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California town’s mayor calls gays ‘sinful’

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Reader comments

  1. A disgraceful comment. Whats good about these news stories is that increasing people of power are realising that gay people contribute greatly within communities and comments like this are not acceptable. I doubt such comments will disappear completely but at least the larger gay voice of reason is being heard and acted on.

  2. Blacks are “criminal”

  3. Simon Murphy 27 Nov 2009, 12:14pm

    He’s a moron and obviously not very intelligent.

    Tell him what you think of him yourself. He’s an elected public official and therefore welcomes comments on his performance:

  4. And the tosser has the nerve to say he is against divisiveness! How would he feel about an elected white official openly expressing a view that blacks are inferior to whites? Elected officials have no business using their position in this abusive way. Have you noticed how bigoted remarks are always ‘taken out of context’? Which contexts make them innocuous, exactly?

  5. ‘Blacks are “criminal” ; That is your opinion. But I will not call for you to be sacked from your job for saying so, no matter how I feel, because your words have no effect on me as a proud Black person. They cannot deprive me of my civil rights, or dignity.

  6. I bet he’d whine worse then a drill if someone said the same about blacks or attacked him as a person
    stupid hypocritical homophobe

  7. Fine, whatever he wants to believe. So it’s our diversity to go to this supposed “hell” as he calls it, isn’t it?

    So he can let us do what we want, and whilst he’s feeling bad about some angry non-existing being, we’ll just get on with our lives

  8. niki I was proving a point.

  9. Simon Murphy 27 Nov 2009, 1:57pm

    Niki – I think the point Andrew was trying to make was that if this pathetic, miserable bigot had said about black people what he said about gay people then he would be instantly sacked.

    It’s the typical double standard. Racism is utterly unacceptable in public figures but homophobia is far more acceptable because apparently ‘god’ tolerates it.

    Well the mayor should be aware that if wants to get biblical on our asses then he should also realise that the christian bible accepts slavery.

    Does he believe in that also?

  10. I’ve now seen the remark in context, and I still don’t like it.

    That “love the sinner, hate the sin” thing is just used as an excuse to carry on being bigoted, and is one statement that definitely gets taken out of context all the time.

  11. Paul Brownsey 27 Nov 2009, 2:18pm

    And what precisely is the “context” within which this remark is supposed to be fine and dandy? I suppose if he had said, “Some people say, ‘Gays are sinful,’ but public officials have no business saying such things,” that would have been made it OK. But there appears to be no legitimising context here.


  13. Yet another ‘I’ll choose the bits I like from the Bible and ignore the rest’ guy. Perhaps he’d like to cast his mind back to when the Bible was used to ‘prove’ interracial marriage was wrong? Perhaps he’d like to have a go at all the divorced people in his area? All the non-virgin brides? No, of course not. He – like so many ‘religious’ people – is obsessed with gay people.

  14. I know a number of black, gay people in the United States and they are fine, civilised people. However, it is unfortunately the case that many black people are dominated and brainwashed by the evils of fundamental so-called Christian religion. It is instructive to look at some of the bible stations on satellite television in order to see just how unpleasant and evil this kind of religion is. Many black people in the United States accept the homophobia peddled on such sites and in their churches. A good example of this is the attempts by evil, black pastors in Washington DC to prevent equal rights for gay people. This,of course, is abetted by the Whore of Babylon (the Roman Catholic Church) It is not, therefore, surprising to find an American Black making such remarks. The excuse of taking ‘remarks out of context’ smacks of back-pedaling so hard that he laddered his tights. The man is clearly homophobic and not to be believed, despite his protestations.

  15. How were his words “taken out of context”?

  16. Vallejo is the armpit of the Bay Area. He should be on his knees begging the gays to come in, gentrify the area and give the place the cat lick it so richly deserves. If he knew the power of lesbians and their power drills, homos and their eye for colour then he’d give thanks and offer extended hours at Home Depot!

  17. douglas in canada 27 Nov 2009, 5:19pm

    Like Iris [#14] I, too, wonder why these people don’t attack divorcees or non-virgin brides. They seem to have something against sexuality. Perhaps they are really envious of gays/lesbians, but their religion doesn’t allow them to admit that openly. The repressed envy shows up as hatred.
    Maybe Santa should bring the mayor a dildo for xmas. [with either an instruction manual or a personal trainer… :P]

  18. I think people seem to stick to the easiest targets of the times. There is no doubt at some stage years ago it would have been against black people, divorcees, non-virgin brides etc but as times goes on support for each has grow to such a level that it is no longer acceptable to discriminate. They will go for the next easy target which just happens to be gay people. I think we are starting to prove that we are getting to be a harder target as support for us and our own voices are being heard.

  19. A load of crap these people talk. the “hate the sin, love the sinner” line is nonsense, because being gay isn’t just about the act of sex, its a part of me, my psyche and my identity. Its only a part of me, but its a part that affects the whole.

  20. I say, leave him alone for now, and wait for the next election. Keep in mind, if push comes to shove, he may try to backpedal. I say, let him have his fun for now, then on election day, plaster his anti-gay comments all over the media so that he gets voted out.

