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25 November 2009

  • 25th November 2009

    Comment: Trans deaths must not be forgotten 23

    Candles at Saturday's vigil (Photo: AbsolutQueer Photography)

    7:51 PM — London's Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil was attended by the friends and family of two trans women murdered in the UK in the last month. Sarah Brown argues that more attention should be given to transphobia and its victims.

  • Poll finds New Jersey voters opposed to gay marriage 3

    New Jersey voters appeared to turned away from gay marriage

    7:09 PM — A survey of New Jersey voters has found that a slim majority are opposed to legalising gay marriage. The research, carried out by Quinnipiac University, found that 49 per cent of 1,615 voters were opposed, with 46 per cent in favour. The remainder were unsure.

  • Judge bars trans prisoner from hair removal 14

    Michelle Kosilek was jailed for murdering her wife

    6:39 PM — A US trans woman who is serving life in prison for murdering her wife has had her request for hair removal therapy blocked again. Michelle Kosilek was denied the request by US District Judge Mark Wolf.

  • Lawsuit filed over Atlanta gay bar raid 4

    The Atlanta Eagle was raided in September

    4:47 PM — A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of 19 patrons who were detained in a police raid on a gay bar in Atlanta, US. The claimants say they were subjected to excessive force and allege police made homophobic remarks.

  • Alan Cumming and Ben Summerskill receive OBEs 27

    Ben Summerskill with Cathy Moore and Daniel Danso

    2:52 PM — Actor Alan Cumming and Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill were honoured with OBEs yesterday at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Both were presented with their honours by Princess Anne.

  • Gay couple have Australia’s first legally recognised civil union ceremony 8

    The couple had their civil union yesterday

    2:16 PM — Warren McGaw and Chris Rumble have become the first Australian gay couple to have their civil partnership ceremony legally recognised. Their ceremony was performed yesterday in Canberra in the ACT.

  • Call for political parties to publish diversity of candidates 8

    The Speaker's Conference called for parties to publish diversity lists

    1:41 PM — Political parties are being urged to publish their lists of MP candidates to show the diversity of the selection process. It is expected the data would include the numbers of lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans candidates.

  • Video: Game features secret gay sex scene 10

    A scene from Dragon Age: Origins

    11:37 AM — A scene in new video game Dragon Age: Orgins features a secret gay sex scene between a man an a elf. The new game, which has received high ratings, allows players to access the scenes by using the correct combination of chat-up lines on warrior elf Zevran.

  • Police officers disciplined for homophobic emails 10

    The emails were sent from a colleague's computer

    11:07 AM — Two police officers in Leith, Scotland, have been disciplined for sending homophobic emails to colleagues in the Gay Police Association and choir.

  • School pupils to learn about transphobic bullying 16

    Children will learn about transphobic bullying (Photo: Flickr user ttarasi)

    10:49 AM — Children in UK schools will be taught about transphobic bullying and gender equality, it was announced yesterday. Ministers stressed the lessons would be age-appropriate.

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