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Australian government backs down on civil union ceremonies

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 26 Nov 2009, 1:38pm

    Not so Aussy backward looking! They can see plainly in the multi-medeia world of ours….bend with the breeze or for ever be called Homophobic Bastards! So, a secable decision you Political Pom Lovers!

  2. Yes, be ever so cautious, you brothers and sisters in Australia. This is such an about-turn, that they’re likely to up to something. Watch what they come up with and if it does not satisfy you, if it does not grant at least the equivalent of what the gay Kiwis enjoy or what gay Brits now enjoy then KICK UP STINK!

    And, remember, it’s the Tory “Pommie” lot in this country who held things back here for so long, and so it’s the Conservative Pommy-Loving lot in Australia, as Brian says above at #1, who will do everything in their power to stop your progress. Resist the homophobic monarch-loving s*hite for all you’re worth!

  3. Oh, Eddy’s still blaming the Tories even when it’s another f_cking country. Remember, they were just a bunch of convicts we put there in the first place. Modern politics has to to move with the times, yet recognise it’s history. If Australia doesn’t go with the general groundswell of allowing gay marriage like most other countries, it will be seen as backward. This is how socialist principles work: They send a massive guilt trip out until everyone feels so ashamed, they have no alternative. That’s why we are awash with immigrants, pregnant teenage mothers, ASBOs and little bastard brats that need a good slapping.

  4. I think the Government is trying to save face here, Not wanting to show it’s double standards and it’s hypocrisy. As it is shown already that we are lagging way behind with the world here. Tomorrow throughout Aust. there are protests in every city for same sex marriage. “So watch this space!!”

  5. RobN –
    You seem to imply some sort of link between gays getting married and immigrants, teenage mothers and yobbery. If this is the case, could you demonstrate in what this link consists, please?

  6. Riondo: Certainly; It’s called a Labour government.

  7. RobN –
    That some person or group appears to approve (or disapprove) of all of them hardly demonstrates a connection between all these disparate phenomena(and marriage per se has actually been denied to us by the Labour Government, whatever may be said of its role in yobbery and the existence of teenage mothers). I suspect indeed that the link in question here is that you happen to dislike them all; not something very instructive regarding these things in themselves.

  8. Riondo: So what you are saying is that governments have no direct effect on the well-being of their citizens?

    Funny, when a country does well, it’s the government’s doing, but when it goes down the sh!tter, it’s the people’s fault.

  9. RobN –
    I am saying nothing of the sort. I just see no connection here other than your dislike of them between all these phenomena. Two people of the same sex who have a committed loving relationship and want official recognition and protection of it are not like children and young people who behave badly on the streets or young girls getting pregnant without independent financial or social support (and I assume these are the teenage mothers you mean). There is not only no demonstrable link between them per se, it needs to be noted that lgbt people are often disproportionately the victims of yobbish violence. Government policy has varied and complex effects, some good, some bad, some not easy to discern. This is not to say that there are NO effects. Whatever may be said or inferred about the effects of Government policy on yobs or teenage mothers (both Tory and Labour), I think legal recognition for same-sex couples is a good thing, both for the sake of equality before the law and the sake of society, which benefits from the affirmation of stable and committed relationships, whatever their outward form.

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