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Nov 2009, 11:29pm

    Andrew Q, judging by your comments here and elsewhere I’m guessing your just a tinsy bit rascist. Perhaps you’d like to take them elsewhere, or keep them to yourself in future

  22. “California town’s mayor calls gays ‘sinful'”

    He is absolutely correct! But what is incorrect is his later apology for his belief. His apology means that now he became a TRAITOR of Faith. He distroys his path to Heaven.

  23. Let me guess. A ‘devout’ Christian? Of course. This piece of crap Osby Davis shamefully led the City of Vallejo into California’s first City Bankrupcy. As a resident of Vallejo I can confirm he won by a handful of votes over an openly gay man. Guess the po folks of Vallejo voted him in their ignorance.
    Way to go, homophobe! YOU’LL answer in hell, Davis.

  24. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Nov 2009, 5:35am

    “Gay rights activists were not placated by the apology”…I should say!

    Mike (12):

    Good one!

  25. Is this Mayor allowed to threaten his Gay electors? Don’t these religious cranks equate “sin” with everlasting punishment and torture? Even in the USA there must be some law to prevent this drivel?

  26. The Mayor does NOT represent most Christians. 2008 UK figures show that over 70% are gay affirming (same figure as for the general population). As a Christian from that 70% majority and part of the gay affirming Liberty Church in Blackpool I strongly object to the Mayors comment and his very narrow view that is distorted enough to think that God would be prejudiced about part of his own creation. He doesn’t seem to know the Jesus who sided with the marginalised and spoke up against injustice.

  27. 21stCenturySpirituality 28 Nov 2009, 1:44pm

    Rahman, please could you provide a sound theological, philosophical, verifiable and rational argument to support the assertions you have made in comment 22. Thank you.

  28. Rahman, well yes, I’ve read it, congratulations, just as much rubbish as you find in the “Holy” Bible. If you need to believe in imaginary friends, angels flitting about and all the rest of the paraphenalia of incredulity, then good luck to you.

  29. Brian Burton 29 Nov 2009, 10:19am

    So we have an Islamic Homosexual on these threads. Do not try to deny it Rahman or else why are you prowling around this Pink Site?

  30. Rahman has admitted on the page about the university cancelling a talk by a Muslim preacher that he is not the fundamentalist Muslim that he has pretended to be. He admits to liking ‘boys bums 16 and 17 yrs’ and to liking a ‘lingam up my yoni’. What does that make him?

  31. Neville – In fairness to Rahman I think someone is posting under his name on that thread which muddies the waters a bit. I’m sure he wouldn’t post that comment himself even if he was closet.
    However, those comments that do sound like he said them himself are pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Hank, but using the Koran rather than the Bible as his source of all wisdom and knowledge.
    As such a reasoned debate with him is a non-starter as empirical evidence doesn’t even come into it.

  32. There can be no reasoned debate over the Koran or the Bible as both are based on nonsense and are, therefore, themselves nonsense -‘Nothing can be made of nothing’!

  33. Of course you can believe what you like and live your life as you like, at least in Western countries. What you are doing, though, is benefitting from those freedoms (which are rare in Muslim countries, I lived in one for fourteen years) and abusing those freedoms by seeking to impose on the rest of us your unfree and restrictive philosophy. That is what we don’t accept and never will.

  34. And by the way, LAWFUL in the way you mean it, that is on the basis of Islamic belief, may well not be lawful under the Law of this country. Since we do live in a civil society and not a religious one, your saying that your attitudes are “perfectly LAWFUL” is quite likely to be wrong and reveals exactly what and where your problem is.

  35. Jane . . . ignore him . . . another Troll Wacko who has generated 450 threads of homophobic bile on the Islamic Univeristy Soceity thread.

  36. Oh course Rahman is a homosexual. He likes boy’s bums and he likes lingam up his yoni.
    The evil Muslim comments about homosexuals is not lawful in this country. Recent hate legislation can mean that he will be hunted down and face the full force of British law and not the nonsense of sharia law!

  37. There was an intelligent discussion going on here until this Rahman started! Then it all fell apart. It’s just deliberate disruption of the discussion.

  38. Simon Murphy 1 Dec 2009, 4:20pm

    People should ignore Rahman.

    If you reply to him then the whole discussion gets hijacked by irrelevancy.

  39. 1.
    Osby Davis.

    RAHMAN – of PINKNEWS fame…almost 600 comments now on another thread.

    Jozef Ratzinger.

    All got lots to spout about summat they shouldn’t be knowing owt about.

    Unless of cou…..

    I think I’ve got it in one.


  40. “He distroys his path to Heaven.”

    Rahman, there is no heaven. Just a false hope made by people like you and this mayor. Try doing something more constructive with your life than ranting like a lunatic on a gay site for our amusement, there’s a good little troll.

  41. Jean-Paul Bentham 2 Dec 2009, 11:07pm

    Rose, Simon Murphy and JohnK all saying he same thing: Ignore Rahman.

    He is a disrupter. Why can’t we just ignore him. He is “kara beech”, full of sh…t!

  42. Rahmans Islamic solution to homosexuality.

    1. Repent of your homosexality
    2. Convert to heterosexuality


    For those who refuse to comply with the above, you will be killed by being taken to the top of a mountain and then in the name of Allah . . . thrown off it.

    How do I know this about Rahman. Check out the 616 threads of dialogue with this extremist fantatical islamist crackpot.

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