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Lawsuit filed over Atlanta gay bar raid

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 25 Nov 2009, 5:56pm

    Don’t let the homophobic sons-of-bitches off the hook. sue them for everything possible.

  2. So, presuming they win their case against the APD, will it do any good? The sad answer is ‘probably not’ as, if damages are awarded, it will not hurt the homophobic thugs who carried out the assaults. It will be the APD purse that will pay up, which then has a cascade effect on taxes going up. The neanderthals who made people lie on the floor amid broken glass will carry on as if nothing happened.

    Sure, Chief Pennington will probably fall on his sword and take up a cushy job as a Security Consultant or somesuch, but 48 others will be down the pub swilling beer and slapping each other on the back. In my book a few years looking at steel bars not gay bars might act as a deterrant to other officers, and the money they earn from breaking rocks can go towards compensating the victims of their crime.

  3. Simon Murphy 25 Nov 2009, 7:02pm

    Does anyone know how many people were in the bar when the raid happened. Because 48 officers being involved in the raid strikes me as if it was not a ‘raid’ as such – but more of a premeditated assault?

    Has the FBI investigated if the police broke the law in the raid. If not then why not?

    Have any of the 48 been charged with criminal assault.

    I notice that there were 3 policemen sacked for the raid on the Texas gay bar on the Stonewall anniversary. The fact that they were sacked indicates that they seriously breached their contracts and are possibly also guilty of criminal assault. Have any of them been charged?

  4. this sounds very similar to the 70’s in san francisco when the police wanted to raid a gay club, they covered up their badges and started swinging away. will it ever change?

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