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Manchester event to honour gay mathematician Alan Turing

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Reader comments

  1. darkmoonman 26 Nov 2009, 7:32pm

    “He recently received a posthumous apology from prime minister Gordon Brown for the way he had been treated.”

    As if this means anything to Mr Turing whom the government effectively murdered.

  2. Mr Turing has been a brilliant scientist. Unfortunately he did not had enough self-control of himself and as result ended his life in suicide. What a pity.

  3. What a pity you don’t have enough self control to stop you being an idiot Rahman!

  4. Brian Burton 27 Nov 2009, 12:41pm

    Now, now boys ‘n girls self-control from all quarters. Everything that had been created at Bletchley was ordered to be destroyed by Churchill after Victory over the nazi hoards. Churchill was afraid the Soviets would copy the secrets of Hut no6!

  5. Glad to hear that Manchester has finally come round to recognising and honouring Turings Genius.

  6. Rahman wrote

    “Mr Turing has been a brilliant scientist. Unfortunately he did not had enough self-control of himself and as result ended his life in suicide. What a pity.”

    Rahman . . . homophobia and heterosexism kills. Turing was troubled becasue he lived in an era when homosexuality was illegal, which meant he was unable to have his sexuality validated and respected.

  7. JohnK – quite, but I’m not sure Rahman’s disgusting post merited a response. ‘Blame the victim’ – the watchword of every bigot and bully. It certainly seems to be Rahman’s.

  8. Hello, me again. I just want to say that Alan Turing is a great British hero. His work on German secret codes shortened World War II and hastened the end of Nazism. Britain and the world owes him an inestimable debt of gratitude, all of which makes his treatment by the British authorities even more disgraceful. The time it has taken to acknowledge his contribution also shows how homophobic conventional notions of patriotism are.

  9. I am greatly appreciating the mathematical genius of Alan Turing. I hope homosexuals will not kill a person of his abilities in the future.

    If Alan would have good gay-friend, he wouldn’t kill himself. He has had the opportunity to immigrate in Brazil where homosexuality was legal and simple. He didn’t do that. He was in despair, he suffering being abandoned by other selfish homosexuals, especially by his youthful paiderastes. That’s was the problem in Britain for very long time. You, British are unwilling to be sensitive to your own people. You are cold, unfriendly, unkind people. I feel sorry for all of you.


  10. jamestoronto 29 Nov 2009, 12:37am

    To me Turing is the most beautiful person in the world. He suffered for his being, his sexuality. Many world leaders besides the British PM owe their apolgy

  11. Rahman

    Homsexuals did not kill Alan Turing . . . it is people like you that killed him.

  12. Brian Burton 29 Nov 2009, 11:49am

    Make a country fit for Heros? Somebody said those very words after the first world war. How those words fell on deaf ears from that moment on. This misrable government is still trying to prevent through the courts wounded British Heros from gaining proper compenceation. Theaving Politicians from all Party’s are still running things till we bundle them out!

  13. Marky Mark 13 Dec 2009, 9:18pm

    Without the genius mind of this man we would of lost the war seems criminal that the government have only just admitted their part in his death and have apologised openly about it!

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