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Charges dropped for man who ‘shouted homophobic abuse’ at gay council leader

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Reader comments

  1. So he lied about his choice of words, pretending he was reasonable about things…I feel sorry for his child having such a stupid dad.

  2. Sounds like this comment was more ignorant than homophobic. Peter Burne’s comment is pathetic and he should know better. Hate crime? Not really. Pathetic? Yes, Very!

  3. Of course it is a hate crime.
    Had he been black or followed a dogma it would have been a very different story.

    Wake up people we are attacked from many different sides and the rest allow it to happen.

  4. Guess I don’t take offence that easily from a narrow-minded man like this. Its pure ignorance. He clearly has no idea what he’s talking about hence the remark. If it had been foul language and threats then yes I would class it as homophobia but was just a pathetic comment from a little man who should be more excepting esp with a child in tow. To show these silly little anger made statements are anything more than ignorance is daft. Lets not make ourselves victims to the point no-one takes us seriously.

  5. ‘Mr Purcell, how can you make such important decisions regarding my family when you practise an alternative lifestyle?’.

    easy, as your lot seem to make decisions on our “life style” all the time. Regardless to what we want.

  6. Couldn’t agree more dave

  7. Paul Brownsey 27 Nov 2009, 2:14pm

    Perhaps Purcell should have replied, “It is precisely because I practise an alternative life-style, that I am better equipped to judge what is in the long-term interests of ALL children, instead of being biased in favour of the fruits of my loins.”

  8. …..Absolutely pathetic.

    What the f*ck has his sexuality got to do with school closures? Two local schools were closed near me recently, but I didn’t feel the need to accuse the council leader of doing that because she’s straight/female/Asian/ over 40 etc etc.

  9. Robert, ex pat Brit 27 Nov 2009, 4:45pm

    “I went over and tapped his window and said, ‘Mr Purcell, how can you make such important decisions regarding my family when you practise an alternative lifestyle?’.

    So is Purcell’s sexual orientation a “lifestyle”? When did he get to choose it, which is what that word suggests? By the same token, I don’t think its right that my tax pounds contribute to the education system that his children and other breeders of his ilk enjoy at my expense while I don’t even get the right to marry by choice, but banned from it.

  10. theotherone 28 Nov 2009, 1:53pm

    when I lived in Glasgow I had knifes pulled no me, was threatened with violence on a daily basis and was frequently threatened with rape. The police refused to act on any of the allegations.

    When I WAS raped they took over a week to interview the rapist and refused to submit the file for review by the fiscal.

    One little comment made to a Councilor and the guy’s locked up overnight. I wish they treated all Queers in the city with such respect.

  11. Insread of closing the school perhaps pete burne should be returned to the school himself so that his obviously flawed education can be completed. As for calling him a liar I thimk quite a few “straight” men are after all the difference between a gay man and a straight man is about a half pint of beer

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