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Westminster police promise LGBT liaison officers will not be reduced

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  1. I don’t think that death of Ian Baynham resulted from murder. Criminally acting individuals attacked Mr. Ian Baynham in Trafalgar Square last month but they did not had intent to murder him. Mr. Ian Baynham dies from injuries, that’s true. But such injuries were made in rage and without premediation. Therefore, in my opinion, Mr. Ian Baynham was a victim of manslaughter. In any case, I feel sorry for him and his friend. I also feel sorry for his attackers, who now will be suffering in prison for very long time. Society need educate their citizens in tolerance and kindness. That’s for sure.

  2. It’s “Very Important” to stress that a victim should only make a statement to a LGBT liaison police officer and refuse to make a statement unless it’s a LGBT liaison officer!!!

    Otherwise you may get more discrimination from an untrained (in LGBT issues) police officer than from the offender!!!

  3. Glad to see the presence will continue. I miss Ian and our chats outside the pub.

  4. When I went through racial abuse and homophobia I did choose to go through a LGBT because I had the time to choose and act. However Cleggy I think your point is somewhat dangerous in that in continues to comfirm the theory that the police are not interested in gay hate crime. Whilst for a handful it very well might be but to make a “Very Important” statement like you have causes more damage than good. To suggest we must Only report a gay hate crime to a LGBT liaison officer and no-one else who is suppost to be there to help and assist is sending out a false & damaging message. All police are there to deal with crime regardless of what it entails. By all means if you get someone who doesn’t act go to another but to imply that all police are untrustworthy unless they a LGBT liaison is treading on discrimation. While I would expect LGBT liaison officers enjoy your endorsement I doubt they would agree with your and advice that if help is needed help is there. You should be careful of old stereotypes they have no place in modern society. I know several police officers gay, straight and all I know are to be given the praise they rightly deserve.

  5. Why are they reassuring the businesses its us in the community that need the assurance about the loss of LGBT liaison officers.

    “I also feel sorry for his attackers, who now will be suffering in prison for very long time.”

    They still have the ability to breath, suffer, love and hate from their prison cells and enjoy life in around 13 years time when they get out. Poor Ian Baynham will never have the opportunity for any of these again.

  6. I guess both businesses and Us need to be reassured. Us for obvious reasons and businesses because without us they wouldn’t be around.

    Agree with you over you second comment though, however 13 years don’t seem long enough. Here’s betting they’ll be out in 5! These MURDERS need to be made an example of But then life should mean life!

  7. It seems like judges only give murders 11-13 years these days it should be at lest double that IMO

  8. This is the time to be robust in anti gay hate crime, not reduce our protection! Incidents in Liverpool and London in recent months show that this year has been dreadful in the amount of gay hate crime; we need a national campaign asap, like the proposed DV solution in schools; get them while they are young and illimate stupid irrational hate crimes against gays and women!

  9. The police are talking to businesses because they pay Westminster’s bills through taxes. If gay people think Westminster is unsafe they stop frequenting the bars, clubs, galleries, shops and restaurants and the business fold and Westminster loses it’s tax revenue.

    Ian Baynham’s death was murder. He was kicked todeath by people who knew what he was and made that clear from their comments while they did so. This happened in the the main square of the nation’s capital – they city with the biggest gay population in Europe. We have a real problem here and denying it or underestimating it makes it worse. It’s a bit like the BNP – not sharing a platform with them has been policy for years for the major parties and look where that has got u – elected BNP MEP’s.

    We need to bring homophobic crimes to the attention of the Police – all Police, and make sure they are doing the job they are getting paid for, whether they are LGBT liaison or not. I pay my taxes with £’s and no-one asks if those £’s are pink, I expect all Police to deal with any crime commited against me, of whatever nature.

  10. When I reported my assault, I was confused by the police who insisted I had to tell them why I was attacked. I asked that surely the fact of assault was crime enough, but they pushed until I admitted the assault was homophobic. Then they said “we take that very seriously”, ended the investigation and removed the investigating officer. So much for the police.

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