakes and some think he’s a baffoon but at least we knew what we were getting. He is a lot more refreshing than Ken.

    He will get my vote.

  32. To collude with Bozza is to collude with the Tories. Er no thanks. You really think BJ is the person he is recently appearing to be?

  33. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Nov 2009, 7:46pm

    “The fact that he has sat down for a cup of tea and a chat with is because his media advisor has told him it would be good for business. Until I see some positive action ….”

    Nick that is positive action. Its a step forward in showing that the Tories do actual understand the necessity to accommodate the needs of the gay community. Whether its a press office that has told Boris to or not, he has still been told to.

  34. @ SMC… “Angry/Cleggy – should move to Southwark”
    Why should a gay person have to move to a ghetto because the local police force where they currently live is grossly homophobic in its attitudes & practises?

    Police homophobia is still the primary problem in affectively tackling homophobic hate crime…the dozens of police officers I have encountered have attitudes more like that of the BNP towards gays!

  35. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Nov 2009, 6:10pm

    Angry – Southwark isn’t actually a ghetto, its a large inner London borough with a population of just under 300 000.

    Here the police are tasked and monitored to ensure that they represent in the needs and interested of a diverse community and a large part of that tasking is as a result of the expressed wished of the local community.

    If the police in your area are not represeting the interests of the gay community sufficiently well, you might want to look at what your neighbours and friends are asking for them to do.

    If homophobia and hate crime is an issue in the area you live in, it should be, initially at least, picked up by Safer Neighbourhood Teams, who are largely tasked by Safer Neighbourhoods Ward Panel members made up from the local community. If cycling on the pavement is the issue they are asked to focus on, that’s what they will do, if its crack houses, again that is what they will do. If it is homophobia and hate crime again they do it.

    Being as you are from Cornwall and this site has been plagued for I don’t know how long by some vexatious complaintant against the police, bitter and resentful of the treatment his boyfriend received donkey’s years ago, I’m inclined to wonder firstly whether you are that person under yet another new name, and secondly if in fact the problems you are banging on about are real or imaginary.

  36. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Nov 2009, 6:15pm

    @Rahman – read your postings on another thread and you seemed a bit whacko – don’t know where you’re from, but I think most of us in this country (thankfully) have got more sense than to run round with a knife in our pockets.

    Why don’t we all just go out and buy guns? A great big semi automatic rifle? Of a machine gun? No, no, wait …. a bazooka, we could all walk round with a freaking great bazooka each!!

  37. “Every human being have right to self-defense. With knife or gun – doesn’t matter. If females in western world would have small guns in their pockets, all rapes would disappear. Ask any policeman, he would confirm my point.”

    A typical misogynistic view Rahman! It is never the victims fault that they got raped. Only a man would ever think its the woman’s own fault because she could not defend herself.

  38. Help! I am begining to like Boris Johnson! Is there a cure or do I havwe to come out as a Borisophile?????

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