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Poll finds New Jersey voters opposed to gay marriage

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  1. It seems pretty close, NY Times seems to think the legislators ought to go for it:


  2. Times are a changing. Even 10 years ago,it would have been 70/30 against same-sex marriage. The Maine vote was very close and similar in statistics to New Jersey. Sadly, the older generation still strongly remember when homosexuality was a criminal offence. In their eyes we are all still deviant.Also, older people are more likely to be involved with religion and the church. Younger people know little of the history and are used to workmates, friends, neighbours etc being gay and being open and out. we live in interesting times.

  3. Bishop Ioan 4 Dec 2009, 2:54pm

    Sadly since I consider myself getting on towards old age (56) I think Brenton is right. All these fossils are going to have to die off in order to tip the scales in favour of GLBTQ rights.

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