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LGBT History Month launches in London and Salford

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Reader comments

  1. A MONTH!!??

    I could sum it up in ten minutes.
    For crying out loud, get a bloody life.

  2. Brian Burton 27 Nov 2009, 9:28am

    Ah! Salford Dec.3rd. There looks there to be a lot going on and venues like Universities are always appropreate. Seat of learning hopefully getting it on and being successful. Good luck in Salford Keith and may there be no ‘crying out louds’ or too quick summings up! May your fiery moments of ecstasy not be too brief. I myself would sacrifice everything for a new sexperiance so go to it ‘Now Voyager.’

  3. It would be nice to see this event advertised in a big way nationally the same way as other history months are. Its very important. Gives everyone a chance to see at these in more depth.

  4. Vice Chancellor says “…….as a University we are committed to supporting our LGBT staff and students…” Well, as a student of Salford Uni I can tell you this is NOT the case. There is no LGBT forums or groups etc. Not a thing. I tried contacting the Student Union and the Equality department. Nothing. Which is naughty because if you go the Salford Uni website it says there is, so for new students like me you apply there thinking there is stuff going on for LGBT when actually there isnt. SHAME ON YOU SALFORD.

  5. TomTom@4:
    I was a student at Salford in the 90’s. There wasn’t an outright ‘club’ for us to be in, but I felt I had the support of my peers to come out as Bi-. Why should we need GaySoc or LesSoc to feel able to express ourselves?

    What I found more important was that students and staff alike accepted me as me regardless.

  6. I’m not saying there should be a ‘club’ but the Union advertises a society for LGBT and there is none. I’ve recently received correspondence stating there is a network group for students and staff when there is none.

    The forums are there for the same reason there are ones for black/ethnic groups and disabled.

    All I am saying is; they should not advertise things that do not exist.

    Also, as a gay person, new to Manchester, given the choice I would it would be easier for me to make friends at Uni to go out on the scene with. I think it is also very important to have a forum for young gay people to seek support and advice from.

  7. I’ve been on that bus!!

    Have you tried emailing the lgbt group’s adress it’s self? Have you asked the staff lgbt network?

  8. @John.

    Yes and yes.

  9. @RobN (1): So you think lesbian and gay history can be summed up in 10 minutes? You obviously need to get along to LGBT History Month!

  10. Brian Burton 28 Nov 2009, 11:04pm

    Tom Tom,
    Your criticthen Sir commits the absolutely unpardonable crime of trying to confuse us with your subjec-matter. For this Sir, there is no excuse at all. So, cheer up my boy and lay down with legs in the air and just think of England!

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